Difference Between Hotmail and Live

Microsoft Live  Hotmail (truncated as Hotmail) is an electronic email administration part of the Windows Live services set-up. Windows hotmail is speedily joined with other Microsoft things like Windows Live Messenger and Hotmail Calendars.


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It’s available in 36 unmistakable lingos for you to investigate. Windows Live (or Live) is a Microsoft brand name that alludes to gathering the organization’s latest items and administrations.

Hotmail vs Live

The difference between Windows Live Hotmail and Windows Live is that Hotmail is a free internet-based email organization from Microsoft fundamental for the Windows Live series. On the other hand, Live is the brand name for a movement of Microsoft things and organizations introduced respectably late. MSN Hotmail was the past name for Windows Live Hotmail. Windows Live administrations, like Hotmail, have been around for not precisely ten years now.

Hotmail vs Live

Microsoft’s Windows Live Hotmail is most famously known as “Hotmail.” Microsoft Hotmail is a free email administration remembered for the Windows Live suite. Like the past Hotmail variant, it used to be called MSN Hotmail.

Changing from MSN to Windows Live Hotmail was a sluggish interaction. For some time, clients could get to the two kinds of Hotmail simultaneously.

Microsoft’s administrations and applications are alluded to as “Windows Live,” an abbreviated rendition of the full term.

Online applications like Windows Live Mail and Messenger might be gotten to from any internet browser, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. Some applications may likewise be introduced.

The three sorts of Windows Live administrations accessible are versatile, on the web, and Windows Live Essentials.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonHotmailLive
DesignHotmail has a little more cutting-edge feel to it. Live, on the other hand, seems to be a bit out of date.
Attachment Limits25MB.20MB.
RoleHotmail will operate in the role of a webmail client.Live is capable of serving as a desktop email client.
VersionHotmail is a more mature version of Live.Live is a more advanced version of Hotmail.
ApplicationHotmail is nothing more than a domain name.Live is available as a stand-alone program or as a component of a Microsoft exchange server.

What is Hotmail?

Hotmail is some portion of Microsoft’s Windows Live line of labour and products and is marked as Windows Live Hotmail. Indeed, it was the primary free email administration of its sort.

Over 300 million individuals across the globe use it, making it the most well known online email administration. In any case, it was alluded to as Hotmail by its makers Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith.

After Microsoft procured it in 1997, it was renamed MSN Hotmail. Clients of Windows Live Hotmail might save an endless measure of information with the help. Like the past Hotmail variation, it used to be called MSN Hotmail.

Changing from MSN to Windows Live Hotmail was a slow communication. For quite a while, customers could get to the two sorts of Hotmail at the same time.

Furthermore, it exploits Ajax and has many patent-forthcoming safety efforts. Windows Live Contacts is promptly incorporated with other Microsoft items like Windows Live Messenger and Hotmail Calendars.

It’s accessible in 36 distinct dialects for you to look over. Windows Live Hotmail upholds all new forms of significant internet browsers that include Ajax innovation (Web Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari).

A portion of its elements incorporates (mouse-less) console route and upgraded inquiry like message search.

Dynamic view, Office Web Apps mix, visit strings, Sweep, quick pictures, single tick channels, and false names are elite to Windows Live Hotmail.

What is Live?

Microsoft’s Live (officially known as Windows Live) is a brand name for different labour and products under which the organization works together (in their development and support stage).

By far, most of Live’s applications are online (like Windows Live Hotmail). It isn’t phenomenal to see redesigned adaptations of MSN products in the Windows Live Marketplace (like Hotmail).

Microsoft Windows Live applications (with Windows 7) and online administrations and portable applications are ways that clients might get to Microsoft Windows Live administrations.

Microsoft offers a few well-known internet-based administrations and applications, including Windows Live Hotmail, Calendar, Hotmail, Mail, Messenger, Movie Maker, SkyDrive, and Windows Live Office (cloud-based record the executive’s tool)

“Windows Live is a way to grow the Windows client experience,” as per Microsoft. At the point when Windows Vista was delivered, it incorporated a connection to download Windows Live Messenger. Windows 7 was born.

It supplanted the Windows Mail, Windows Photo Gallery, and Windows Movie Maker programming suites with the Windows Essentials bundle, permitting clients to download and introduce comparative Windows Live administrations.

Notwithstanding the underlying synchronizing capacities given by SkyDrive, Microsoft uncovered that Windows 8 would offer Windows Live applications straight out of the box. 

Windows Live isn’t the main Microsoft Web property marked as “Live”; Xbox LIVE is a multiplayer game and content conveyance framework for Xbox and 360. Games for Windows – LIVE is a multiplayer gaming administration for Microsoft Windows.

When Microsoft joined the Windows Live group with Office Live in January 2009, they made another “Live” administration called Office Live, coordinated into Windows Live as a feature of the Wave 4 upgrade. 

Main Differences Between Hotmail and Live

  1. While Hotmail is a specific electronic email administration, Live is the brand name for an assortment of Microsoft items.
  2. Microsoft’s Hotmail is a free web-based email service, while Live is the collective brand name for several new Microsoft goods and services.
  3. Hotmail is a help bought by Microsoft during the 1990s whereas, Live is by all accounts another Microsoft marking exertion.
  4. At first, Hotmail was remembered for MSN’s administration bundle. It is referred to as Windows Live Hotmail as a feature of Windows Live.
  5. As far as possible for Hotmail is 25 MB while, it is 20 MB for Live.


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