Difference Between Microsoft Edge and Firefox

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Each and every piece of information which you need are available on the internet. The internet has different types of browsers.

Microsoft Edge and Firefox are web browsers, and these browsers are available in different operating systems.

Microsoft Edge vs Firefox

The difference between Microsoft Edge and Firefox is that even though both are famous browsers that help us to search for any information on the internet, the developers of Microsoft Edge are Microsoft, and Firefox is Mozilla corporation, and they are available for the latest operating system and Mac OS. The latest model of Microsoft Edge is known as Legacy.

Microsoft Edge vs

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Microsoft Edge is an internet browser created and developed by Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Edge was released for Xbox one and Windows 10.

It was first released in the year 2015. This browser does not work in windows vista or any other earlier version that was publically released in the year 2015 in the month of January 15.

Firefox is also an internet browser used by many people around the world. Mozilla corporation is the contributor of Firefox, and they are the developers also.

Firefox was released 19 years ago on September 23 in the year 2002. Firefox is available in 97 languages, and they are available in different operating systems.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMicrosoft EdgeFirefox
DevelopersMicrosoft Corporation develops Microsoft Edge.Firefox is developed by Mozilla Firefox.
ReleasedMicrosoft Edge was released on April 29 in the year 2015.Firefox was released on September 23 and in the year 2002.
Operating systemIt is available in Android, IOS, and Windows 7.It is available in Linux, IOS, and other latest operating systems.
Available LanguagesMicrosoft Edge is totally available in 84 languages.Firefox is available in 97 languages.
MemoryMicrosoft Edge uses the latest memory.Firefox uses old memory.

What is Microsoft Edge?

Microsoft Edge is one of the most famous browsers of all time, and they are used worldwide to search for information. It is one of the fastest browsers.

Microsoft Edge is used in different engines, and they are available for different operating systems like android, IOS, Xbox One, and many others.

Microsoft created Microsoft Edge, and they also developed it. Microsoft Corporation is the original author of Microsoft Edge.

It was released in year 2015, about seven years ago, and in the month of April 29. It is one of the safest search engines. Microsoft Edge was first released on Xbox and Windows.

The developers announced the public release of the new Edge on January 12, 2020. Microsoft stopped releasing security patches for Microsoft Edge.

It is totally available in 84 languages, and the newly released Microsoft Edge uses the latest types of memory. Microsoft Edge is not privacy-friendly when compared to Firefox.

Microsoft Edge is the default browser in Windows 10 and Windows 11. And other operating systems replacing internet explorer 11 and internet explorer mobile.

The developers announced that it would support the legacy trident for backward compatibility. Microsoft Edge gives strong feedback as it uses a new engine.

It is so fast when compared to other browsers.

What is Firefox?

Firefox is an internet browser that is famous worldwide, and they are privacy-friendly when compared to other browsers. Firefox Is used in different types of operating systems.

It is available in Engines like Gecko, Quantum, and spider monkey. Linux and IOs are operating systems where Firefox can be used.

Mozilla Foundation developed Firefox, and the contributors are Mozilla Corporation. It was released 20 years ago on September 23, 2012.

Firefox is included with various Unix-like operating systems. Firefox, also known as Mozilla Firefox, is a free, open-source web browser.

It uses a Gecko rendering engine which helps Firefox to display web pages. Firefox is available for Windows 7 and another later version.

They are privacy-friendly when compared to other browsers. The Amazon Fire TV has the optimized version of Firefox.

It was created in 2002 with the code Phoenix by the Mozilla community. Firefox became popular during its beta phase as it is known for its speed.

Firefox was developed by Dave Hyatt and Joe Hewitt and created a standalone browser. The Mozilla organization planned to change its focus from the Mozilla suite to Firefox.

Firefox has undergone a number of name changes. First, it was named a phoenix.

Main Differences Between Microsoft Edge and Firefox

  1. Microsoft Edge is fast, and Firefox is slow compared to Microsoft Edge, both web browsers.
  2. Microsoft Edge was developed by Microsoft Corporation, and Firefox was developed by Mozilla Firefox.
  3. Microsoft is available in operating systems like Android, IOS, and Windows 7; Firefox is available in Linux, IOS, and other latest operating systems.
  4. Microsoft Edge is not privacy-friendly, but Firefox is privacy-friendly when compared to Firefox.
  5. The latest memory is used in Microsoft Edge, and the old model memory is used in Firefox when compared to Microsoft Edge.
  6. Microsoft Edge is totally available in 84 languages, and Firefox is available in 97 languages.
Difference Between Microsoft Edge and
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