Difference Between MRI and Xray

In this busy human world, accidents are very common. It would be very difficult to find the area where we got injured. Nowadays, with the advancement in technology, we can find the area where we got injured. MRI and X-rays are used to find the places of the body where the injury has happened. It is available in every hospital. 

MRI vs Xray

The main difference between MRI and X-rays is the technique in which they are identifying the injuries in the human body. MRI uses the technique called the magnetic wave, but X-rays use the radiation technique. Both are used for scanning the entire body so that it can find the parts that are damaged. It helps the doctor to find the issue so that they will give treatment according to that. 

MRI vs Xray

MRI is a scanning technique used for mainly identifying brain-related problems in the human body. To take an MRI scan, you have to first get the prescription sheet from the doctor so that you can visit the radiology department for your scanning process. Pregnant women are refrained from taking MRI scans. Because the rays might affect the baby inside their womb, it is not advisable for them. 

X-ray is a technique commonly used to identify the fracture in the human body which occurs during an accident. It is used to identify which part of the bone got damaged so that it will be easy for the doctors to identify the problem, and they will give treatment according to that. X-rays are made with the help of photons which emit radiation

Comparison Table Between MRI and Xray

Parameters of ComparisonMRIXray
DefinitionUsed to find the tissue imageUsed to find the bone damage
Full-FormMagnetic Resonance ImagingX Radiation
Time taken15 minutes to 2 hoursFew seconds to find the damage
DetailsVery lessMore details about the bones
RadiationThey do not provide any radiation.They provide radiation.

What is MRI?

MRI comes underscan. It is used to scan the human body so that it will produce images of the organs, tissues, and cells in our body. It comes under the radiology department. To study more about this in detail, students have to take the biology stream in their class 11. Then they can choose radiology for their higher studies. It is very complicated as it deals with higher-level machines.

This type of scan is mainly used to diagnose brain tumors in the human body. Brain tumors have become a common problem nowadays. It occurs even for kids as well. While taking a scan of the entire body won’t affect you in any of the processes. It is one of the pain-free techniques which comes under the scan. Also, one of the advantages of using MRI scans is that there are no side effects on the human body after taking the scan. 

The radio waves from the scan will take a closer look at your inner organs and then will give a detailed report based on them. They are mainly used for examining the brain, and the spinal cord, where most people get injured often while driving, or even kids might fall while playing. You cannot see the results of your scan and understand on your own. Some of the terms in them will be difficult for you to understand. Doctors will help you in diagnosing the disease.

What is Xray?

X-ray is a technique mainly used for identifying fractures in the human body. It consists of electromagnetic waves to do the whole process. It comes under radiation. To pursue this in higher studies or people who want to work in this department should take the biology stream in class 11 so that they can pursue this in their higher studies. This involves complex cases, and you have to make sure the patient is comfortable while doing the X-ray.

X-rays are usually measured in the form of nanometres. It is not advisable to take X-rays often as the rays are harmful to the human body. It might cause side effects as well. The result of the x-ray will be printed on a grey sheet which will be difficult for a normal person to understand. After taking the x-ray report and showing it to your doctor, they will identify the problem and will explain the condition to you.

X-ray is used for identifying the problems and the fractures that happened in your bones and joints. It is one of the effective techniques used to identify the problem immediately. Other methods will take more time, and it will cost a lot as well. This is very harmful to pregnant women as well as the rays from the X-ray will affect the baby inside their womb. They are refrained from entering the X-ray department. 

Main Differences Between MRI and Xray

  1. An MRI uses a technique called a magnetic wave. On the other hand, X-ray uses a technique called radiation.
  2. MRI scan does not involve any further complications or side effects in the future. But it is not advisable to take X-rays often as the radiation will harm the organs.
  3. The time involved to complete one MRI scan might take from 15 minutes to 2 hours, depending upon the injuries. On the other hand, X-rays will take only a few seconds to complete.
  4. An MRI scan gives details about the tissues. But X-rays will give details about the bones in different formats.
  5. MRI scan is mainly used for finding the issue in the tissue and the ligaments. X-rays are mainly used for finding the damage in the bone areas and not on other organs in the human body. 


Both MRI and X-rays are useful and effective methods to identify injuries. MRI scan costs a lot when we compare it with X-rays. In these two techniques, it is advised that pregnant women should not visit these areas as the harmful rays will cause complications to the baby in the mother’s womb. Both are effectively used techniques in today’s world. 

It is available in all hospitals to start the treatment without any delays. During fights, humans will be injured, and it is advised to check the injuries the moment they got injured so that the bones won’t undergo any further damage. 


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