Tradition of Gifting at Christmas

The tradition of gifting friends and relatives on Christmas day is being practiced with the idea that it is not only exchanging gifts but also the affection that each individual has for others. Parents gifting their children on the day of Christmas brings love, rejoicing, happiness, and prosperity to the children

The Origin of Gift Giving

It is said that the origin of giving gifts to our loved ones at Christmas came from the gifting tradition, which the three wise men followed to Jesus.

In ancient times especially in Rome, this tradition of gift exchanging was practiced during the celebration of Saturnalia, which is the winter solstice festival.

By the time of around the 4th century when Bishop St. Nicholas adopted the practice of giving gifts to people during Christmas time, this gift-giving tradition found its very own place in the celebration of Christmas in many countries and of course now all over the world. In remembrance of this Nicholas is the character we all knew with love as Santa Claus.


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The gift-giving was once celebrated on December 6th, Saint Nicholas Day, but after some time, it was followed either during the end of December or January.

The Essence of Gifting

The true essence of gifting in the Christmas does not lie in the gift which we are giving, but it is in the heart and desire for gifting someone and the gratitude which the people who receive gifts develop. This sense of love creates and reinforces the bond between the hearts of the people who are brought together by the birth of the greatest gift ever given to the world by the Almighty God.

It should be kept in mind that people should never seek gifts which are material in this world, rather they should seek more of spiritual gifts which elevate their minds and soul and brings prosperity among the mankind.

Further, the spiritual gifts like compassion, tolerance, wisdom, patience, self-denying love and qualities of caring for others should be given freely not only on the day of Christmas but should be shared and exchanged all the days in a year.

Popular Gifts

As the tradition of giving gifts to the loved ones is famous, so as the list of most commonly gifted items is also. The most common items which are qualified to be placed in the list, are classified grossly into 4 main categories, Decorative items, cakes, flowers, and gift packs.

The decorative items include Christmas tree, candles, wall hangings, portrait frames or picture frames, bells…

The Cakes can be plum cakes, chocolate cakes, designer cakes, cupcakes, fruit-flavored, self baked cakes…

Christmas flowers that can be gifted are, Christmas rose, lilies, Red poinsettia, orchids….

Apart from all these three types, the most commonly gifted group of gifts are gift packs, because it can be customized as per the individual’s idea, gratitude, most commonly their economic wealth. This category includes toys for children, Santa Claus toys, Santa caps, gift baskets, greeting cards,…


On Christmas Day, we are giving and receiving gifts to others and from others. But, the ultimate gift-giver of the Christmas, The almighty God never receives anything in return for his gift to us, which is nothing but his very own son. So, gifting to those who can give a gift to us is not only the essence of gifting in the Christmas but gifting to those who cannot give us anything in return can be an ultimate gift to the creator who wants us to support each other.

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