Difference Between LG Incite and LG Dare

The LG Incite, as well as LG Dare, are both capacitive touch phones. Although LG released a few touch screen phones, these were simply conventional mobile phones that had been modified to function with a touch interface.

This article focuses on the differences between the two LG mobile phones, the Incite and the Dare.

LG Incite vs LG Dare

The main difference between LG Incite and LG Dare is that the Incite is a genuine “smartphone”, whereas the Dare is only a regular phone with a touch interface. Furthermore, the Incite supports GSM as well as UMTS networks, whilst the Dare just supports CDMA.

LG Incite vs LG Dare

The LG Incite is a stylish touch-screen cellphone that runs Windows Mobile 6.1. A variety of workplace and multimedia functions, such as Microsoft Office lite, Call merging and, and a 3-megapixel camera, are included.

It has Wi-Fi and also equipped with a HSDPA connection. The call quality is also satisfactory.

LG Dare, on the other hand, is an entry-level cell phone that was introduced in June 2008 and features a 3-inch display and a 3.2 MP rear camera. While we’re more specific, we’ll have a better notion of the qualities of this cell phone.

Despite being as long as 4.1 inches, this mobile-only has a relatively smaller 3′′ screen. LG didn’t appear to make much of an attempt to minimize weight with its 3.76 smartphones.

Comparison Table Between LG Incite and LG Dare

Parameters of ComparisonLG Incite LG Dare
DisplayIt has a 3-inch diagonal screen with a QVGA pixel density of 240×400 pixels and capability for 262,000 colours, resulting in brilliant colours and crisp pictures.The display has a 240×400-pixel quality and handles 262,000 colours, resulting in a striking and vivid touchscreen with brilliant images and crisp typography.
NetworksThe Incite supports GSM and UMTS cellular networks.The Dare supports GSM network only.
DesignThe Incite has a length of 4.21 inches as well as a width of 2.2 inches. It’s a chunky phone with a gleaming body. The display is also reflective.The Dare is substantially smaller than the iPhone, at only 4.1 inches long, 2.2 inches broad, and 0.5 inch wide.
Typing ExperienceAverage and actually better than the LG Dare which has a constricted display which makes QWERTY typing very difficult.Pretty poor typing experience as reported by most of the users and the capacitive TFT screen requires quite a lot of precision to type correctly. 
Operating SystemWindows Mobile 6.1 version OS.LG Dare runs Custom Verizon UI and OS.

What is LG Incite?

Despite LG’s extensive experience in the mobile phone industry in the United States. The LG Incite also varies from Dare in terms of the networks it supports.

They generally handle 2G and 3G capabilities, however, the technological solutions are different. The Incite is compatible with GSM, UMTS, and HSDPA connections, allowing for substantially higher data rates.

The LG Incite has low throughput and low performance rates, and the touch interface isn’t always appealing. Also, the screen is a little too shiny as well as the stylus is not built-in.

The LG Incite has been one of the sparkliest phones of its era measuring 4.21 inches long by 2.2 inches broad by 0.55 inches thick; the touchscreen is reflective while inactive, comparable to one on the LG Shine, and the Incite’s whole body has a mirror surface.

The LG Incite has low throughput and low-performance rates, and the resistive touchscreen isn’t always appealing. Also, the screen is a little too shiny as well as the stylus is not built-in.

The Incite touchpad has haptic tactility, which notifies you via vibrations when your touch has been recorded. The subtlety of the touch reaction, and also the duration and power of the vibration, may all be adjusted.

What is LG Dare?

LG’s VX9700 or “LG Dare” is a CDMA multitouch mobile phone.

Capacitive touch navigating, a 3.2-megapixel cam with facial recognition software and several picture editing facilities, videography, configurable shortcuts menus, character recognition, and a multitasking music player are all included in the device.

After the Sprint Mogul as well as Touch, the LG Dare is the third handset to use Rev. A functionality.

The TFT touchscreen display with a resolution of 240×400 pixels as well as a color gamut of 262,144. Whenever the phone is awaiting interaction, it shows the Standby window or shuts off the monitor and locks the touchscreen.

When charging, the smartphone may show a carousel, a “desk clock,” a calendar, or even nothing.

From across the top of the Sleep screen, you can see the connection type, signal power, Geolocation setting, and battery status. The screen’s backdrop may be changed to a slide presentation of photos, a Flash motion, a movie, or a picture.

The Softkey menu, which runs across the base, is a collection of five buttons that allow quick access to vital features: Messages, Contact, Menu, Telephone book, and Preferences.

Touching the phone’s backdrop or the Shortcut Panel on the right side keeps bringing up a customizable menu featuring 11 icons.

All and all it is a pretty decent phone although with numerous upgrades that make it less approachable and feels a lot out of the league because of its pricing.

Main Differences Between LG Incite and LG Dare

  1. LG Incite was launched in November 2008 whereas the LG Dare was launched in June 2008.
  2. LG Incite runs the Windows Mobile 6.1 OS whereas the LG Dare runs Custom Verizon UI and OS.
  3. LG Incite supports GSM and UMTS cellular networks whereas the LG Dare supports GSM only.
  4. The LG Incite has an expandable memory of up to 4 GB whereas the Dare promises up to 2 GB memory support.
  5. The LG Incite has a glossy body whereas the Dare has a soft plastic feel to it making it look less-flashier.


Incite, like practically every other smartphone, features a Wi-Fi connection. When high-speed data connectivity is available, this is employed. This capability is rarely seen on standard mobile phones, as Dare will be no exception.

The Incite also has an Audio system that may be used using the included headset. This is also absent from the Dare.

Contrasting these two is a misunderstanding since one is a smartphone and the other is not. If you only want a touch screen phone even without the complexities of a smartphone, the Dare is a suitable choice.


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