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Difference Between Male and Mail

Words that sound the same mostly confuse people. Words like Male and mail differ in spelling. They also have different meanings. Homophones is the term used to represent these types of words.


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Some homophones have similar spellings. Homophones with similar spellings are called Homographs. Words with different spellings are called Heterographs.

Male VS Mail

The difference between Male and Mail is that Male represents one of the two sexes, On the other hand, mail represents the type of post or message. Male has one Y chromosome in their cell. They exhibit masculine characters. Mail refers to the letter sent by post. Sending mails have been practiced for a long time.

Male VS Mail

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Males produce sperm cells which is the male gamete. It fuses with the ovum. They determine the sex of the offspring. Mammalian males have a Y chromosome.

This is responsible for the development of male sexual characters. Males produce testosterone and develop male sex organs.

In humans, males inherit a Y chromosome from their father and an X chromosome from their mother. Males takes part in territory fights. They defend their pack.

Mail is a method of transporting letters, parcels, or postcards.

This physical method involves shipping the letter from one place to other. Public and Private postal services operate in a region.

Governments of each country have developed a national postal system. The aim is to circulate mail within the country.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMaleMail
Definition One of the sexesA postal letter or courier package
SymbolsSymbol of Mars Back of an envelope
Function Production of male gamete Relay information
Other usagesUsed to denote male gamete The process is called mailing
Example Man, Rooster, LionE-mail, letters, courier

What is Male?

The male is sex in sexually dimorphic organisms. Human males exhibit characteristics like the growing of beards, and mustaches. Mars symbol represents the male sex.

It has a circle with an arrow pointing northeast. Carl Linnaeus first used this symbol to indicate the male. It symbolizes the spear and shield of the Roman God, Mars.

Dioecious plants have both male and female sex organs. Anthers with pollen are the male sex organ in plants. In higher animals, male and female organisms are different.

Male animals can be differentiated from females by morphological features. In animal groups like mammals, males are large than females. They have more hair on the body compared to females.

Males have heavy muscle mass than females in mammals. In birds, males have colorful plumage. The feathers of male peacocks tend to be more attractive than females.

Male birds exhibit characteristics like dancing to attract females. Males happen to be masculine. Male insects and fishes are larger than females.

Males were considered the breadwinner of the family. In the past, the male sex was considered the strongest. It was a man’s duty to protect the females. Men were placed in high ranks.

This scenario has changed now. Human males have coarse voices. In some animals, the voice of males is strong. Males were the leader of a group. Male animals lead the pack and protect their territories.

What is Mail?

The term Mail originated from the middle English word male. This word refers to a traveling bag. In the 17 th century, this term meant the wooden trunk containing letters.

British started calling the letters sent abroad as mail. The domestic letters were called posts. Now, the word mail represents electronic mails.

Egyptians were the first to send mails. Pharaohs sent couriers to convey messages. Persians developed the postal system. A Persian king ordered his provinces to set up facilities to deliver and receive mail.

He built roads to connect the neighboring countries for mail service. Mail-men in Persia used horses to travel. Mauryan empire developed the Indian mail service.

Chariots called Dagana were used in India for transporting mails. Couriers were the medium for delivering military information. British established the postal network in India.

The First Indian post office was established in 1837. With the arrival of the modern mean of transportation, sending mails became cheaper and faster. Ships and Aeroplanes were used to carry mails.

Letters are written messages sent through the mail. Letters were enclosed in an envelope. The address of the sender and receiver should be written on the envelope.

Letters can be handwritten or typed. Postcards involve an un-enveloped, printed, colorful card. Postal cards have the tourist spots of the country on them. People on vacations send them.

Main Differences Between Male and Mail

  1. Male represents the sex of an organism. Mail is one of the methods of communication. Opposite of male is female.
  2. A male is someone who has a Y chromosome in their cell. Mail can be written by hand or printed out.
  3. The male exhibit makes sexual characteristics like the growth of hair throughout the body, coarse voice, and manliness. Mail must have delivery or postal address to which it will be delivered
  4. Pollen grains in plants and sperm cells in animals are the male reproductive cells. Mail was the primary mode of communication before the invention of telephones
  5. Male fishes are smaller than females while in humans males are larger than females. Electronic mails are the fastest and easiest type of mail.
Male vs Mail – Difference Between Male and Mail
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