Advice vs Suggestion: Difference and Comparison

Several English words appear to be perplexing people, particularly in their uses.

Foreign language communicators and fresh-faced native English speakers frequently use words in inappropriate contexts, which can lead to them being misinterpreted or misconstrued by the audience.

‘The same thing has happened with the terms ‘advice’ and suggestion’. This article will explain the distinctions between the two terms.

Key Takeaways

  1. Advice refers to an opinion or recommendation from an expert or someone with experience in a specific area.
  2. Suggestion implies a more casual, less authoritative proposal or idea someone offers for consideration.
  3. Understanding the difference between advice and suggestion can help individuals navigate interpersonal communication and decision-making more effectively.

Advice vs Suggestion

The difference between advice and suggestion is that the word advice can be used to mean ‘counsel.’ The term suggestion is used to mean ‘giving an idea.’ It’s worth noting that the terms advice and suggestion are both nouns. Individuals give advice premised on their experience as well as a thorough assessment of the situation. Nevertheless, you can make a suggestion to someone right now by telling them what you think. This may or may not be based on your field of expertise.

Advice vs Suggestion

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Advice is defined as “a viewpoint or guideline offered as a guidance tool, behaviour, etc.” An interaction having data, especially one sent from a range. And an official notice, particularly if it is related to a business agreement.

It’s worth noting that the term advice also has a verb form in the expression ‘advise.’ Both of these words are homophones. They do have the same tone of voice. The spell check, however, is different.

On the other hand, we have the word’ suggestion’. Now, the general meaning is always similar although not the same, a suggestion can be a piece of advice but in a more informal as well as casual manner.

The usage can be amongst colleagues or partners as well as friends, and you give suggestions on casual topics and informal interactions.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAdviceSuggestion
MeaningAdvice is defined as “a viewpoint or guideline offered as a guidance tool, behaviour, etc.” An interaction having data, especially one sent from a range.Suggestion appears to be used as a strategy or concept with no control, command, or influence.
EtymologyMiddle English: from Old French avis, based on Latin ad ‘to’ + visum, past participle of videre ‘to see’.Via Old French from Latin suggestio(n- ), from the verb suggerere.
IntonationAdvice is used for formal occasions and situations. People who are experienced and elders offer you ‘advice’.Suggestions are given by informal interactions and intonation is casual.
Examples1. He advised me not to play outside.
2. My teacher advised me to go for language arts.
1. She suggested that I watch the movie.
2. Her anime suggestions are great.
SynonymsWarning, caution, guidance, advisory, intelligent word, recommendation, etc.Clue, indication, intimation, offer, hint, idea, etc

What is Advice?

The term advice is most commonly used to describe what an individual should do in response to a particular occurrence about which he or she is unsure. An advice can be the answer to a current issue.

It is important to note that advice is formal and includes both control and authority because the man providing it has expertise or prior experience regarding that occurrence. Phrase example: My elder sister advised me on how to improve my grades.

Merriam-Webster defines the term “advice” as follows:

1. Statement for a decision or course of action

2. Disseminated information or notice —used in plural

3. A formal notice pertaining to a business transaction

Advice is a term that refers to a recommendation or expression of an opinion. Because advice is counsel, it is more valuable. It is brought to you by a knowledgeable individual.

The individual who provides advice has also studied all of the information at hand and what will or will not occur if the advice is followed. However, general recommendations are made to be followed. In addition, the term counsel is used as a noun.


What is Suggestion?

A suggestion, on the other side, is used to convey a notion. The suggestion appears to be used as a strategy or concept with no control, command, or influence. It is used to generalize any proposal or notion but in an informal manner.

The Oxford Dictionary defines the word ‘suggestion’ as follows:

  1. A suggestion for what everyone should do or how they should act
  2. The information is said in an indirect manner.
  3. An action, quality, look, or another characteristic that appears to indicate the presence or absence of something

The term suggestion is used in the meaning of ‘providing a notion,’ as in the following sentences:

  1. She advised that it be done in this manner.
  2. He advised me on how to improve my wardrobe style.

We can see that the word suggestion is used across lines to mean ‘offering an idea.’ In the first sentence, you get the impression that he suggested completing a certain task in a specific way.

In the second sentence, we get the impression that he made an informal suggestion concerning my dress-up enhancements.


Main Difference Between Advice and Suggestion

  1. Advice is regarded as professional, whilst a proposal is considered informal.
  2. Advice is always given by a professional or experienced whereas friends and informal people can pop a suggestion.
  3. The term advice originated in the early 14th century, whereas the term suggestion originated in the late 14th to early 15th century.
  4. Synonyms of advice are; guidance, adjuration, input, and recommendation, whereas synonyms of suggestions are; clue, indication, intimation, idea, etc.
  5. Elders commonly give advice, whereas suggestion is age-independent, and advice is crucial, unlike suggestions.
Difference Between Advice and Suggestion

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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