Difference Between Dell Tablet and Surface Pro

As technology has been revolting its path every day, therefore one can choose various products according to their work or convince. Dell Tablet and Surface Pro are neck-to-neck competitive products in the market.


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Even though they are almost the same there are some minor differences between them. One can choose such products for gaming, writing, creating something, etc.

Dell Tablet vs Surface Pro

The difference between Dell Tablet and Surface Pro is its flexibility. The Dell Tablets are a bit tough for flexibility purposes as it comes in a clamshell design. And on the other hand, the flexibility of the Surface Pro is quite commendable.

Dell Tablet vs Surface Pro

Dell Tablet is a product of Dell. It is a tablet where we can do any sort of activities accordingly. It has been noticed that it is quite heavier and has an of 2.8 kg.

But, we can easily carry it in different places in our hands, bags, handbags, etc.

On the other hand, Surface Pro is also a tablet but it has been introduced by Microsoft. We all know about the Microsoft Corporation. Surface Pro is comparatively light in weight and its average weight is around 1.98 kg.

This tablet can also be easily portable.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDell TabletSurface Pro
ProcessorDell Tablet has a better processor as it comes with the more advanced 11th generation processor. The Surface Pro comes with the 10th Generation Intel CPUs.
DisplayDell Tablet provides only a 4K display option. About 120 Hz display is provided to the users of the Surface Pro.
FlexibilityThe Dell Tablet is not that flexible. Surface Pro can easily be adjusted as it is flexible.
BatteryThe longevity of the batteries of the Dell Tablet is not that long-lasting. The Surface Pro has better battery durability.
PreferencePeople often prefer Dell Tablet over Surface Pro for many reasons. The Surface Pro is comparatively the least favorite for many people.

What is Dell Tablet?

Dell Tablet is a normal tablet that has been launched by non-other than Dell Technologies. It is gotten some amazing features that are always loved by its users.

It comes in a clamshell-like structure and hence this structure sometimes makes it difficult to use as it borders the flexibility of the Dell Tablet. Also, it initially comes with a type cover where you can type, and therefore, it saves money as you do not require to buy any extra type cover.

As per its features and all it is highly preferred by its users.

Dell Tablets are available in different models, generations, etc. One can choose any of these models as per their needs.

They are also available in beautiful colors. It even gives the opportunity of extending the existing memory as it comes with SSD.

The RAM and memory capacity is also very good. The processor of this tablet is the 11th generation processor and as we know it is quite advanced.

The average weight of the Dell Tablet is about 2.8kg. Therefore, the users can port it from one place to the other.

The dimensions for it are 0.58 x 11.64 x 7.8 inches. The display is 4K. Overall, it is must recommended product in the market as it offers the same features as the other tablets at higher rates.

What is Surface Pro?

Microsoft Corporation has created several products for the market and here Surface Pro is one such product that has also been launched by Microsoft. Microsoft is a much-trusted brand as they provide good quality devices, software, hardware, etc.

Initially, they were only concentrated in the software or hardware but lately, they have been expiring their hands in the various devices as well. Surface Pro is designed in such a way that its battery lasts for a good period which counts about 16 hours.

Surface Pro is easy to use and is very very flexible. The only exception or problem that comes along with it is the absence of type cover.

Therefore, the customers need to give extra money for the type cover, which we can say is an extra expense. It comes with the dimensions 11.3 x 8.2 x 0.37 inches. And, it weighs around 1.96 kg.

It has good RAM and storage capacity and that can be further extended as well. It only supports the 10th Generation Intel CPUs.

The tablet does a commendable job but according to the sources it is least preferred because of its pricing. But, as a whole, it does great work.

If you want to invest in a good tablet then you must try the Surface Pro by Microsoft.

Main Differences Between Dell Tablet and Surface Pro

  1. The 11th Generation processor has been included in the Dell Tablet while on the other hand, Surface Pro is availed with the 10th Generation Intel CPUs.
  2. The display that comes along with the Dell Tablet is only 4K while on the other hand, Surface Pro has a better display of 120Hz.
  3. Sometimes it is quite difficult to move the Dell Tablet while on the other hand, Surface Pro has to be adjusted anyhow.
  4. Dell Tablet has lesser battery durability while on the other hand, we can use the Surface Pro for a longer period.
  5. Dell Tablet meets the requirements for many hence, it is more preferred while on the other hand, Surface Pro is not that preferred.


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