320+ Christmas Questions Answer (Trivia)

Trivia Questions for Kids

When is the Christmas tree assembled?

December 8th.

Who comes together to celebrate Christmas each year?

The family.


Religion Quiz

Test your knowledge about topics related to religion

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What is the significance of Ramadan in Islam?

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Who is 'Ganesh'?

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What is the main belief of Hinduism?

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What is the main message of the book of Revelation in the New Testament?

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Who wrote the four Gospels in the New Testament (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John)?

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What is the significance of the Hajj in Islam?

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What is the main belief in Jainism about non-violence?

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The last ten days of Ramadan are especially important because  the Hadith says it was during this time that ...

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What is the main belief of Methodism, founded by John Wesley?

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In what year did Martin Luther post his 95 Theses, starting the Protestant Reformation?

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Who is a letter written to at Christmas?

To Santa Claus.

Where do Christmas presents appear?

Under the tree.

When Jesus is born, who appears with Mary and Joseph beside the Wise Men?

The Shepherds.

Jesus was born in a manger. True or false?


What is sung at Christmas?

Christmas carols.

What was the vehicle of the Wise Men?


What science did the Wise Men do?


Who guided the Wise Men?

A star.

What do we leave for Santa Claus to recharge?

A glass with milk and cookies.

What does the word “Christmas” mean?

Mass of Christ.

What season of the year begins at this time?


What was the name of Santa Claus?


Where did Santa Claus live his childhood?


What color is the current Santa Claus costume?

Red and white.

What is the vehicle that Santa Claus uses to deliver the gifts?

A sleigh.

Where does Santa Claus enter our houses?

By the chimney.

How many reindeer does Santa Claus carry in his sleigh?


What is the name of the principal reindeer of Santa Claus?


What color was Rudolph’s nose?


Rudolph guided the light of his nose to Santa Claus and the reindeer on a stormy night. True or false?


Where does Santa Claus live now?

The North Pole.

Who helps Santa Claus prepare the gifts?

His elves.

What do we decorate in all the houses for this date?

Christmas tree.

What stands at the top of the tree?

A star or an angel.

What is the characteristic laugh of Santa Claus?

“Ho Ho Ho”.

How is the time before Christmas called?


Christmas Movie Trivia

Who is the leading actor of the movie “Jingle all the way”?

Arnold Schwarzenegger.

What renowned award did the soundtrack for “The Polar Express” win?


What Christmas movie is narrating with rhymes?

“How The Grinch Stole Christmas”.

At the end of the movie, does the Grinch’s heart grow or shrink?

It grows.

In the movie “Home Alone”, what is the last name of the protagonist?


Who is the actor who plays the train conductor in “The Polar Express”?

Tom Hanks.

Howard’s son in “Jingle all the way,” is happy that his dad is late for karate class. True or false?


When he was little, the Grinch bullied his teammates. True or false?


What are the villains of “Home Alone” called?

Harry and Marv.

In the movie “Gremlins”, what is the name of the creature that Rand wants to buy for his son?


In “Home Alone”, to return from Paris, the mother must perform a stretch overland with a pop band. True or false?


In “Gremlins”, what happens if the Mogwai gets wet?

They multiplied.

What is the name of the elf who cares for Scott and Charlie in “The Santa Clause”?


What does Howard dress up at the end of the movie “Jingle all the way”?

As Turbo-Man.

In “Santa Clause”, Scott falls into prison for stealing a sled. True or false?


The original movie “Miracle on 34th Street” is from 1947. In what year was the remake released?


Which Disney movie features in “Gremlins”?

“Snow White”.

What’s the name of the gift shop run by Dorey on “Miracle on 34th Street”?


What’s Jack’s dog called in “The nightmare before Christmas”?


In “Miracle on 34th Street”, what is the third wish that Susan asks Kris?

A younger brother.

In “The nightmare before Christmas”, Jack wants to celebrate Christmas in Halloween Town. True or false?


In “The Santa Clause”, what is Scott transforming over the days?

