Difference Between Yahoo and Google

Getting information from the internet has become easy because of the digital world we live in. Whenever people get any queries, they will search it on their preferred website and get answers to their queries.


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The two most commonly used websites for searching answers are Yahoo and Google. These two will help people in finding the correct links to their queries.

Yahoo vs Google

The difference between Yahoo and Google is that Yahoo is a web portal where people can get answers to their queries. Google is a simple search engine where people will search their queries and get answers. Yahoo’s algorithm is good. But Google‘s algorithm is considered to be better among people. The scope in Yahoo is smaller when compared with Google. Google has a wider scope.

Yahoo vs Google

Yahoo has good traffic and great usability. The reason it is not popular is because of the lack of vision. When you compare Gmail and yahoo mail, many people consider Gmail to be more secure.

Yahoo still exists because the company Verizon considered it to be worth buying. Inactive accounts are closed in Yahoo, so users should not keep their accounts without using them for a long period. 

Google is a search engine that provides results to people’s queries. According to Alexa, Google is one of the most commonly used search engines because of its quick response to people.

In some countries, Google is banned due to some reasons. If you try to sign in to your google account from these countries, you will get an error message. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonYahooGoogle
ExtensionIt does not have any extension.It has many extensions like google docs, sheets, and forms.
Messenger applicationIt has an established messenger application.Its messenger application is still new.
Web browser and OSIt has not developed anything.It is developing on its own.
GamesIt has games.It has no games.
ScopeThe scope is smaller.The scope is wider.

What is Yahoo?

It is an American web service provider. It is a search engine that has many other services like yahoo news, finance, sports, and many more. Whenever you search for something in Yahoo, something similar to that search will also appear.

In some aspects, google is considered to be better than yahoo because of the way the Google algorithm is built. Also, in google, people will get new quality content because of the optimized content.

In yahoo, people will get old content when they search for something. The acronym used for yahoo is Yet another hierarchical officious oracle. This acronym was incorporated in 1995.

Many people think that yahoo has not been in use because of its popularity on google. But still, many people use yahoo, and it gets an average of 26 billion emails per day.

The best part about Yahoo is you can do live video conferencing for free without paying any additional cost.

The downside of yahoo is the lack of email support. But you can solve many issues on your own without the help of the customer support team. Whenever you send any yahoo mail to your trash folder, it will keep it for 7 days.

After that, it will permanently delete your emails. If you want your default search engine to be yahoo, you can easily change it in your browser with the help of browser settings. 

What is Google?

Google is an American multinational company that provides internet-related services to people. It organizes the world’s information and makes it accessible and useful. It makes the search easier.

Whenever people have any queries, they can simply find them on google. It will provide links to multiple sites. People can get information from any site. It has various other extensions which are very useful for creating projects.

It has google docs which will be similar to Microsoft word. Using that, people can type and send documents and can also give visibility and editing rights for people.

In the same way, it has sheets and slides, which are similar to spreadsheets and PowerPoint. People can access all google extensions with the help of their email id.

All they need to do is log in with their mail id, and they are good to go. One of the best extensions of google is Google Form. 

Using Google Forms, people can easily create forms with fields. All the details filled in by the users are updated to the form owner. Nowadays, many people are using google forms for their websites in their contact pages.

People can simply fill the form and ask their queries in that form. Another important extension of google is google maps. It has been widely used by many people when traveling long distances. It helps to find the locations easily. 

Main Differences Between Yahoo and Google

  1. The algorithm of yahoo is known to be good. On the other hand, the algorithm of Google is known to be better.
  2. The social networking sites of Yahoo are Tumblr and Flickr. On the other hand, the social networking sites of Google are Google+ and YouTube.
  3. The links built by Yahoo are established. On the other hand, the links built by Google are valuable.
  4. According to ComScore, Yahoo has fewer shares. On the other hand, according to ComScore, Google has more shares.
  5. For game users, Yahoo has games. On the other hand, Google has no games for game users.
  6. Yahoo gives well-established sites. On the other hand, Google gives good quality and relevant sites.
Difference Between Yahoo and Google


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