iMac vs Mac Mini vs MacBook Pro: Difference and Comparison

Key Takeaways

  1. iMac is an all-in-one desktop, Mac mini is a small desktop, and MacBook Pro is a laptop.
  2. iMac has the largest screen while Mac mini needs an external display.
  3. MacBook Pro has the most portability while iMac is the least portable.

What is iMac?

Apple Inc. manufactures the iMac, which is an all-in-one desktop computer. The desktop computer is best for content creators or power users. It comes with a built-in display and a high-resolution display. It comes with either an integrated GPU or a dedicated GPU. 

iMac comes in various screen sizes that cater to the needs of different needs and preferences. It has a several terabytes RAM capacity and comes along with various extensive ports available for connectivity. 

What is Mac Mini?

The Mac Mini is another premium desktop manufactured by Apple Inc. This desktop is small and affordable and an alternative to traditional desktops. But one of the disadvantages of the desktop is that it does not come with a built-in display. 

 Despite this, it comes with impressive power, configurable RAM, the latest CPU, and much more. These desktops are best for server purposes, office, or home purposes. Also, it has extensive ports that are available, like – Thunderbolt, and USB, for connectivity. The price ranges fall in the moderate range.

What is MacBook Pro?

The MacBook Pro is a series of high-end performance laptops designed and developed by Apple Inc. The line of laptops offers users power, sleek design, and portability. They are best known for professionals or on-the-go purposes. 

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It has a built-in display and has multiple promising features such as – integrated GPU or dedicated GPU, the latest CPU, and ample RAM capacity (up to 64 GB). The operating system of the laptop is macOS providing a seamless experience. 

Difference Between iMac and Mac Mini and MacBook Pro

  1. Looking at iMac, it is an all-in-one desktop, while Mac Mini is a compact desktop. Besides this, MacBook Pro is a laptop. 
  2. iMac has a built-in display on the desktop; similarly, MacBook Pro has a built-in display. While considering Mac Mini, it requires an external display. 
  3. Both Mac Mini and MacBook Pro are portable, whereas, on the other hand, iMac is not portable.
  4. The performance of the iMac is extensively high alongside the MacBook Pro, which does have similar high performance, which is unlike that of the Mac Mini, having a moderate range of performance.
  5. The iMac desktop has integrated GPU or dedicated GPU graphics. Same as iMac MacBook Pro has either integrated GPU or dedicated GPU graphics. But comparatively, on the other hand, Mac Mini has integrated GPU as graphics.
  6. The RAM capacity of the iMac can configure up to several TB (Terabytes). Mac Mini’s RAM capacity can be configured up to 64 GB, similar to the MacBook Pro.
  7. The storage capacity of the iMac can be configured up to several TB (terabytes). At the same time, the storage capacity of Mac Mini can be configured up to 2 TB. And the storage capacity of MacBook Pro can be configured up to several TB.
  8. iMac has various extensive ports available, like Thunderbolt, USB, etc, for its connectivity. Similarly, Mac Mini has varied extensive ports available for its connectivity. While in the case of, the MacBook Pro, it has a limited port available, like – USB for its availability. 
  9. iMac desktops are best for content creators or power users. On the other hand, Mac Mini desktops are best known for server purposes, office or home purposes. At the same time, MacBook Pro is the best laptop for professionals and on-the-go purposes.
  10. The price range for both iMac desktops and MacBook Pro is high to expensive. While comparatively, the price range of the Mac Mini is moderate.    
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Comparison Between iMac and Mac Mini and MacBook Pro

Parameter of ComparisoniMacMac MiniMacBook Pro
Form FactorAll-in-one DesktopCompact DesktopLaptop
DisplayBuilt-in displayExternal display requiresBuilt-in display
PortabilityNot portablePortableHighly portable
GraphicsDedicated or integrated GPUIntegrated GPUIntegrated or dedicated GPU
RAM Configure up to several TBConfigure up to 64 GBConfigure up to 64 GB
StorageUp to several TBUp to 2 TBUp to several TB
ConnectivityExtensive ports are available, like – Thunderbolt, USB, etcExtensive ports are available, like – Thunderbolt, USB, etcLimited ports are available, like – USB
Best For Content creators or power usersServer purposes, office or home purposesOn-the-go use or professionals
Price rangeHighModerateHigh 

Last Updated : 31 August, 2023

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