Justice vs Revenge: Difference and Comparison

People may assume that both terminologies are the same therefore below-mentioned points are elaborative enough to differentiate between two Justice and Revenge. In view of harmony among human beings, the following article aims to separate their features.

Key Takeaways

  1. Justice involves the fair and impartial treatment, while revenge is a personal and emotional response to a perceived wrong.
  2. Justice aims to restore balance and maintain social order, while revenge seeks retaliation and can perpetuate cycles of violence.
  3. Justice is administered through legal systems, while revenge is enacted outside of legal boundaries.

Justice vs Revenge

Justice refers to the fair and equitable treatment of individuals according to the law and moral principles. Revenge refers to the act of retaliating against someone who has wronged us and involves seeking to inflict damage on another person in response to a perceived injustice or wrongdoing.

Justice vs Revenge

The term Justice refers to the activities associated with moral rightness, fairness, law, and ethics. One needs justice if a person suffered some wrongdoing; also it seeks to correct the mistake using rules and regulations without any bias-decision.

By nature, Revenge is personal, and the output driven by Revenge is for personal satisfaction only. It’s all about getting even.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonJusticeRevenge
NatureInherently, Justice is Rational, Impersonal that is equality of law.Inherently, Revenge is emotional, Personal.
ResultThe Justice is impartial and provides non-bias results.Revenge is Partial and may or may non result in bias results.
ActThe activity performed in Justice is Vindication based on ethics.On the other hand, Activity performed in Revenge is vindictiveness.
Concept.The Justice obeys the concept of moral rightness based on fairness.Revenge includes more personal matters or vendetta that is a revert of the wrong action.
PerformedJustice is performed in the court of law by the judiciary.Revenge is negative and performed by individuals due to his grudges. 

What is Justice?

Justice comes into the picture when somebody does wrong with someone whether intentionally or unintentionally. Especially when something is criminal or bad. With Justice, people come close to each other for peace and harmony.

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Justice is a path to teach a person who has done anything wrong. Justice exists so that no one needs to take revenge.

For a better understanding of Justice, here is an example of a Theif stealing jewellery from the Jewelry Shop and running away. The shopkeeper catches him and handover to the local police. The Police gave him punishment; this is what we mean by Justice.


What is Revenge?

The term Revenge is there even when somebody does wrong to some other person and is satisfied with their own opinion, the victim harms the wrongdoer. For a better understanding, if a Police arrest a thief, then he takes revenge on the police to arrest him.

It is quite obvious from the fact that Revenge is taken to satisfy a party who suffered wrongdoing against him. Revenge always leaves a Negative impact as instead of allowing the court of law to take the corrective measure victim himself takes action to punish the wrongdoer.

Revenge can be said like this, also an attempt to speed up the government procedure for justice just for self-satisfaction. However, the steps taken for Revenge are not always legal in the eye of the law. 


Main Differences Between Justice and Revenge

  1. Key Point: Eventually, Justice is what should be done in the eyes of the law, and Revenge is what a person thinks must be done as per them.
  2. Purpose: Justice keeps people closure with positivity, and Reven is just for personal satisfaction only.
  3. Step-Taken: Steps taken in Justice provide fair results, whereas Steps taken in Revenge are mixed with negative emotions that may or may not be fair.
  4. Example: In a car accident- A Justice will provide punishment after rulings if another party has proven guilty, and in Revenge, you instantly slap that man and harm him spontaneously.
  5. Objective: The objective of Justice is to make right the wrong, and the objective of Revenge is to retaliate only.
Difference Between Justice and Revenge
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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13 thoughts on “Justice vs Revenge: Difference and Comparison”

  1. The examples provided to illustrate justice and revenge are both clear and helpful in demonstrating the contrasting responses to wrongdoing.

  2. While the article provides a detailed comparative analysis, I believe it does not fully consider the cultural and individual variations in the understanding and application of justice and revenge.

    • This is a valid point. Cultural and individual differences are key factors that should be further explored in subsequent discussions.

  3. While the article delineates the main differences between justice and revenge, one cannot ignore the complexities that may arise in certain situations, blurring the lines between the two.

  4. These points powerfully illustrate the stark differences between justice and revenge. It’s essential for every person to recognize these distinctions.


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