Difference Between Justice and Judge

All nations have a judicial system. The judicial system is also known as the judiciary and is a part of the government. It assists in the interpretation and implementation of the law.


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 Justice vs Judge

The difference between a Justice and Judge is that the Judges handle local cases in lower-level courts, and Justices work in the state’s Appeals Court and Supreme Court. They both are court officials with the responsibility of hearing legal proceedings and making conclusions in the cases that enter the court of law. 

Justice vs Judge

Justice is a person who is a member of the supreme court. The functions of justice are different from the other jurisdictions.

A judge is a person presiding over court proceedings. He can carry out this task alone or by being a part of a panel of judges.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonJusticeJudge
EtymologyIt derived from the Old French word from Latin ‘justitia’.It derived from the Old French word ‘jugier’ meaning ‘to judge’.
MemberMember of the Supreme Court.Presides over a Lower Court.
AppointmentA Justice is appointed by-elections.The executive branch of the government appoints a judge.
ResponsibilityThey can officiate weddings, witness legal documents, and can write an opinion letter in special cases.They hold trials and carry out legal proceedings.
EducationThere is no need for any qualification or training.They need a law degree, pass the bar, and undergo training.

What is Justice?

Justice is a member of the Supreme Court and State’s Appeal Court. Justices are either elected or have been appointed.

In some regions, especially in lower courts, they work alone. However, in some cases, like the appellate justices, they work on cases together in a panel.

Holding trials and legal proceedings are not done by Justices. However, before making any decisions, they review the documents from the lower courts.


What is Judge?

A judge works in the lower-level courts. These are the courts that include district court and circuit court. The public office of judges is run by the licensed attorneys, who are known as Judges in several states. 

They also have to practice law for at least a period of five years. 

If a judge leaves his seat in the court, a new judge is appointed as a replacement. This judge is appointed by the governor of the state.

Lower court judges hold trials, listen to oral arguments. This is done in civil cases and misdemeanours, as well as in felony criminal justice cases.


Main Differences Between Justice and Judge

  1. Justices can officiate weddings, witness legal documents, and can write an opinion letter in special cases. Judges hold trials and carry out legal proceedings.
  2. Justices do not need any qualifications or training. Judges need a law degree, pass the bar, and undergo training.
Difference Between Justice and Judge


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