In Santa Claus.

What is the name of the villain of “The nightmare before Christmas”?

Oogie Boogie.

Christmas Carol and Song Trivia

Originally, the carols were pagan and popular?


Who owes the first adaptation of profane music to religious songs?

Adam of Saint-Victor.

Where was the monk from who first adapted profane songs to religious Christmas carols?


Francis of Assisi developed a tradition of carol singing in vernacular languages. True or false?


During the Protestant Reformation, which well-known historical figure composed and promoted the use of Christmas carols in religious worship?

Martin Luther.

What was Benjamin Britten’s most iconic Christmas carol play called?

A Ceremony of Carols.

In which country did the tradition of singing Christmas carols from door to door arise?


What should you decorate the deck with, in “Deck the halls”?

With boughs of holly.

What are the night pastors watching at “Mary’s Boy Child”?

Their flocks.

Who are the characters that sing in the lyrics of “Joy the World”?

Heaven and nature.

What does Santa Claus check in “Santa Claus is coming to Town”?

A list.

In the song “O Come All Ye Faithful”there is a choir that sings. Who composes the choir?

The Angels.

What glows when the bells ring in “Jingle Bells”?

The spirits.

How many strophes does “Silent Night” have?


Who is coming on “We wish you a Merry Christmas”?


Where is the child from “What child is this sleeping”?

In Mary’s lap.

Who should leave their contemplations in “Angels from the Realms of Glory”?

The Sages.

What does the character write in “White Christmas”?

Christmas cards.

Where are the angels echoing their joyous strain in “Angels we have heard on high”?

On the plain and the mountains.

Who first recorded “Oh Happy Day”?

The Edwin Hawkins Singers.

Which artist sings “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”?

Michael Bublé.

What expression do friends use to call in “Sleigh Ride”?


In which Christmas movie does “Star of Bethlehem” appear?

In “Home alone I”.

What does the chorus of “Up on the housetop” say?

“Ho ho ho. Who wouldn’t go”.

What are the reindeers names in “Here comes Santa Claus”?

Vixen and Blitzen.

Why does Little Lord Jesus wake up in “Away in a manger”?

Because the cattle are lowing.

What is the name of the King mentioned in “Coventry Carol”?


What did they find when they looked up, on “The first Nowell”?

A star.

What feast was the King watching at “Good King Wenceslas”?

The Feast of Stephen.

Who reconciled on “Hark the herald angels sing”?

God and sinners.

What were the tidings in “God rest ye merry, gentlemen”?

Of comfort and joy.

Christmas Vacation Trivia

What’s Clark’s wife called?


What are they going to look for at the farm?

A tree.

When they arrive at the farm, Clark realizes that he forgot something important. What was it?

His tools.

How do they move the Christmas tree from the farm to their home?

They carry it over the car.

When the Griswold family arrives at the front door, what movie appears on television?

“It’s a wonderful life”.

What does Clark use to cover the exterior of his home?

25,000 twinkle lights.

 According to Ellen, how long has cousin Eddie been out of work?

7 years.

When the little lights on the outside of the house light up, a fire starts. True or false?


What are Clark’s yuppie neighbors called?

Todd and Margo.

What relatives arrive in the RV without notice?

Catherine and Eddie with their children and their dog.

What are the children of Catherine and Eddie called?

Rocky and Ruby Sue.

Eddie says they live in an RV because they are bankrupt. True or false?


What does Clark expect from his boss?

The bonus.

Why does Clark need the annual bonus?

To cover the expenses of the swimming pool.

Who burns the Christmas tree?

Uncle Lewis.

Clark receives an envelope with an annual bonus. True or false?


Who is Frank Shirley?

Clark’s boss.

Clark and Eddie, let Frank escape or kidnap him?

Kidnap him.

When does Clark realize the meaning of Christmas?

When he sees the Christmas Star.

What does Uncle Lewis throw down the drain before the final explosion?

A matchstick.

What is flying through the air thanks to the explosion?

Santa’s decoration on his sleigh.

