Puritans vs Quakers: Difference and Comparison

In the 16th-18th century, there was a rise in religious groups trying to propagate and get more people to follow their beliefs. Some would preach their way into it, while others resorted to using force and violence, executing the ones who refused to obey.

Two such groups were the Quakers and Puritans. They were actively trying to propagate the ‘right’ way of following Christianity in England that slowly spread to the American empire.

It is also believed that Quakers were originally part of.

Key Takeaways

  1. Puritans were a group of English Protestants in the 16th and 17th centuries who sought to purify the Church of England from Roman Catholic practices; Quakers, or the Religious Society of Friends, emerged in the mid-17th century as a distinct Christian movement emphasizing the direct, personal experience of God.
  2. Puritans believed in a strict, hierarchical church structure and emphasized the importance of scripture; Quakers rejected formal church hierarchy and focused on an individual’s inner light as a guide.
  3. Puritans adhered to strict moral codes and austere lifestyles; Quakers valued simplicity and pacifism, promoting social justice and equality.

Puritans vs Quakers

The Puritans were a group of English Protestants who believed in a strict interpretation of the Bible and emphasized individual conscience. The Quakers, also known as the Society of Friends, rejected many traditional Christian beliefs and practices and greatly emphasized individual spiritual experiences.

Puritans vs Quakers

The Puritans were the group who followed baptism and believed that everyone was a sinner. They said that the only way to be freed from their sins was to follow their way of sacrificing themselves to the Gods.

The Quakers were other religious groups formed by the members of ‘The Religious Society of Friends and was formed in the mid-16th century. Due to religious turmoil, This group in England preached their ways to the public.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonPuritansQuakers
BeliefThey believed everyone was a sinner and they were the only pure onesThey only believed in true blessings for all.
ChurchThey were taught by the church ministers and followed baptism.They did not follow church ministers or believe in the sacrament.
Role of ChurchWas very rigidHad more freedom religiously
ServicesPuritans had their church services held in the churchThey had it in silent meeting places and also stopped going to the church to visit these silent meetings
EqualityThey believed that women were not equal and up-held the belief that different genders have their roles to play.They believed that men and women were equal.
Native AmericansThey discriminated against and showed a superiority complex toward themThey were open to welcoming the Native Americans

What were Puritans?

The Puritans were a religious group formed by the English protestants to clean up the England churches from their horrid ways of following religions. They were people who believed that everyone in the world was a sinner.

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The Puritans believed they had to follow the scriptures of God to be freed from their sins and receive God’s blessing. They followed the church rules and were taught by the church ministers. They were also seen to practice Baptism.

They believed in gender roles; therefore, women were not allowed to participate in church affairs. They also discriminated against Native Americans.

They were furious by the methods the Quakers had adapted for following and cleansing the religious turmoil and had resorted to killing or forcing them to accept the Puritan’s way.


What were Quakers?

The Quakers are members of ‘The Religious Society of Friends and were formed in the mid-16th century to clear the religious turmoil in England.

Unlike the Puritans, they believed that everyone deserved to be blessed by God. They did not abide by the scriptures or follow baptism. They did not believe in the sacrament.

They believed that everyone was equal, and therefore they practiced gender equality and also welcomed Native Americans and their beliefs. One could follow their beliefs and yet be a Quaker is what made the Quakers better than the Puritans.

The Quakers were kind and peace-loving people. At one point, Quakers meant friends, and it has remained that way throughout the years. The Quakers had also abandoned going to churches and had church services in silent meeting places.


Main Differences Between Puritans and Quakers

  1. They had different beliefs. Puritans believed that everyone was a sinner and only the ones who followed their beliefs were pure. At the same time, Quakers believed that everyone was blessed and pure by God.
  2. Puritans believed that the principles of Christianity had to be taught by the church ministers and followed baptism under their rules. On the other hand, Quakers did not believe in sacraments or follow baptism.
  3. The role of a church for the two groups was also different. The church system was very rigid for the Puritans, whereas Quakers had religious freedom and were not bound by the laws they did not believe in or were against.
  4. The Puritans believed they had to conduct their services only in churches, but this was not the case with the Quakers. The Quakers held their services in silent meeting places, not going to the churches to attend them. The Quakers had stopped going to the churches because they had found peace in the silent meetings.
  5. Puritans did not believe in gender equality. They strictly followed gender roles and banished women from participating in church affairs and voting. At the same time, the Quakers held great importance to gender equality and treated everyone equally.
  6. Their treatment of the Native Americans was also different. While the Puritans discriminated against them and did not consider them equal, the Quakers were open to welcoming the Native Americans and their beliefs.
Difference Between Puritans and Quakers
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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10 thoughts on “Puritans vs Quakers: Difference and Comparison”

  1. The history of the Puritans and Quakers is quite intriguing. It’s amazing how two groups with such different views of Christianity could coexist in the same era.

  2. The Puritans’ reliance on church hierarchy and strict moral codes is in stark opposition to the Quakers’ emphasis on individual spiritual experiences. This dichotomy is quite revealing.

  3. The Quakers’ emphasis on peace and equality is a commendable aspect of their beliefs. It’s refreshing to see such values upheld in a religious context.

  4. This is a fascinating comparison between two religious groups with very different ideologies. It’s interesting to see the differences in beliefs, church structure, and treatment of others.

  5. The Quakers’ open-mindedness and acceptance of Native Americans distinguish them from the Puritans’ discriminatory attitudes. Their inclusivity is a testament to their progressive values.

  6. The stark contrast between the Puritans’ and Quakers’ beliefs and practices is truly thought-provoking. It sheds light on the diverse interpretations of Christianity during that period.

  7. The Puritans’ treatment of the Quakers was appalling. It’s hard to believe that such violence could be committed in the name of religion.

  8. The Quakers’ emphasis on simplicity and pacifism is a striking departure from the Puritans’ harsh beliefs. It’s inspiring to see such a compassionate approach to religion.

  9. I’ve always found the Puritans and Quakers to be a subject of great interest, and this article adds some valuable insights into their beliefs and practices.

  10. The Puritans’ rigid hierarchy and discrimination against Native Americans paint a grim picture of their values. It’s disheartening to see such injustices perpetuated.


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