Laptop vs Notebook: Difference and Comparison

A computer is a machine that can perform all the functions automatically. Computers contain various operations that need to be performed, i.e. programs.

Key Takeaways

  1. Laptops are larger and heavier than notebooks.
  2. Laptops are more powerful and have better performance capabilities than notebooks.
  3. Laptops often come with larger screens and more storage capacity than notebooks.

Laptop vs Notebook

A laptop is a portable computer that is designed for mobile use. It is designed to perform the same functions as a desktop computer and is also convenient and portable. A notebook is a small and lightweight computer designed for basic computing tasks. It has a lower specification.

Laptop vs Notebook

A laptop is a portable device, just like a personal computer, consisting of a screen and keyboard. The screen is mounted on the upper lid of the laptop.

A Notebook is also a type of personal computer. It is a smaller brother of a laptop. Notebooks are smaller and lightweight and can fit into a briefcase.


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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonLaptopNotebook
Processing PowerHigherLower
PeripheralHas peripheral option.No such option.
WeightLarge and HeavySmall and Light
Cooling systemsFans and other systems for cooling.Doesn’t have cooling systems.

What is a Laptop?

The term ‘laptop’ is used to describe a computer that can be used on one’s lap, and the word was coined in the year 1980.

Laptops were distinguished from other devices and desktops because it was very portable and could be used for transportation.

Rugged Laptops are very different from usual laptops. They were made to work in extreme and difficult situations like extreme temperatures, heat and dust, strong vibrations, etc.  

Display of laptops includes LCD as well as OLED screens. As of current times, it is accepted that the usual display of a laptop normally ranges from 13 inches to 15-16 inches.


What is a Notebook?

Notebook computers are also personal computers. It can be said to be a type of laptop. It is a twin brother of a laptop. But it is smaller, portable and lightweight than a laptop.

Netbooks, subnotebooks and ultra-mobile PCs are some of the earlier versions of notebooks. It is very small in size and can fit in a briefcase. It can be used in temporary spaces like in aeroplanes, outdoor meetings, libraries, etc.

Unlike laptops, Notebooks have different types of mice and keyboards incorporated with each other, like the touchpad, joystick, trackball, etc.


Main Differences Between a Laptop and a Notebook

  1. The Hardware system of the laptop is very much stronger. The Hardware system of the notebook is normal.
  2. A Laptop has an effective cooling system, including fans and other systems. A Notebook doesn’t have a cooling system.
Difference Between a Laptop and a Notebook

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