What song do they get together to sing?

The Star-Spangled Banner.

What is the name of the aunt who begins to sing the final song?


In what year was “Christmas Vacation” released?


What is the name of the main actor?

Chevy Chase.

What do Clark and Cousin Eddie drink when they talk in the living room?


What does the card Clark finds in the attic say?

“Happy Mother’s Day 1983, Love Clark”.

What is the brand of beer Eddie drinks as he empties his septic tank?

Meister Brau.

How many times does Rocky speak in the entire movie?

One time.

How many cars does the Griswold family have?

2 (1 doesn’t appear on the scene).

Christmas Bible Trivia

In which book of the Bible are Wise Men named?


What do we celebrate on Christmas Day?

Jesus’ birth.

What were the parents of Jesus called?

Mary and Joseph.

Who tells Mary that she will give birth?

The Angel Gabriel.

What was Joseph’s trade?


In what town did Mary give birth?


On which animal did Mary travel to Bethlehem?

On a donkey.

Who brought gifts to Jesus?

The Wise Men.

What were the Wise Men called?

Melchior, Gaspar, Balthasar.

What did the Wise Men bring to Jesus?

Gold, incense and myrrh.

What did the incense symbolize?

The tribute to God.

What did gold symbolize?

The soberand.

What did myrrh symbolize?

The harbinger of a difficult life.

In the book of Luke, the birth of Jesus appears. True or false?


By what name is Jesus mentioned in the book of Matthew?


What does Immanuel mean?

God is with us.

Who says to Mary “Blessed you are among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb”?


Why did Mary and Joseph have to escape Jerusalem?

Because Herod’s government was chasing them.

Who was the King of Judea when Jesus was born?


What did Herod command to do?

Kill all the firstborn born in Bethlehem.

Christmas Food Trivia

What dish comes with figs, bread crumbs, cinnamon, nutmeg, and milk?

Figgy pudding.

In 18th century England, people believed that single men who put a piece of Fruitcake under their pillows would dream of their future fiancee. True or false?


Which dessert rolled into the shape of a log?

Bûche de Noël.

What does the Bûche de Noël symbolize?

According to popular belief, this cake resembles a large log that burned on Christmas night.

What is the world capital of the Gingerbread?


How is crow’s milk known?


Which country first found the ingredients for Mince pie?

Great Britain.

What was the name of the predecessor dessert to Christmas pudding?


With the Cranberry sauce, what can I accompany?

The turkey.

What is the name of the spiced wine that Charles Dickens talks about?

Smoking Bishop.

At Christmas time, is it customary to drink cold or hot wine?


How are sugar plums made?

With a combination of dried fruits and spices.

How many calories can a person gain during Christmas?

7,000 calories.

What other name does “Cougnou” have?

Bread of Jesus.

What city does the Panettone originate from?


Who was the Pope who wrote the first recipe for a Christmas dessert?

Innocent VIII.

What is the meaning of the dessert name “Pandoro”?

“Pan de Oro” or Gold bread (Italy).

What does the shape of the dessert “Colomba Pasquale” symbolize?

A dove of peace.

Where does the Shortbread originate from?


What spice can appear in the Eggnog?


What famous beverage brand perpetuated the image of the current Santa Claus?


What is the most traditional Polish Christmas dish?

Barszcz czerwony (Borscht).

What is the most traditional Mexican Christmas dish?


What is the most traditional Argentine Christmas dish?

The Vitel Toné.

With which sauce is Turkey accompanied?


What typical food is accompanied by the dressing sauce?

Brussel sprouts.

What color are traditional candy canes?

Red and white.

What shape do gingerbread cookies take?

Of little man.

What is the name of the dessert that has red berries, strawberries, and cherries?

Christmas Trifle.

What is the English dessert that is filled with homemade jam?

Jam Roly-Poly.

What is the best-known American Christmas dish?

Roast turkey.

To accompany the turkey, where is the bacon mixture, the aromatic herbs, the celery, and the onion?

Inside the turkey.

At what time was the Eggnog born?

