Difference Between Brainly and Doubtnut

Most of the content on the website is free to use, but they do have the option to subscribe to a couple of plans on it that has added features like no interruption, verified answers, etc.

Doubtnut is a site where it provides answers to the queries or, more certainly, "Doubts" that people ask, ranging from topics that include Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, and Science.

Comparison Table Between Brainly and Doubtnut

Parameters of ComparisonBrainlyDoubtnut

Place of headquarters
Kraków, Malopolskie, PolandGurugram, India
Year of discovery20092016
Discovered byLukasz Haluch, Michał Borkowski, and Tomasz Kraus.Aditya Shankar and Tanushree Nagori
SubscriptionIt has three subscriptions with extra functions.There are no subscriptions in Doubtnut.
Subjects offeredBrianly has a wider range of topics and subjects.In comparison to Brainly, Doubtnut has a fewer amount of subjects.

What is Brainly?

Brainly is an online learning platform where students and other people wanting answers. One can simply make and sign in to their account on the network and then start asking and writing on various types of topics.

The main aim of the website was to initiate confidence in students that might arise from having helped others while answering their questions that they know answers to.

Brainly is one the most well-known question and answers sites as it makes writing the answers interesting. For every answer, the person may get the point, and one can go and achieve ranks, the top being the genius one.

What is Doubtnut?

Doubtnut is an e-learning platform where students can ask about topics related to Maths and science. They expertise in the syllabus of classes starting from 6th standard to 12th standard.

Because the platform uses image recognition technology, it has the ability to report answers back just by clicking getting send a photo of the problem by the student.

Doubtnut has recently launched a WhatsApp Bot that can answer math-related queries instantly. This is something that the other doubt clearing sites have still not assembled.

Main Differences Between Brainly and Doubtnut

  1. On Brianly, students can ask questions, and its answers can be provided by anyone who knows them. In comparison, on Doubtnut, only the experts hired by the website can answer the doubts of the students.
  2. On Brainly general questions can also be asked and responded to, but on Doubtnut, the doubts have to be related to only a couple of topics that includes matters like maths and science.


Now, sites like Brianly and Doubtnut are used in great length. Why? Because websites like these act as a bridge between the queries and their answers.

Brianly has that since there is no particular requirement for answering the questions, anyone can go, sign up, and write anything, It means the answer has the full chance of being wrong, and thus, the information that the person may get would be wrong. Doubtnut has limited topics.


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