Difference Between E-mail and G-mail

With the increasing use of technological creations like computers, androids, laptops, etc., there was a rising demand for easy and secure methods and platforms of communication, both formal and informal, which culminated in the development of the idea of E-mails.


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There were also demands storage spaces and organized management of these E-mails as they accumulated over time.

Key Takeaways

  1. Email is a digital communication method for sending messages and files between users over the internet; Gmail is a specific email service provided by Google.
  2. Email can be accessed and sent using various platforms, clients, and service providers; Gmail is just one example of an email service provider.
  3. Both email and Gmail facilitate electronic communication, but email represents the overarching technology, while Gmail is a branded service within that technology.

E-mail vs G-mail

The difference between E-mail and G-mail is that E-mail refers to an electronic message sent or received over the network, web, and technological devices by one computer user to/from one or many other computer users. At the same time, Gmail is an E-mail service provider developed by Google. Therefore,  email refers to any electronic message or telecommunication between or among computer users whereas G-mail is an application developed by google to send, organize, and store E-mails.

E mail vs G mail

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Many service providers of E-mail were developed, like Yahoo, iCloud, G-mail, etc. G-mail is the most widely known and trusted E-mail service provider.

E-mail is necessary for long-distance communication, while G-mail is essential to make sending E-mails safe, secure, easy, and time-efficient.


Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonE-mailG-mail
DefinitionE-mail is the digital message or information sent or received over a network among computer users.G-mail is an E-mail service provider developed by Google to ease and facilitate time-efficient and secure transmission and exchange of messages.
Full FormIt stands for Electronic Mail and can refer to any electronic message sent or received among computer users.It stands for Google Mail and refers to a digital messaging system developed by Google.
FeaturesIt allows the user to have multiple accounts with the E-mail service providers and manage them in the same place.It allows the users to send or receive E-mails from other service providers. It provides a storage place, an organized management system and identification of spam and promotional E-mails.
UsageE-mails can be sent using many service providers like Yahoo, iCloud, G-mail, etc. E-mail is becoming very important for sending and receiving communication in businesses.G-mail is one of the E-mail clients developed as a platform to send E-mails.
Common AddressThe E-mail addresses are of the type Local-part@domain.The E-mail addresses are of the type username@google.com.


What is E-mail?

E-mail stands for Electronic Mail. It refers to telecommunication or exchanging messages via electronic media and networks from one computer user to one or more computer users.

E-mails are most commonly used for formal communications across the globe. Its purpose can be sending job letters, letters of inquiry, or any other business-related message.

There are seven types of E-mails sent by businesses: newsletters, standalone E-mails, Lead nurturing E-mails, Transactional E-mail, Milestone E-mail, Plain Text E-mails, and Mobile Optimized E-mails.

E-mails are sent using any one of the E-mail service providers. These include Google, Outlook, iCloud, Yahoo, AOL, etc. E-mails are easy to use and store. Its usage has risen to very high levels in the preceding years.

With the advent of technological innovations and inventions to make the world a “Global Village”, the need to develop a means for easy, secure, and distant communication techniques and methods gained impetus.

This technological revolution acted as a catalyst in the development of E-mails.

In English sentences, it can be a noun or a verb. It is a noun when the “message received by electronic media is concerned ”is considered, and it is a verb when the“ act of sending such messages is considered”.


What is G-mail?

G-mail stands for Google Mail. It refers to an electronic message or E-mail sent or received via the E-mail service provider developed by  Google.

It is an application developed by Google to ensure its users safe, time-efficient, and easy transmission of messages.

The application can be downloaded on any device, Computer or Android, and organizes the Mails received by you under categories. Thus, making it easier to identify essential and promotional Mails.

It also has a feature that nudges you to ask for follow-up on previously sent Mails. It helps you search for messages in your inbox and provides storage space.

You can send messages to one or many recipients at a time and form google groups to ease mass communication. It would also warn you against spam and suspicious emails.

Creating a G-mail account can also simplify the use of other google and any other application. You can always log in to many applications using the Google Account.


Main Differences Between E-mail and G-mail

  1. E-mail refers to the electronic messages sent or received via the web among computer users. At the same time, G-mail is an E-mail service provider or a platform to facilitate and stimulate sending and receiving E-mails.
  2. E-mail stands for Electronic Mail, and G-mail stands for Google Mail. G-mail is an application developed by Google to facilitate the management and exchange of E-mails.
  3. E-mail is a platform to send and receive electronic messages and information from many E-mail accounts. At the same time, G-mail is a platform to facilitate easy, secure, and systematic management of E-mails. G-mail also provides storage space and a feature for identifying spam and promotions.
  4. E-mail is used to manage multiple service providers’ accounts, while g-mail is used to manage the google account only. A G-mail account can also ease the usage of other Google accounts.
  5. The most common address of E-mail is username@domain, while the common address of G-mail is username@gmail.com
Difference Between E mail and G mail
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