Difference Between Greek Yogurt and Regular Yogurt

Eating yogurt is very good for your health. There are many types and varieties available. Some of them will be thick, and some will be loose. Depending on our requirements, we can eat them. Many people eat Greek yogurt because of its thickness which is also rich in taste. If people want to drink yogurt, then they will switch to regular yogurt because of the flowy consistency.

Greek Yogurt vs Regular Yogurt

The main difference between Greek Yogurt and Regular Yogurt is that the calorie content value of Greek yogurt is always high, so you have to work out a lot. But the calorie content value of regular yogurt is low, and it will help people in reducing weight. The fat content is also high in Greek yogurt. Whereas the fat content in regular yogurt tends to be less. 

Greek Yogurt and Regular Yogurt

Greek yogurt is different from regular yogurt because of its thick consistency. It helps people in improving their calcium and immunity health. It used to taste well than regular yogurt because of the flavors and the thickness added to it. The reason why it is called Greek Yogurt is that it was first introduced in a Greek company, and they named it Greek yogurt.

Regular yogurt is good for improving the body’s health. It has very rich nutrients. It will help un digestive properties. If you feel anything wrong in your stomach and can’t digest your food, you can drink regular yogurt by mixing some water in it, which will make it even smoother to drink. It will help you in avoiding heart diseases. It is good food when you want to improve your immune system. 

Comparison Table Between Greek Yogurt and Regular Yogurt

Parameters of ComparisonGreek YogurtRegular Yogurt
Calorie contentThey have a high-calorie content.They have a low-calorie content.
FatIt has high-fat content of 4g.It has a less fat content of 3.5g.
CarbohydratesIt has fewer carbohydrates than 9 grams.It has more carbohydrates of 16 grams.
SodiumThey have less sodium content of 78 milligrams.They have a high sodium content of 159 milligrams.
ProteinIt has a high protein content of 23 grams.It has a low protein content of 12 grams.

What is Greek Yogurt?

Greek yogurt will be very thick, and it has less moisture. You can also get Greek yogurt from a normal regular yogurt by following some steps. Because in regular yogurt, they will not be thick and have high moisture content. So, when you remove that moisture with the help of a cloth, then it will turn into Greek yogurt. If people have a hormonal imbalance, then they should avoid eating Greek yogurt as it has natural hormones which will impact their hormonal health.

Apart from that hormonal imbalance, it is a good source of calcium. It will improve the bone health of people. It has a healthy bacterium. It will help you to lower the blood pressure in your body and will reduce the risk of getting type 2 diabetes. If you don’t have anything wrong with your body, then you can eat Greek yogurt every day. It has good bacteria, which will help you in preventing bad bacteria from your body.

These good bacteria will improve the immunity system, which is very important for fighting germs and bacteria. If you want to reduce your belly fat, then you should search for low-fat Greek yogurt. Because if you eat Greek yogurt that has high-fat ingredients, then it will not help you in reducing belly fat. Instead, it will increase belly fat. The rich calcium ingredients in Greek yogurt will act as a powerful ingredient in reducing abdominal fat.

What is Regular Yogurt?

Regular yogurt can be made from the home with the help of milk. The texture of regular yogurt will be loose than Greek yogurt, and it will not be thick like Greek yogurt. These types of yogurts can be easily drinkable rather than eating with a spoon because of their flowing consistency. It will be acidic. This will make it taste sour. Other than that, it will taste good. You can make that by heating milk. 

Once the milk got heated, you have to wait for some time. Once it is slightly warmer, you need to add some bacteria. These bacteria will help the milk to convert into yogurt. Once it gets cooled, you can add some fruits and vegetables and can eat it with your style. You can give this regular yogurt to toddlers who have crossed more than six months. This will help them to gain good immunity. Because a cow’s milk is very hard for a small baby to digest.

This regular yogurt will be flowy inconsistency which will help them to eat them faster and be good for digestion. The fermentation in the yogurt will help them to digest their tummies. This is the main reason why people recommend babies to eat regular yogurt rather than drinking cow’s milk. Eating regular yogurt has many benefits which will help them to improve their health. People who are conscious about their weight and trying to reduce it can include this in their diet.

Main Differences Between Greek Yogurt and Regular Yogurt

  1. The calorie content in Greek yogurt is very high. On the other hand, the calorie content in regular yogurt is very low.
  2. The fat content in Greek yogurt is high, and it has 4 grams of content. On the other hand, the fat content in regular yogurt is low, and it has 3.5 grams of content.
  3. The carbohydrate content in Greek yogurt is low, and it has 9 grams. On the other hand, the carbohydrate content in regular yogurt is high, and it has 16 grams.
  4. The sodium content in Greek yogurt is low, and it has 78 milligrams of content. On the other hand, the sodium content in regular yogurt is high, and it has 159 milligrams of content.
  5. The protein content in Greek yogurt is high, and it has 23 grams content. On the other hand, the protein content in regular content is low, and it has 12 grams content.
Difference Between Greek Yogurt and Regular Yogurt


Both of them are good for health. If people don’t have any problems with their hormones or any other issues, they can eat them daily because of the goodness that it provides in improving their immunity. You can even make these yogurts in your home if you have milk with you. All you need to do is follow some simple steps in making it.

These are even available in shops. They have some flavors in them which will make them even tasteful. There are many impressive health benefits in them. You can even notice them in the packet of the yogurt that you purchase. But when you give yogurt to toddlers, you should give them within some limits. You can’t give them fully as it will turn difficult for them to digest. 


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