Difference Between Courier and Regular Mail

Types of communications have evolved. The methods of communication earlier were slow and not reliable, but it has changed with the new revolutionized improved methods.


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Courier vs Regular Mail

Courier provides all the necessary services such as – delivery of packages, mail, money orders, etc. and is mainly provided by the private companies while the Regular mail offers the service of delivering letters and is sent by the public postal services.

Courier vs Regular Mail

Courier services are mainly provided by private companies and have very strong competition within the market. They include pick-up and delivery options from door to door nationally or internationally as it is more convenient for the sender and the receiver.

Regular Mail offers the service of delivery of mails and letters. These are sent by the public postal services. The cost for the sent package is fixed, and the efficiency of these postal services is very slow.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCourierRegular Mail
CostThe cost of the courier service is flexible and varies with the companies.The cost of the regular mail is that it is fixed.
Efficiency Courier service is more efficient.Regular Mail is less efficient.
SpeedThe speed of the courier service is fast.The speed of the Regular Mail is slow.
Time TakenCourier takes less time to be delivered.Regular Mail takes more time to deliver.
Reliable It is more reliable.It is less reliable.
ServiceAcross globally.Within the same country only.
PackingIt is done properly and safely.The person posting the mail is supposed to pack the product.

What is Courier?

The Courier services contain letters, mails, packages, etc., which are sent with the help of private postal companies. These services were introduced back ago and are more reliable as compared to the Regular Mail.

The orders posted by the customers are flexible on the verge of cost as they depend on the size and weight of the parcel to be sent. Also, the customers don’t have to wait in the queue for hours to post their parcels.

The shipment can be made globally and is quick along with safety measures.

Also, the packages to be shipped are handled with utmost care and fragility; therefore, they are packed professionally by the company so as to deliver the safe product to the customer doorstep.


What is Regular Mail?

The Regular Mail service is quite old and mainly consists of letters, emails, cards, etc. These services are provided by the public postal service called the Post Offices, governed by the Government of India.

They have many restrictions in their services as they only allow the shipment of letters, cards, emails and not any large or big size parcel. These letters are posted using postage stamps, while if any bulk products are sent, they use a postage meter.

The service of these institutions is less reliable and efficient. They generally require pin codes for the making delivery.

Nowadays, regular mail services are mainly used to send some official government letters, cards, etc., as they are not restricted to be sent in a given time limit.

regular mail

Main Differences Between Courier and Regular Mail

  1. The cost of the Courier services depends on the weight of the package and thus is flexible, whereas the cost for the Regular mail is fixed or fewer and doesn’t depend on many factors.
  2. There is no doubt on the efficiency of the services provided by the Courier companies while the efficiency of the regular mail is less efficient.
Difference Between Courier and Regular Mail


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