Toyota C-HR vs Honda HR-V: Difference and Comparison

Toyota and Honda are two great four-wheeler producers. Toyota is well-known for its design, and Honda is famous for its durability. Four-wheelers are the new passion among youngsters.

Before buying new vehicles, it is essential to know the features and the market value. Depending on the manufacturers, the features and price may vary. Toyota and Honda can surprise you with their fantastic features.

Key Takeaways

  1. Toyota C-HR features a unique, sporty design, while Honda HR-V offers a more conventional compact SUV look.
  2. Honda HR-V provides better cargo space and passenger room than the Toyota C-HR.
  3. Toyota C-HR comes with a standard hybrid powertrain, while Honda HR-V offers both gasoline and hybrid options.

Toyota C-HR vs Honda H-RV

The difference between Toyota C-HR and Honda HR-V is their carbon emission. The Toyota releases around 6.1 @15k per year, and the Honda releases around 5.9 @15k per year. The rear suspension type of Toyota is multi-link, and for Honda is a torsion beam. The displacement of Toyota is 1.8L/110, and for Honda is 2.0L/121. The front and rear wheel material of Toyota is steel and aluminium used in Honda. The estimated fuel economy of Toyota is 29, and for the Honda is 30.

Toyota C HR vs Honda H RV

The Toyota C-HR looks sharp with its stunning front-end colored plate. The adaptive front lighting system provides a unique LED look. The Toyota C-HR has alloy wheels which make a bizarre platform for driving.

The wheels are turbine-styled sport wheels that give boldness on the road. The Toyota C-HR available is a two-tone paint option that provides an extraordinary view of the exterior.

The leather-trimmed seats make you more comfortable throughout the journey.

The Honda HR-V is the smallest in Honda productions. It provides a large sitting area which presents true comfort. The HR-V is a subcompact SUV with a brilliant class. The cargo-type features are known for their sporty vehicles.

The spinning wheels made of steel will give astounding driving on the terrain. A compact exterior with maximum interior space is the option for the family. The Honda HR-V is a mini SUV turbocharged with power.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonToyota C-HRHonda HR-V
EPA classificationToyota C-HR is a compact carHonda HR-V is small station wagons
WheelbaseToyota C-HR has 103.9Honda HR-V has 102.8
Ground clearanceToyota C-HR has 5.9Honda HR-V has a 5.4
WeightToyota C-HR weighs around 3300lbsHonda HR-V weighs around 2959lbs
TorqueToyota has 139@3900Honda has 127@4700

What is Toyota C-HR?

The Toyota C-HR is the destination for its design. It increases your style and ease in each drive. The driver seat has an 8-way adjustable facility that speaks to every corner of Toyota, made with comfort.

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The leather-trimmed seats never make you feel lewd while travelling long distances. The interior of C-HR comes with blue-coated fabric that gives a fresh look to the interior, which is available in XLE only. The visual effects show the prototype of the vehicle.

The C-HR has dual-zone climate control features that make you and your friends comfortable with their weather. The steering wheel is leather-trimmed with a shift knob that provides a sporty look to the cabin.

It has expanded cargo space with a splitting option of the rear seats up to 60/40. You can carry all your essential things in travelling.

The pre-collision system with the pedestrian system provides an alert in case of collision in a different circumstance. Dynamic cruise radar control helps to maintain the distance from the other vehicles.

The Toyota C-HR has a lane departure steering alert that senses the unpremeditated lane departure. The Automatic High Beams(AHB) make clear visibility in night and ensure your safety.

The road sign assists you with the road signs in the multi-information display. Apple car play makes you interact with the car by connecting your iPhone. By using Android Auto, you can connect any Android device with the 8-in touch screen.

toyota c hr

What is Honda HR-V?

The HR-V is a compact SUV with a honeycomb grille. The compact exterior surprises you with its cargo space interior. The seats can be multi-rotated to your comfort.

Have five seats that are leather-trimmed, which makes the cabin looks extra beautiful. The HR-V also comes with a magic 60/40 split to fold the seats and gives the expanded space.

The all-season floor mats help to maintain cleanliness. The steering wheel mounted with paddle shifters gives the next level of driving experience. You can push the button to start the vehicle.

The Honda HR-V has Apple Car Play which connects with your iPhone. The real-time AWD has an intelligent sensing system that can make control four wheels on heavy terrains.

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The Advanced Compatibility Engineering(ACE) body structure enhances protection and frontal collision. You can connect Android phones with a 7-inch display. By using the Honda link, you can connect with car parking and fuel schedule.

The HR-V comes with a Bluetooth hands-free link to make the calls. Two USB ports are available in the cockpit. You can charge your gadgets with the 12 power outlets.

The Honda HR-V comes with trim kits, fog lights, and crossbars. The front bumper gives a garnish look. The window visors reduce the air noise and provide comfortable travelling.

The paddles are sport modelled that make a perfect grip and fanatic driving. The steering wheels are leather coated with a shift knob.

The Honda HR-V has one unique feature called a moonroof. The moonroof provides your stress aside and enjoys the obscurities.

honda hr v

Main Differences Between Toyota C-HR And Honda HR-V

  1. Toyota C-HR is a compact car, and the Honda HR-V is a small station wagon.
  2. The wheelbase of the Toyota C-HR has 103.9, and the wheelbase of the Honda HR-V has 102.8.
  3. The ground clearance of the Toyota C-HR has 5.9, and the ground clearance of the Honda HR-V has 5.4.
  4. The Toyota C-HR weighs around 3300 lbs, and the Honda HR-V weighs around 2959 lbs.
  5. The torque of the Toyota has 139@3900, and the torque of the Honda has 127@4700.

Last Updated : 23 August, 2023

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