Difference Between Pentecostal and Catholic

Pentecostal is a recently emerged Christian event that conveys the importance of God through baptism with the holy spirit.

Having said that, Pentecostal believers claim that speaking in tongues, prophecy, and healing are the gifts to directly experience God.

Albeit, Catholic is profundity knowledge on the universal faith of humanity concept. The other way out, both of them are the jubilant philosophy of the Christian community.

Pentecostal vs Catholic

The main difference between the Pentecostal and the Catholic is that the Pentecostal believes in holy books like the Bible. In contrast to that, the Catholic accosts holy legends such as sacred scriptures, pope, and bishops.

Pentecostal vs Catholic

Undoubtedly, the Pentecostals are scrupulous about their beliefs on experience rather than through rituals or thinking. With this in mind, Pentecostal is being covered in the Book of Acts of the Apostles, Chapter two in the Bible.

On the other hand, Catholics are nothing but the believers of the Western Church activities. They consider the Bishops as the highest arbiter of the community. As mentioned above, Catholics avow the universal truth of God or their sacred home, the Church.

Comparison Table Between Pentecostal and Catholic

Parameters of ComparisonPentecostalCatholic
MeaningPentecostalism is a community, who communicate directly to the Lord through Baptism with the Holy Spirit. They are purely devoted to God, believing in the presence of God personally and gifted to speak in Tongues. Catholic is a community, believes in the practice of the Western Church. Catholic is another group of baptized Christian ultimately believing Jesus as their sole reason for existence. They consider bishops as the highest officials within the Christian religion, a prominent role to Priests and Deacons.
When it startedIt is assumed that the practice of Pentecostal began in 1901, where a school student (Agnes Ozman) starts to speak in tongues that too in Chinese, where she is an English woman- believing speaking in tongue is a divine gift sign of Baptism in the spirit given from Lord Jesus. According to the Catholic community, Catholicism was founded by Jesus Christ in the 1st Century Holy Land, Roman Empire and assumed to be nearly 2000 years passed after the formation of the Catholic.
Groups Pentecostal formed like a movement among indigent people in the USA and Texas, engendering a spiritual revival in late 1905. More than 700+ Pentecostal churches are established all over the world. Still, some groups like Evangelical renounce the creeds of Pentecostal.Catholic is the oldest and widespread religion all over the world. Catholic became the largest following within the Christian religions, which consist of Roman and Greek.
Beliefs Pentecostal believes that speaking in tongues are divine gifts from God as a sign of baptism in the holy spirit. They don’t have any intermediate connection with the Lord, as they are directly involved with God. Catholic believe Jesus Christ as the son of God, who came to cure the human’s sin. Bishops, priests, and Deacons follow God’s instruction in the bible and play intermediate between God and humanity.
GrowthPentecostal communities accreted widespread across the world. Establishing Churches with 280 million fellowships, gaining a Pentecostal denomination worldwide in various countries. Catholic is a growing community in the Christian Religions and estimated to be around 17.5 per cent of the world population. Catholic expected to be 1.63 billion by 2050.
FollowsMany rituals they follow in order to give their respect to God. Such as Water baptism, salvation, Foot washing is considered as an Ordinance of Humility. Prayer clothes that are soaked in water that helps in healing a wound. Precarious activities also conducted in Olden Days like drinking snake poisons to mitigate the pain.They don’t engage in sexual activities and devote themselves as Saints to the God Jesus Christ. They also follow seven Sacraments – Baptism, reconciliation, marriage, last days, confirmation and Eucharist. 

What is Pentecostal?

The Pentecostalism practice began during the late 19th and early 20th century by emphasizing baptism in the holy spirit.

Initially, it was about studying the Bible by speaking in tongues and eventually believed this as the evidence for the baptism in the holy spirit.

As of now, Pentecostals are credited to be the fastest-growing major religious movement. Pentecostal believes in the manifestations of the Holy Spirit.

It includes the message of wisdom, knowledge, faith, powers, and tongues conscience.

The community started its belief on January 1st, 1901, at Bethel Bible School, followed by baptism in the holy spirit, speaking in tongues, conversion, and sanctification.

In the light of rising racial and gender congregation, Pentecostal is famously known as Charismatic community.

As per the pentecostalism teachings, proscription from dancing, alcohol, drugs, and restrictions on ignoble dresses and appearance.

They fully embrace themselves in the Bible and activities to reach salvation through faith in Jesus.

Additionally, claims that Jesus will be rejuvenating sooner or later. They pray aloud for needs, healing, blessings, and gratitude.

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What is Catholic?

Catholics manifest the idea of the universal faith of humanity through the Church’s authorities.

Meanwhile, Catholic Church is the oldest institution in the world, which is almost 2000 years old.

There are over millions of Catholics around the world, specifically populated in the US, Philippines, and countries of central and South America. They promulgate the concepts of faith in Jesus Christ and papacy.

As asserted earlier, Catholics give more importance to popes and Bishops and consider them as the successor of the community.

Nevertheless, they believe that Jesus Christ, the son of God, created men to redeem humanity’s sins through Jesus’s death and resurrection.

Catholics consider popes as their top priority, followed by cardinals, archbishops, bishops, priests, and so on.

Furthermore, their teachings are preferably based on the scriptures and Church’s own rituals, not from outside sources. By all means, Catholics use the cross, kneeling, and bowing as their essential gestures to glorify Jesus Christ.

Unlike Pentecostals, Catholics don’t worship any idols for salvation.

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Main Differences Between Pentecostal and Catholic

  1. Pentecostal speaking in tongues considers a divine gift from God Jesus, whereas Catholic believes in the Bible’s instruction as principles of living.
  2. Pentecostal are strict in following the rituals, where they visit Church every day- reciting Bible verse regularly. Catholic visit church often only in any circumstance of getting married or seeking to apologize from God for their sins. 
  3. Pentecostal practice many activities such as water baptism, foot washing, drinking poisons and healing wounds, Albeit Catholic pursue the highest official to practice such activities.
  4. Catholic is assumed to be the first and oldest community created by God Jesus Christ, whereas Pentecostal formed in 1907 Agnes Ozman, a student at Charles F. Parham’s Bethel Bible School.
  5. Catholic has a strict hierarchy- Bishops, Priests and Deacons where they act as an intermediate between Human and Gods. But in Pentecostal- people speak in tongues in a direct conversation with God
Difference Between Pentecostal and Catholic


Catholic is an international community which can be seen all over the world with 17.5 percent of the world population, whereas Pentecostal was followed in many countries with 280 million overall population.

Pentecostal are not a lax community, who follow the practice and beliefs with utmost care as they represent God directly.

Catholics speak to higher officials in case they want to process something or to communicate God.References

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