iPad vs Laptop: Difference and Comparison

It is known for the fact that technology has taken over the entire world. Long ago, supercomputers were present, and they used to take up the space of a room approximately.

 iPad and Laptops are two such devices which have been widely used by people all across. While they both sound similar somehow, they carry a lot of differences.

Key Takeaways

  1. iPad is a tablet computer designed and marketed by Apple, while a laptop is a portable computer.
  2. iPad is smaller and lighter than a laptop, making it more portable and easier to carry.
  3. iPad is primarily designed for entertainment, browsing the internet, and reading, while a laptop is designed for more complex tasks such as programming, video editing, and gaming.

iPad vs Laptop 

An iPad is a line of touchscreen tablet computers designed and marketed by Apple, known for its iOS operating system, compact design, and diverse app ecosystem. A laptop is a portable personal computer featuring a clamshell design, and physical keyboard and runs on operating systems like Windows or macOS.

iPad vs Laptop

iPad at one side is a phone-like device that carries no other attachments with it. The company by which this device is manufactured is no other than Apple Inc.  

While Laptop, on the other hand, is precisely a computer only just with some reduced weight and the feature of portability.

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison iPad Laptop 
Meaning  It is a device resembling a mobile phone, just in a bigger size, and lacks a keyboard or any other attachment. It can be termed a mini-computer and does not require a proper workspace to settle because of its portable nature. 
Company  It is manufactured only by Apple Inc. Laptops are available by many companies nowadays such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc.  
Launched in First launched in April 2003. The first prototype of this device surfaced in the year 1980 and was followed by many developments over the years. 
Operating System It uses the operating system of Apple, that is- iOS It uses a variety of operating systems belonging to a variety of companies.  
Appearance  It looks like a tablet of a phone with a bigger screen. It looks like a monitor attached with a keyboard where both of the things flip together to get closed and opened.  
Compatibility It has a major drawback that it can’t easily install a number of applications. Laptops are compatible with most of the applications  
Battery  It has a battery that users can’t replace.  It has a user-replaceable battery attached to it. 
Upgradation  It can’t be updated. It can be updated to a limited level. 

What is iPad? 

Launched by the Apple Inc. In the year 2003, in April month, the iPad refers to the range of tablets marketed by the company.   

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Unlike a computer, it consists of no other accessories attached to it, such as a keyboard or mouse, etc. It works on the touchscreen pattern.  

Some of the major features along with the drawbacks of this product are as follows- 

  • It operates on the operating system of Apple only, that is, iOS. 
  • The battery of this product can only be replaced at an authorized channel, which makes it non-user-replaceable. 
  • The major drawback is that it cannot install most of the applications easily.  
  • It is best used as assistance along with another computer or laptop. 

What is Laptop? 

A laptop refers to a mini-computer or, rather, a personal computer that does not take up a lot of space and comes with portability and compatibility at its best.

It looks like a notebook, with one page having a screen and the other having a keyboard on it. It is popularly called notebook computed in the United States.

It contains all the features that a computer does, and nowadays it works as the most compatible computer ever developed. It can install a number of applications and can be updated easily.

  • Dell
  • Lenovo
  • HP
  • Asus, etc.

Main Differences Between iPad and Laptop 

  1. iPad has a battery that can only be removed by authorized offices while on a laptop. Even a normal person can replace the battery.  
  2. iPad is compatible with very few applications as compared to a laptop.  
Difference Between iPad and Laptop
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Last Updated : 23 July, 2023

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