Significance of Christmas

Why we are celebrating Christmas?  We should have thought this question thousands of times in our minds by ourselves. The answer to this question differs and it is being with us everyone in our own aspects.

Christmas celebrations to remember the birth the Jesus, Son of God is the story that we all would agree. But when digging deep into the case and meditating it, we should be able to understand the true significance of the celebration of Christmas.

The true meaning behind the celebration of Christmas is exchanging the true, unconditional, irrepressible, self-denying love among our loved ones.

This makes Jesus come again into our lives, heart, and soul.


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The tradition of conducting prayer meetings, family parties on the Christmas occasion comes to exist because the world when becomes more civilized becomes isolated even when many come together.

Christ was born in such conditions where qualities of negative consequences like anger, greed, jealousy, self-pride, sins, and other qualities of devil raise their heads in the society, which need a savior to release the people from their clutches.

Christ born as a man, who lived like a man in all aspects but not the sins, he showed the people the way, the path, and taught us how to reach the divine destination and the goal of human life.

He even sacrificed his own precious life through intense sufferings, humility and finally been assassinated by us and by our own sins. This legacy reminds us of the destination of our life which is to be reached by all of us one day.

This journey is started and been planned by the almighty God.

“A Journey of thousand miles begins with a single step”, and the first step for that ultimate journey was placed on the day of Christmas and that day is bringing us back to the right track whenever we lose our way.

This is the true significance of the Christmas celebration that we all must meditate on the auspicious day.

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