Yahoo Mail vs Gmail: Difference and Comparison

The email was invented in the 1970s by Ray Tomlinson. Since its invention, email has been used for business communication.

However, they are also used for informal communication. The most crucial fact about email is that it’s faster than messaging and has a subject line which makes it time-saving.

There are several email services available in the market. Yahoo Mail and Gmail are two popular choices in the market.

Key Takeaways

  1. Gmail offers a cleaner, more modern user interface, while Yahoo Mail features a more traditional layout.
  2. Gmail provides better integration with other Google services like Google Drive and Calendar.
  3. Yahoo Mail allows for larger attachment sizes in individual emails than Gmail does.

Yahoo Mail vs Gmail 

The difference between Yahoo Mail and Gmail is that Yahoo Mail is developed under the guidance of Verizon Media, but Gmail is developed under the guidance of Google. Yahoo Mail has various separate tabs for adding attachments or sending emails, making its loading speed time-consuming. But, Gmail comes with a single page interface, due to which it is faster when opened up and when sending large files and attachments. 

Yahoo Mail vs Gmail

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Yahoo Mail has more than 100 million-plus user downloads in Playstore. With an outstanding rating on the platform, it is liked by users.

Although many Yahoo features are free, it has some add-on subscription plans that vary from $0.99 to $9.99 for individual items. 

With its mail services, Gmail has become one of the biggest active user base applications. Around 10 billion-plus downloads of Gmail in the Playstore display the importance it gains in the life of people.

The merging of Google meet services of video conference rooms turned Gmail into a more powerful tool.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonYahoo MailGmail
DefinitionYahoo Mail is Verizon Media’s email development, which deals with news feeds besides transferring emails.Gmail is Google’s email development which is mainly for transferring emails.
User Interface and UsabilityYahoo Mail comes in a simple design with a clear user interface and limited features.Gmail comes in a much more simple design with flexibility in its features. Its top features include advanced search, filters, money transfer, priority inbox, and the ability to implement shortcut keys. 
StorageYahoo Mail offers free storage of 1TB to its users.Gmail offers free storage of 15GB to its users.
Sending LimitsIn Yahoo Mail, users can send emails with a size up to 25MB. For large files, the maximum size is 100MB.In Gmail, users can send emails with a size up to 50MB. One can use Google Drive and its link as a sharing option for large files.
Mobile AppYahoo Mail comes with its app, where one can access the folders by swiping to the right. Moreover, in Yahoo Mail, users can even delete messages from the push notifications themselves. Gmail comes with its app to access the folders by swiping to the right from the left. It’s more facilitative intuitive where the inbox is categorized into various categories.

What is Yahoo Mail?

Yahoo is one of the oldest mail services providing companies, much before the famous Gmail. From the initial days of 1994 until the recent day, this brand gained more than 225 million users.

As a brand, Yahoo changed its logo many times. From 1994 till 2022, Yahoo looked at 7 different logos. 

Along with the mail services, the company recently updated themes, conversion views, and storage space. Like every webmail service provider, privacy is an essential factor.

Yahoo faced many issues and complaints about its privacy. The allegation of providing the information of mails to the other companies.

Yahoo Mail was also criticized for mail scanning data used by state secrets and the arrest of Shi Tao. Yahoo Mail shows improvisation and updates like authentication and mail recovery setups. 

Despite much competition in the market, Yahoo Mail manages to hold a healthy user base of 227.8 million-plus. The interesting fact is that Yahoo Mail is used to send billions of mail every day.

Japan is the highest Yahoo-using country, and it has been at the top for the past couple of years.

According to uses and accessories, Yahoo Mail is widely used by freelancers, small business owners, and large entrepreneurs. But so many users avoid using Yahoo Mail services by claiming that the spamming filters of Yahoo Mail are ineffective, and the server gets hacked easily.

At the same time, many big entrepreneurs trust Yahoo. 

yahoo mail

What is Gmail? 

Gmail is another outstanding service by Google, which it launched in the year 2003. The services provided by Gmail raise the level of competition in the market with other applications with similar mail services.

Gmail launched the famous mail services brands like Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, and much later, but Gmail crossed the user base margin of all these competitions. 

Maintaining a yearly growth of percent, Google brings upgrades in their mail services. This approach of Google mail to dominate over the market.

The results showed something similar, as Gmail users send more than 319.6 billion emails through this service. 

Over the years, numerous cases were filed against the privacy policy of Gmail. The allegations state that the auto scanning system of Gmail, which is used to detect spam emails malware, is scanning the confidential information of the users to utilize it to draw relatable advertisements for them.

Gmail made many modifications to their privacy policy, as it is a matter of concern about privacy for mail services providing agencies. 

One crucial move, which helps Gmail withstand its competitors, is the free services provided by Gmail. Other mail service-providing companies offer a lot of things by pushing a subscription plan- with some changes.

Google as an extended services provider, manages the costs of Gmail from its other services. 


Main Differences Between Yahoo Mail and Gmail 

  1. Yahoo Mail displays sponsored ads. Moreover, the ads display on the full screen, which is annoying. But, Gmail doesn’t display any kind of sponsored ads. Moreover, other ads are displayed as small bars of text.
  2. Yahoo Mail offers email security two-step authentication, thereby making virus protection its top-scoring points. Even Yahoo Mail connections are encrypted by default. But, Gmail has good spam detecting features. However, the malware check needs to be done regularly.
  3. Yahoo Mail has various folders created for various types of mails where its auto filter feature has limited use. On the other hand, Gmail has multiple labels instead of folders created for multiple mails, where its auto filter feature is much more efficient.
  4. Yahoo Mail’s add-ons don’t include a flexible built-in marketplace. Moreover, it also doesn’t have many widely known extensions. But, Gmail consists of a built-in flexible market, i.e., G Suite. Furthermore, Gmail is much more open with many third-party extensions.
  5. The hacking cases of Yahoo Mail accounts are much more severe, numbering up to 3 billion. On the contrary, Gmail has better security features, and its session expiry time is also short. Gmail also has never suffered such major hacking issues.
Difference Between Yahoo Mail and Gmail

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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