In the Middle Ages.

What famous dessert has apples?

Apple pie.

What hot drink is accompanied by marshmallows?

Hot chocolate.

There is an apple drink that can be taken hot. Which?

The Cider.

What is the name of the sweet, similar to nougat?


What continent is the pumpkin from?


Christmas Traditions Trivia

The actual date of Jesus’ birth is December 25th. True or false?


What is the estimated month of Jesus’ birth?

April or May.

What is the date designated by the Catholic Church and the one we all commemorate?

December 25th.

Kissing under the mistletoe is a tradition that comes from the popular classes and expands to the upper classes, or vice versa?

From popular to high.

In northern Europe, there was the Tree of the Universe, called Yggdrasil. From there comes the tradition of the Christmas tree. True or false?


Where does the use of the colors red and green come from?

From the ancient Roman holidays of the winter solstice.

Where was the first Christmas tree put up?


Christmas is celebrated in December to overshadow the pagan holidays of the solstice. True or false?


Who was the one who started decorating the tree with Candy canes?

A Germanic immigrant in America.

In America, around 1.6 billion cards are sold each year. True or false?


The legend of which Germanic god connects with the mistletoe tradition?

God Baldur.

What is the most popular song sung at Christmas?

Silent Night.

Which queen began to popularize the Christmas tree tradition?

Queen Victoria.

Who was the bishop who deposited gold in the stockings of three poor sisters, for whom do we keep the tradition today?

St Nicholas.

Gingerbread cookies date from 2400 B.C. But which queen made them fashionable again today?

Elizabeth I.

On what surface do you go skating?

On the ice rinks.

What is the name of the game in which gifts are secretly exchanged?

Secret Santa.

What cookies are used to make grocery houses?

Ginger cookies.

Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and Dean Martin are renowned Christmas music singers. True or false?


What are the acronyms used to mention a gift made with your own hands?


What Christmas song was written in the wake of a Civil War?

Jingle bells.

Nordic mythology speaks of a goddess who promises to kiss anyone who passes under the mistletoe. How is the name of the goddess?


Who was the writer who came up with the character for “Rudolph the reindeer”?

Robert May.

Which renowned German is credited with placing the first candles on a Christmas tree?

Martin Luther.

In what decade of the 18th century was Christmas tree decoration popular in America?


What is the classic flower that we use in Christmas decorations?


Who was the Prime Minister of the United States in Mexico, who brought poinsettias to America in 1828?

Joel Poinsett.

During which war did a CONAD general pose as Santa Claus?

The Cold War.

Which Pope asked for a ceasefire on Christmas 1914 during the First World War?

Benedict XV.

According to Swedish tradition, who should wear a crown with candles on their heads?

The oldest daughter in the family.

In which country do you think that if you don’t eat well at Christmas, the demons will chase you at night?


What is the day called when employers send a box of food and gifts to their employees?

Boxing day.

What is the most traditional ballet performance we can see at Christmas?

The Nutcracker.

Who wrote the famous play “A Christmas Carol”?

Charles Dickens.

Which plant represents the crown of Christ and protects us from heathens and witches?


Who popularized the mangers?

Francis of Assisi.

Which country was the first to trade Christmas decorations?


What does the traditional red color of Christmas symbolize?

Blood of Christ.

What does the traditional green color of Christmas symbolize?

Eternal life.

What is the traditional color of Christmas besides red and green?

The Golden.

In which German cathedral was the first Christmas tree erected?

Strasbourg cathedral.

In what century was the first Christmas tree erected?


What religious symbol represents the shape of the Christmas pine?

The Holy Trinity.

What is the play commonly performed on city streets?

The living manger.

Christmas Fun Facts Trivia

Where was the largest gingerbread house in the world?

Texas (3mts)

How many people had the most numerous Christmas carol choir?

1,822 people

In Lebanon, there is the most extended tree built with plastic bottles. How many bottles were used?


What is the magic moment when the pure in heart can listen to animals?

Heiligabend (or Christmas Eve).

