Baptist vs Pentecostal: Difference and Comparison

Religion is a belief in nature or god; it is a socio-cultural practice which maintains a person’s views, deeds, behaviour, spirituality, morality, etc. Several religions are practised in the whole world.

Every religion has its values, ways, rituals, views, etc. The ultimate goal of every religion is to make the soul pure so it can enter heaven.

Likewise, Christianity is based on the teaching and values of Jesus Christ, and adherents of Christianity are known as Christians. The holy book of Christianity is the “bible”.

This holy book mentions all the teaching, life lessons, and life events of Jesus Christ. In Christianity, there are mainly five divisions: The church of the east, oriental orthodoxy, eastern orthodoxy, Roman Catholicism, and Protestantism.

Within all these five different groups, there are further distinctive features of small groups. Every group has different types of believers with different approaches towards divinity.

Key Takeaways

  1. Baptists are a Protestant Christian denomination emphasizing the importance of adult baptism by immersion and the autonomy of individual congregations.
  2. Pentecostals are a Christian denomination that emphasizes the direct experience of the Holy Spirit, manifesting through speaking in tongues, prophecy, and divine healing.
  3. Baptists and Pentecostals are Protestant Christian denominations, but Baptists focus on adult baptism and congregational autonomy, while Pentecostals emphasize the experience of the Holy Spirit.

Baptist vs Pentecostal

The difference between Baptists and Pentecostals is their different approach towards divinity. Baptists and Pentecostals are different groups within Protestantism.

Baptist vs Pentecostal

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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonBaptistPentecostal
PrayersSings hymns and prays quietly.Sings hymns and prays loudly.
Believe in languageDoes not believe in language.Believes in language.
Connection with godActs as an intermediary religious authority between a person and god.Believes in the directness of person and god.
Views for womenDoes not allow women to become pastors.Allows women to become pastors.
Views on life.Believes that once saved is saved forever.Believes one should have a sinless life even after being saved once.


What is Baptist?

Baptist is a member of a protestant Christian group who shares the basic beliefs of all protestants but who insists that immersion is the only way to get baptized and not by sprinkling or pouring water. Baptist believes the better way of praying is to sing hymns and pray quietly.

They also do not believe speaking in tongues is part of Christian mythology. Baptism does not allow women to become pastors.

They also restrict women from being loud, and women should dress up modestly. According to baptist, their major distinctive beliefs are:-

  1. Supremacy of “bible” in all matters of faith and practices.
  2. Immersion is the purest form of rites.
  3. There is a strict belief that the church should be composed of core believers of christ.
  4. Independence of the church, there should not be an authority above the church hob can interfere in the working of the church.
  5. Equality of all Christians on the premises of the church.

Baptist believes faith has been saved forever once someone receives Jesus Christ as saviour. If someone is praying, they are saved by Jesus Christ until their death.

According to the baptist, the only access to God is through religious authority. As per the bible, there is no evidence of two classes.

The founder of baptism was a British pastor John Smyth. Baptism also believes in “credobaptism”, according to which adults can only perform the baptism. 

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What is Pentecostal?

Members of the pentecostal movement are Pentecostals. It is named after the Jewish festival of the feast “Pentecost”, which happened fifty days after the death of Jesus Christ entering heaven.

It is believed that followers of the pentecostal movement are waiting for the resurrection of Jesus. The pentecostal movement got its grip in the early 1900s. 

Their beliefs are quite different from that of baptist views; they have more faith in spirit and holy baptism spirit. According to Pentecostals, women should not wear jewellery and makeup.

They are also against watching television and listening to music. They let women become pastors.

Pentecostals sing hymns and pray loudly; they also believe in spirit language. Disciples have direct access to god.

Pentecostal belief is that a person can lose salvation if faith is not kept consistently. They believe a person should have a sinless life even after being saved once.

Pentecostal beliefs in practical experience in life rather than theology. Their theology is based on the bible, considered the ‘words of God’.

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Main Differences Between Baptist and Pentecostal

  1. Pentecostals believe in language; however, baptists do not believe in the tongue.
  2. Baptist sings hymns and prays quietly. On the other hand, Pentecostals sing and pray loudly.
  3. Baptists do not allow women to become pastors, while Pentecostals let women be pastors.
  4. Baptists believe that once a person is saved, they are saved for their whole life. On the contrary, Pentecostals believe that a person should have a sinless life even after being rescued.
  5. According to baptists, access to god is possible through religious authority, while Pentecostals believe there is a direct connection between disciples and god.
Difference Between Baptist and Pentecostal


Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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