Difference Between Lenovo Yoga and Surface Pro

The Lenovo Yoga versus Surface Pro differs from the other 2-in-1 versions. It’s difficult to compare Yoga to Surface Pro. For starters, both businesses have always stood apart from the pack. Furthermore, Lenovo has always been at the forefront of current technology, whether in computers or mobile devices.


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Lenovo Yoga vs Surface Pro

The differences between Surface Pro and Lenovo Yoga are that there are several significant distinctions between the two. First and foremost, I note how creatively focused the Surface Pro is. It is primarily targeted toward developers who enjoy running large and power-hungry apps on their laptops. On the other hand, Yoga is the more fashionable of the two, with a thinner form and a flexible notebook display for on-the-go use.

Lenovo Yoga vs Surface Pro 1

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Lenovo Yoga is the pinnacle of contemporary design. The dual purpose of the laptop is the defining aspect here. You may use it like a standard laptop while it’s on your lap. However, for portability, the laptop may be converted into a tablet. In addition, the shape is squarer than rounded.

Surface Pro is a notebook designed for regular digital artists. It has a well-known Kickstand design that allows it to be propped up on the table, making it suitable for long-term use in the office or studio. Furthermore, this Kickstand has another purpose: it allows you to adjust the angle of the screen, which is useful when you have to spend hours with your neck bent.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonLenovo YogaSurface Pro
ProcessorIntel Core i7 or i9Intel Core i7 10th Generation
Ram & Storage16GB DDR4 2TB SSDUp 32 GB LPDDR4 1TB SSD
GraphicsNVIDIA GTX 1650Integrated Intel Iris Plus
Weight/Battery2kg/up to 19 hours775g/up to 10 hours
PriceStarts from $1199 to $1450Around $1100

What is Surface Pro?

Because every Microsoft Surface Pro model is powered by an Intel processor, dependability is never far away. Furthermore, this laptop offers exceptional multitasking capabilities and is ideal for individuals with a congested workplace. It runs all of your basics in the background, so you never have to dismiss a tab to increase performance. When it comes to performance, the super-fast network abilities will astound you.

Other laptops suffer from network slowness, but not the Microsoft Surface Pro. Wi-Fi functionality has been improved to minimize lags and delays to an absolute minimum. And we’re not even at the greatest part yet. This laptop can run for up to 10.5 hours on a single charge. As a result, it truly is one of the most portable laptops, particularly for relentless artists who want a dependable power supply for their creative tasks.

The Surface Pro series features significantly smaller displays, with 10.6′′, 12.0′′, and 12.3′′ options. The display does not appear to grow in size with each consecutive version. However, one technique is of particular significance here: ClearType. It’s a font rendering style that performs ideally on LCD flat panels. Regrettably, it is only available on the Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2, and Surface Pro X.

surface pro

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What is Lenovo Yoga?

Lenovo Yoga is the pinnacle of contemporary design. The dual purpose of the laptop is the defining aspect here. You may use it as a standard laptop while it’s on your lap. However, for portability, the laptop may be converted into a tablet. A dependable laptop must have high performance. With 16GB of RAM in each model, you can be sure that this laptop will not slow you down. It is intended for fast-paced folks who never stop working.

 To be more exact, it has greater and quicker processing capacity than the majority of competitors in the same category. The best aspect is that many of these devices come pre-installed with SSDs. As a result, they are speedier than their predecessors and any other laptop with an HDD. The Lenovo Yoga is a laptop designed for the present day. It is on par with the latest technical needs.

Most versions use Intel Core i7 CPUs, which are among the fastest available today. One of the variants even has an i9 CPU, implying even greater computing capability. Of course, there is one outlier here, and that is the Yoga 6. It is powered by an AMD Ryzen 7 4700U Mobile CPU. The CPU is the ideal option when the laptop must be made as thin as possible without sacrificing performance. And it’s just as dependable as its Intel cousin.

lenovo yoga

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Main Differences Between Lenovo Yoga and Surface Pro

  1. Lenovo Yoga comes with Intel Core i7, i9 and AMD Ryzen processors, while Surface comes with Intel Core i3, i5, i7, m3, Microsoft SQ1 and SQ2 processors
  2. Memory on Lenovo goes up to 16GB, while on Surface Pro it can go up to 32GB
  3. Screen sizes on Lenovo Yoga are 13.3, 14, 15.6, while Surface Pro has 4 options, which are 10.6, 12, 12.3, 13.0
  4. Lenovo webcam has resolution of 1080p, while Surface has Full HD webcam
  5. Lenovo price is around $1450, while Surface is a bit cheaper, with around $1100
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