Difference Between Sony A55 and A57

Sony launches good quality cameras with various specifications and prices. A55 and A57 are cameras from the A50 series of SLRs launched by camera superpower Sony in 2010 and 2012, respectively.


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They are fully HD cameras, each with slightly different specifications with additional features in each one of them.

 Sony A55 vs Sony A57

The difference between Sony A55 and A57 is that they mainly differ in their size, and some features are missing in each one of them that can be found in the other. A57 is a small camera, while A57 is a larger camera. The large size of the camera of the A57 almost make it similar to DSLRs, and it also competes with DSLRs.

Sony A55 vs Sony A57

Sony A55 is a 2010 launched HD camera fully with a 16 MP APS-C CMOS Sensor. It is fitted with sensor-shift image stabilization and also has longer battery life.

This camera is capable of recording full HD 1080p videos. Another characteristic of this camera is that it has a built-in GPS.

A57 is also a 2012 launched camera by Sony. It is a full HD camera with a similar 16 MP APS-C CMOS Sensor. It is also fitted with sensor-shift image stabilization and has fair battery life.

It is capable of recording full HD 1080i videos, which are the most important characteristics that set it apart from the A55.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSony A55Sony A57
Battery LifeSony A55 can capture 550 photos in its full battery life.A57 by Sony can capture 380 photos in its full battery life.
ISOSony A55 has ISO 100-12800.A57 by Sony has ISO 100-16000.
SizeSony A55 is smaller than A57.A57 by Sony is larger than Sony A55.
Video RecordingSony A55 can record 1080p videos.A57 by Sony can record better 1080i videos.
GPSSony A55 comes with an in-built GPS.A57 by Sony dies not to support GPS.

What is Sony A55?

The Sony A55 is a DSLR-styled camera that’s affordable for beginners and pros alike. It has a single APS-C sized Exmor CMOS sensor, which has larger pixels than the Sony A500 entry-level model.

It can shoot 1080p video in H.264 format with continuous autofocus in video mode, but there is no touch screen.

It has 1080p video in MP4 format with autofocus disabled but with the ability to record in rapid succession. It uses an FE-mount, with Sony A-mount compatible lenses, with automatic focus and aperture control.

The camera body is weather-proof (splash or dust-resistant) and dust-proof (sealed against the intrusion of dust).

It has a hot shoe for flash accessories, GPS capability, and an optional wired data transfer system (PC Autofocus is not available). It weighs around 500g and has a 1150k dot electronic viewfinder.

It supports 10.0 fps continuous shooting, and the video recording occurs at the rate of 30 frames per second.

Overall, Sony A55 is a high-performance digital camera. A camera with a reasonable price, the Sony A55 will be the right choice for not only for taking pictures but also can be used to record videos.

There is an anti-shake function that prevents the camera from shaking when the pictures are taken.

What is Sony A57?

A57 or Alpha 57 by Sony is a digital single-lens reflex camera that is designed for both photo and video capture. Sony A57 has a lot of features that enable it to shoot high-quality photos and videos.

It has a large APS-C size sensor with a resolution of 16 megapixels. Sony also has a variety of built-in modes and settings that make it easy to capture both high-quality photos and videos.

Sony A57 is one of the most advanced models of Sony. It allows HD recording in 1080i, which means it captures videos at 60 frames per second. The camera is very light, that it weighs only 27 ounces. It’s very easy to carry while travelling, that is why it is also used in professional filming.

The camera also has an anti-shake feature for sharp pictures. It is one of the cameras with the best resolution of 12.2 megapixels.

 It is waterproof up to 10 feet, so it can be used in any weather. The camera has multiple modes, so you can choose the one that will best suit the photo.

It also has an image sensor that can work even in low light, so your pictures will never be blurry. This allows the camera to take great pictures without any problems.

However, it does lack the inbuilt GPS and has a slightly shorter battery life than the A55. Another added feature in Sony A55 is the White Balance bracketing that allows for balancing light during clicking pictures.

Main Differences Between the Sony A55 and A57

  1. Sony A55 has a higher dynamic range of 13.0, while A57 has a lower dynamic range of 12.4.
  2. Sony A55 supports 10.0 fps continuous shooting while A57 supports 12.0 fps continuous shooting.
  3. Sony A55 weighs around 500g, while A57 weighs around 618g. This is because A57 is much bigger than the Sony A55.
  4. Sony A55 does not have White Balance Bracketing, while A57 does possess White Balance Bracketing.
  5. Sony A55 records videos at 30 frames per second, giving 1080p HD videos, while A57 records videos at 60 frames per second, giving 1080i HD videos, making it a better option for video recording.


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