Difference Between Rolex and Cartier

Rolex and Cartier is always a dream watch for everyone because of their chic look. It has been in the category of high-end products.


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Since they are luxurious brands it is very difficult to differentiate between them. But, here we will discuss even the slightest differences between both the brands in detail.

Rolex vs Cartier

The difference between Rolex and Cartier is its resale value. It has often been noted that Rolex is offered better resale value. That means Rolex watches have better advantages. And on the other hand, Cartier watches can be resealed but the owners are not able to receive the value as good as Rolex.

Rolex vs Cartier

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Rolex is a Britain based brand that manufacturers luxurious products like cases, dials, own gold, watches, etc. Rolex is more for a Practical kind of watch that has the capability of adjusting itself into the environment.

It can be styled with both casual as well as formal wear.

On the other hand, Cartier is also a high-end brand that produces products like watches and jewelry for styling. It is a French company.

The designer of Cartier watches are more stylish and therefore widely used a dresser.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonRolexCartier
Owner The owner of Rolex was Mr. Hans Wilsdorf. Cartier is currently owned by the Richemont Group.
Accuracy Rolex watches have better accuracy as they have to pass through many tests. The same kind of accuracy can not be expected by the Cartier.
Resale ValueThe Rolex products get higher resale value. The resale value for Cartier is not that great.
MaterialsRolex uses a stell named Oysterstell to maintain its long-lasting visibility, 18 K gold, diamonds, etc. High-quality stainless steel, 18K Gold, etc are used to manufacture Cartier watches.
Brand RecognizationRolex has worldwide brand Recognization.One can not recognize a Cartier watch that easily.

What is Rolex?

Rolex is a British brand and it started its journey itself in Britain and later its headquarters shifted to Geneva, Switzerland. And since the shift, the headquarters is intact there itself. Mr. Hans Wilsdorf is the owner and co-founder of Rolex.

he together with Alfred Davis took the opportunity to establish such a brand and now it is one of the leading watch-making brands all over the world. Rolex has mainly focused on making watches and jewelry.

But, their most popularly recommended products are their watches which are undoubtedly the best in the market.

Rolex is toward the high-end watch category and therefore it gives us the rich and luxurious feeling. The person can select any of the designs of it and according to the preferable material of their own.

Generally, they use special steel which is known to be Oysterstell, and hence it gives it the durability to shine, and the watches are also available in gold, platinum, and in some watches, even diamonds can be found.

It has said Rolex watches are availed in better accuracy as before presenting them to the market the watches are put on some tests. And later when they succeed they are forwarded to the market. Hence, this makes the resale value higher.

A few popular collections by Rolex are Rolex Sea-Dweller Two Stoned, Rolex Daytona Cosmograph, etc. Also, Rolex has some limited watch selection availability only.

What is Cartier?

We all are aware of the luxurious brand Cartier. It manufacturers watches, cases, belts, etc. But, their watches are the highest selling products.

The Cartier watches are quite stylish as they are being designed by their designers. Since it has more of a styling look, therefore, it is mainly chosen as the styling statement.

Cartier as a brand came from the beautiful country of France. As we all know French people are stylish and very particular about the design, therefore the Cartier watches truly resemble their origin.

It is an old brand which was founded in the year 1847, by Louis Francois Cartier. And after the founder’s name, the brand name has been chosen.

Cartier watches have various shapes, sizes, materials, designs, color selection, etc. And since it has much design it can not be easily recognized.

They do not have their specific versatility.

Cartier Tank Solo, Cartier Roadster, Cartier Santed, etc are widely known collections of the brand. They use high-quality stainless still which can not easily be degraded, the watches are also available in gold, platinum, etc.

The only problem with Cartier watches is that their resale values are very low and this makes it a bit unwanted decision of purchasing the watch.

Main Differences Between Rolex and Cartier

  1. Rolex is under the man who is also the co-founder of Rolex named Hans Wilsdorf while on the other hand, the Richemont Group is the current owner of Cartier.
  2. Rolex watches are quite accurate as they are highly strong while on the other hand, Cartier does not possess that accuracy.
  3. Rolex can be sold at a better resale value while on the other hand, you do not get good resale value for Cartier.
  4. A few materials that are used for manufacturing Rolex are Oysterstell to maintain its long-lasting visibility, 18 K gold, diamonds, etc. And on the other hand, Cartier uses stainless steel, gold, etc.
  5. Rolex is easily recognized because of its unique look while on the other hand, Cartier is not as recognizable as Rolex.
Difference Between Rolex and Cartier
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