In Iceland, who are the 13 characters who visit misbehaving children?

The Yule Lads.

The first trees in history were made with feathers dyed green. What animal were the feathers?


What alphabet does the letter X come from in the word Xmas?

Greek alphabet.

Which singer set the record for the most listened to Christmas song with “All I want for Christmas is you”?

Mariah Carey.

What is the name of the dog of the Simpsons?

Santa’s Little helper.

Who wrote the Nutcracker music?

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky.

In Japan, it is customary to eat KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) for Christmas. But what do these acronyms symbolize at this time?

Kentucky For Christmas.

On Armenian Christmas Eve, do you eat light or big?


Where is the oldest Christmas tree in the world?


According to statistics, the majority of couples who separate, do it before or after Christmas?


How many miles is it calculated that Santa Claus must go to deliver all the gifts in the world?

650 miles per second.

If you meet this insect on the tree, you will have good luck. What insect is it?

The spider.

What is the Dutch version of Santa Claus called?


According to some authors, Rudolph’s red nose was due to what problem?

A parasitic infection.

What was the first Christmas spirit song to be broadcast from space?

“Jingle bells”.

What ecclesiastical office did Saint Nicholas have?


When Coke proposed to change the image of Santa Claus for its ads, who was responsible for drawing it?

Haddon Sundblom.

Saint Nicholas dropped some gold coins down the chimney of three girls. Where does the gold fall?

In the stockings that were hanging in the fireplace.

In the 17th century, Christmas was prohibited. Between what years was it prohibited?

1659 to 1681.

Who created the first American batch of Eggnog?

The Jamestown Settlers.

As a result of Christmas decorations, how many people have accidents each year?

Around 14,700.

Which country has a postal code to send letters to Santa?


How many fires are caused by the dryness of the Christmas trees?

Around 100 per year.

Postmen have less work at this time of year. True or false?


What percentage of people who celebrate Christmas go to church?


Mistletoe is considered an aphrodisiac. True or false?


Among the turkey and ham, which is the most chosen for Christmas dinner?

The ham.

How many lights is the Rockefeller Center tree estimated to have?

More than 25,000.

What did Washington Irving do in 1835?

Helped found the Saint Nicholas Society of the City of New York.

Since 1947, the people of Norway have given a fir tree every year to what another country?

Great Britain (London).

During World War II, and during the Christmas season, the United States handed out a deck of cards that contained something hidden. What did they hide inside the cards?

Escape route maps.

Can you name at least 2 states that grow Christmas trees?

California, Oregon, Michigan, Washington, Pennsylvania, North Carolina.

Why did the United States ban tinsel?

Because it contained lead.

Where was the tinsel invented?

In Germany.

In what year of the 17th century was the tinsel invented?


How many candy canes are made at Christmas time? Between 1 trillion and 2 trillion, or between 2 trillion and 3 trillion?

Between 1 billion and 2 billion.

For Christmas shopping, Visa cards are used more than 6,000 times per minute. True or false?


What is the oldest Christmas market in Europe?

Christkindlesmarkt in Nuremberg, Germany.

In which year did the Rubik Cube have the most sales?


According to statistics, Black Friday is the busiest day of the year for Christmas shopping. True or false?


What was the first US state to establish Christmas as a legal holiday?


What was the last US state to establish Christmas as a legal holiday?


What little characters date back to the “nature people” of the pagan religions?

The elves.

What is the name of the days between December 25 and January 5?

“Christmastide” or “Twelve Holy Days”.

What are the sweaters with Christmas motives called?

Ugly sweaters.

Easy Christmas Trivia Questions

What’s the name of the leading actor in “Home Alone”?

Macaulay Culkin.

What to do under a mistletoe?

Kiss each other.

Who is the Savior in “Silent night”?


What kind of calendar can you use to count the days left for Christmas?

Advent Calendar.

What are Santa’s helpers called?


What color is the Grinch?


What’s the dance performance of “Nutcracker” called?


Snowman’s nose is made of a particular material. Which?


