Difference Between Pets and Domestic Animals

This mankind is incomplete without animals. There remains a void that could be only filled by pets and other animals. They not only elevate the mood but also generate money. However, there are slight differences if we consider some animals.


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Thus we classify it in two areas: pets and domestic animals.

Key Takeaways

  1. Pets refer to animals kept primarily for companionship, such as dogs, cats, or birds, whereas domestic animals are raised for economic or agricultural purposes.
  2. Pets are usually kept indoors or close to humans, whereas domestic animals may be kept in outdoor enclosures or on farms.
  3. Domestic animals, such as cows or pigs, are often raised for meat or dairy production, whereas pets are not typically used for food production.

Pets vs Domestic Animals

The difference between pets and domestic animals is that pets are kept, either adopted or bought, to enjoy the company and spend some quality time while domestic animals are majorly kept for economic and financial purposes. Pets are adored more than domestic animals since they play a different purpose.

Pets vs Domestic Animals

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The pets are those type of animals which are owned or adopted to make a good vibe in the home. They dwell all across the hallway and make a good partner with their owners and family members. They create a great relationship with the family members.

The domestic animals are owned to get economic and financial support. They are not dwelling creatures in the house. Instead, they spend most of their time outside the home. They don’t make a good partner with the owner since the purpose is different with domestic animals.

Chickens, Cow, Bull, sheep are a few examples of domestic animals.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonPetsDomestic Animals
DefinitionPets are generally kept to make a cool aura across the place.Domestic animals have nothing to do with aura. They’re owned and bought for financial purposes.
MobilityPets are free to move to and fro in the home.Domestic animals aren’t free. Instead, they spend most of their time outside the house.
Disease relatedPets generally spread any disease faster because they’re mobile.Domestic animals spread disease at a low rate to owner and family since they’re either tied or caged.
RelationshipPets have a high degree of intimate relationship with owners.Since they are kept for a purpose, so they have a slight weak relationship.
ExamplesSome examples of pets are dog, cat, fish, birds, rabbits, etc.Examples of domestic animals are a cow, bull, chicken, sheep, etc.

What are Pets?

Generally, we often feel lonely or sad. Sometimes we feel weak and want someone who can cheer us up. In this case, pets act as the best partners to make an optimistic environment. Pets generally are creatures which are owned or adopted for supporting purpose.

It could be a bird, a fish, a dog, or even a cat. They create an emotion with the members of the family. There is a wide variety of pets ranging from small to giants too. If we consider dogs, then we have German shepherd, Pitbulls, ancestral dogs like wolves, Huskies, and many more.

Also, some pets are owned for protection purposes as well. Since they are a threat to the strangers in some way, they are attached by a leash around their neck. However, most of the pets are lovely by nature and trained as well.

Pets play a vital role in a family, from companionship to emotional cheering. They not only help you to smile but also plays with you most of the time. These are loyal towards their owners and protect their people as well.

If they’re sick, the family members become vulnerable to catch the diseases on the other hand too. So pets must get vaccinated and get regular check-ups by veterinary doctors. However, these generally contribute to support on the economic and financial front.


What are Domestic Animals?

Domestic animals don’t stay inside homes. Rather they have their own separate space. Like a cow or a bull, they’re tied to the ground. The chickens are stored inside cages houses. The sheep are maintained inside the fences.

They have been a great source of income for the past many decades. In ancient times when there were no means of transport, people used horses, elephants to mobilize. Livestock is also a great investment in today’s era. Also, they provide products for selling and generating money.

Some products like meat, milk, cotton, eggs, or dairy products come from domestic animals. However, they are supposed to be maintained and kept at a hygienic place to prevent diseases like bird flu which could eliminate whole species.

They are usually wild that needs to be under the control of the owner to extract the revenue. If we talk about cows, they can be fierce when their babies are tied and maintained. This occurs when you don’t have a healthy relationship with the mother.

Otherwise, if they’re looked after properly, they won hesitate or become anxious.

domestic animals

Main Differences Between Pets and Domestic Animals

  1. Pets are usually kept inside the house unless they are giants while the domestic animals are tied outside the homes or given a separate space to sleep and eat.
  2. Pets don’t contribute towards the revenue generation since they don’t encompass any qualities, while domestic animals are owned for this very purpose.
  3. The reason behind owning a pet is company. They are adopted or bought to bring happiness while the owning of domestic animals are just for economical purpose.
  4. Pets include dogs, kittens, and cats, while cows, bulls, while chicken, and sheep are domestic animals.
  5. Pets are allowed to move around the house and can sleep or play on the premises, but domestic animals are not allowed any of them.
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