iPhone vs iPhone Clone: Difference and Comparison

Cloning of items and making it a business is blooming rapidly in today’s world. With the current technology, it is possible to make a clone of nearly everything; even an iPhone is not an exception.

iPhone clones have been in the market for the longest time, and many people have been taken advantage of for their desire to buy the famous Apple product. They say that it is almost impossible to differentiate between the two, but they still have their differences.

Key Takeaways

  1. iPhones are genuine, high-quality smartphones produced by Apple Inc.; iPhone clones are imitation devices designed to resemble the appearance and features of an iPhone.
  2. iPhones use the proprietary iOS operating system and offer access to the Apple ecosystem; iPhone clones run on modified versions of Android and may not have access to all Apple services.
  3. iPhones are backed by Apple’s warranty, customer support, and regular software updates; iPhone clones lack official support, contracts, and software update guarantees.

iPhone vs. iPhone Clone

iPhone was created by Apple company and launched after proper authentication and verification. iPhone has undeniable features with a focus on security. An iPhone clone is a copy of an iPhone created by normal manufacturers. It does not have the original features of the iPhone.

Iphone vs Iphone clone

iPhone is the original product of Apple. A smartphone that is equipped with the latest technology and very useful applications.


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iPhones are known for their good security and the assured privacy that comes along with the security.

iPhone clones are duplicates of the Apple product that have gained great business in the market. Their physical similarities and the relatively good security it offers, like the actual smartphone, are enough for people to be fooled by its appearance.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisoniPhoneiPhone Clone
ManufacturingAppleVarious other manufacturers
Quality of the productThey are of the best qualityThey are buggy and made with materials of lower quality
PriceexpensiveLower cost than the original
HardwareIt is a very sophisticatedSince the actual company does not manufacture it, it is not that sophisticated and brings changes in physical appearance.
Quality control checkThey undergo many quality control checks to ensure that we only have the best quality.Does not undergo any quality check tests.

What is an iPhone?

iPhone is a touchpad smartphone manufactured by Apple Inc. and many other devices like MacBook, iPod, and iPad. iPhones were first introduced in January 2009 by Steve Jobs, founder of Apple.

The phone picked up a better place in the market due to its various features and sophisticated hardware. The only drawback is the high price for all the models.

They undergo many quality control checks to ensure only the best is delivered to their customers.

iPhones are also known for their high and almost impenetrable security system that ensures the users’ privacy. They are known to be user-friendly for this very reason because only the iPhone user can easily access the files.

iPhones have many models in the market; each successor proves to be better than the previous model. Initially, it was named the ‘influencer’ and the ‘game-changer’ when introduced in the market and remains so with its new models.


What is an iPhone Clone?

iPhone clones are the duplicates of iPhones produced by Apple. There is no recorded date when they first started appearing in the market.

Various small-scale and underrated companies manufacture them.

They are cheaper, cost-wise and quality-wise, as they do not have quality control check tests to ensure their quality. With each new model of an iPhone, one can also find its clone in the market, and it can be hard to differentiate between them.

Some ways of differentiating a clone from the original are the level of sophistication of the hardware: this can disrupt the symmetry of the charging point or speakers. On observing an iPhone camera closely, one can see that the flash is coated with two colors, whereas iPhone clones have a monochromatic yellow shade.

The reason for the clones to still exist in the market is that consumers not being able to properly differentiate between the two and fall for the cheap tricks of the sellers. To avoid such things from happening, it is better to buy iPhones from their stores or Apple outlets near you.

iphone clone

Main Difference Between iPhone and iPhone Clone

  1. iPhones are known to be manufactured by Apple, and their various other products, such as MacBook, iPad, iPod, etc. iPhone clones are manufactured by various other underrated or unrecognized manufacturers for their profit.
  2. Since Apple manufactures iPhones, they ensure high-quality material and top-notch features. This is not the case in iPhone clones because they are manufactured by cheap manufacturers who do not have access to high-quality materials for making replicas of the iPhone.
  3. Due to their high-quality service, updated versions, and higher capability of storage and features, they are expensive, and not many can afford them. This is where iPhone clones come into the market, as they are cheaper than the original iPhones.
  4. iPhones by Apple have a very sophisticated hardware system. This is not observed in iPhone clones and can cause several noticeable differences in the physical appearance, such as in the symmetry of the charging point.
  5. The reason that the iPhones have good quality is that they undergo several quality control checks. This cannot be seen in iPhone clones because they would not be equipped the way the Apple company would be, leading to a difference in their quality.
Difference Between iPhone and iPhone Clone
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