Difference Between Dumplings and Wontons

Chinese food and cuisine are among the most irresistible food items globally. Their delicious food has taken over the world and becomes very popular.


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The two most famous food items are dumplings and wontons. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Dumplings are a broad category of cooked dough dishes that can be filled or unfilled in various culinary traditions worldwide.
  2. Wontons are a specific type of Chinese dumpling made with thin, delicate wrappers and usually filled with minced meat or seafood.
  3. Wontons are a type of dumpling, but dumplings encompass a wide variety of dough-based dishes from different cultures, whereas wontons specifically refer to a Chinese variety.

Dumplings vs Wontons

Dumplings are made from a thin sheet of dough filled with meat, vegetables, or a combination of both and can be boiled, steamed, or fried. Wontons are Chinese dumplings made by filling a small square of dough with ground meat and spices, folding it into a triangle or rectangle shape, and pinching the edges together.

Dumplings vs Wontons

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On the one hand, Dumplings consist of a wide range of food made up of small dough balls with some fillings in it or not.

On the other hand, one form of dumpling is Wontons which are usually filled thinner and have more seasoned filling or ingredients than a generic dumpling.


Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonDumplingsWontons
WrapperThe wrapper of dumplings is thickerThe wrapper of wontons is thinner than dumplings
TypesThere are many different types of dumplings in Chinese cuisine.Wonton is one type of dumpling in Chinese cuisine.
fillingMost dumplings across the world can be eaten with or without a filling.Wontons are always filled with meats, pork or vegetables
Dipping sauceDumplings go with a dipping sauce; their filling is generally lightly seasoned.Wontons usually don’t go with a dipping sauce as their filling is usually completely seasoned.
ShapeThe dumpling mostly comes in a round shapeWonton will take on a triangular shape, rectangle and even square


What is Dumplings?

One of the most popular food items is dumplings, usually made up of dough (wheat flour, potato flour, etc.) by hand. They can be steamed, baked, fried, boiled or any method where they can be mixed.

The first ever dumpling came around 1800 years ago in China by a healer named Zhang. He made them with the help of dough balls along with lamb, chilli and herbs as fillings.

He gave these dumplings to the people who were sick, and they healed quickly. Therefore, it was used as a medicinal meal.

In today’s time, dumplings are usually made and eaten during the new year as a representation of happiness in the family.

Though different countries have their preferences, they are usually round and have fillings like meat or vegetables. In most cases, dumplings are usually very light in taste but can also be eaten with soups, sauces and gravies. 

Around the world, Dumplings are found in various cuisines. Alterations in terms of filling ingredients or dough are made by People across the globe depending on their liking and preference. 

Confusion among dumplings occurs due to differences in wrappers and how the wrapping is done. But no matter what, food items with different names from different countries belong; the general name dumpling is the main base.

Around the world, dumplings come in many dishes, such as ravioli, baked dumplings, gyoza, samosa, Jiao Zi and many more. 


What is Wontons?

In Chinese cuisine, different types of dumplings are present, and one of them is wonton or wonton. In Northern China, Wonton is a traditional meal initially referred to as the meat bun.

There are various stories behind the origin of Wonton in China. Some call it a sealed meat bun with no holes, especially in northern China, whereas Another name they gave to it was humid due to the story of two leaders, Hun and dun.

It is usually made with wheat flour dough, eggs, salt and water and contains meat or pork cut into smaller pieces. Seafood like shrimp is also used sometimes as filling. 

The wrapper is excellent and smooth across one’s palm. The fresh filling is placed inside, and the shape is given to this dumpling- wonton.

Across the globe, they do not go with a dipping sauce in various cuisines as their filling is usually completely seasoned. But when wontons are served boiled, they are usually served with soups.

Wontons can be deep-fried, boiled and steamed. 

In most cuisines across the globe, Wontons usually come triangular. But it can take any shape, such as triangular, rectangle or even square, depending on the person making these dough balls.


Main Differences Between Dumplings and Wontons

  1. In terms of wrappers, dumplings are way thicker than Wonton.
  2. There are many different types of dumplings in Chinese cuisine, whereas wonton is one type of dumpling in Chinese cuisine.
  3. Most dumplings worldwide can be eaten with or without a filling, whereas Wontons are usually filled with meats, pork or vegetables.
  4. Dumplings go with a dipping sauce as their filling is generally lightly seasoned, whereas wontons usually don’t go with a dipping sauce as their filling is usually wholly seasoned.
  5. The dumpling mostly comes round, whereas wonton will take on a triangular shape, rectangle and even square.
Difference Between Dumplings and Wontons
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