How many ghosts are there in “A Christmas Carol”?


On what date do we celebrate Christmas?

December 25th.

What kind of nose do snowmen have?

A carrot.

How do you say Merry Christmas in Spanish?

Feliz Navidad

What is the name of the red-nosed reindeer?


What is the name of the main character of Home Alone?


In which hemisphere is Christmas celebrated during the summer?

Southern hemisphere.

Santa Claus always dressed in red and white?


Can you mention the name of two of Santa’s reindeer?

Cupid, Dancer, Vixen, Dunder, Comet, Dasher, Prancer, Blixem.

How can you abbreviate the word Christmas?


In which city is Kevin abandoned in Home Alone II?

New York.

At what time of day are the gifts open?

The morning after Christmas Eve.

Which Thomas Edison invention contributed to Christmas decorations?

The first electric light Christmas display.

Hard Christmas Trivia

C.S.Lewis is recognized by the phrase “Always winter but never Christmas”. What is the name of the novel that contains it?

“The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe”.

T.S. Eliot wrote a poem that names Christmas trees. What is the poem called?

“The Cultivation of Christmas Trees”.

What’s the song Peter Auty sings in “Snowman” called?

“Walking in the air”.

In which country was the tallest tree known so far erected?


What is the name of the first ghost that visits Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol”?

Jacob Marley.

Dr. Seuss is the author of “How the Grinch stole the Christmas”. What real people did he draw his stories from?


Which famous store commissioned Robert May to write Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer?

Montgomery Ward.

In which country is Donald Duck considered a symbol of Christmas?


In which country do they burn the devil every December 7?


In Poland, before sitting down to eat Christmas dinner, they must wait for the departure of what?

The first star.

Who are Sausage-Swiper, Stubby, Window-Peeper, and Door-Sniffer?

They are some of Iceland’s 13 Yule Lad.

Which island celebrates the Christmas season since September?

The Philippines.

According to tradition, who gives the gifts to the children of Greece?

Saint Basil.

Who are the authors of “Silent Night”?

Joseph Mohr and Franz Xaver.

In which country is it customary to bake “vasilopita”?


Why does the public story suppose that there were three Wise Men?

For the amount of gifts Jesus received.

In what year did Robert May write “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”?


Why are candles placed in the window of the houses?

To indicate that those who live there are christians.

How many meters did the tallest artificial tree known so far measure?

55 meters.

Who were the composers of “Silver Bells”?

Jay Livingston and Ray Evans.

The song “Do you hear what I hear?” was composed during what central American crisis?

The Cuban missile crisis.

Who wrote “Drummer Boy”?

Katherine Kennicott Davis.

What Christmas Carol was sing during the World War I Christmas truce?

“Silent Night”.

During which regimen of the 20th century was Santa replaced by Odin?

Nazi regimen.

Who started the tradition of Christmas cards?

Sir Henry Cole.

What was the decade chosen by Coke to start advertising its brand with Santa Claus?


Which poem was called “A Visit from St. Nicholas” in its beginning?

“Twas the Night Before Christmas”.

In which magazine was the image of the Santa we know today published for the first time?

Harper’s Weekly.

What was the name of the cartoonist who defined the image we know today of Santa Claus?

Thomas Nast.

What was the first Christmas movie ever?

Santa Claus (1898), the first Christmas movie”

What are the names of the 9 Santa Claus reindeer?

Rudolph, Donner Blitzen, Vixen, Cupid, Comet, Dasher, Dancer, and Prancer.

In what year did the tradition of Christmas cards begin?


What is one of the last best-known cities in the world to receive Christmas?


What was the name of the pagan Roman holidays that were celebrated in December before Christmas was imposed?


In which country is Rudolph the reindeer awarded a carrot?


What colors are the 4 candles in the Advent wreath?

3 of Purple and 1 of Pink.

In what year did the Saturnalias begin?

Around 217 B.C.

What was the first city to implement urban decoration?


What party was celebrated in Scandinavia during the winter solstice before Christmas took over?


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