Allstate vs Mercury: Difference and Comparison

Allstate and Mercury are insurance companies that majorly deal with auto or vehicle insurance.

Both come with multiple discounts on specific grounds and the insurance rates depend on many factors. The age of the driver, the location in which the vehicle is registered, etc.

After considering all this, a suitable insurance package is selected for a client.

Key Takeaways

  1. Allstate is a nationwide insurance provider, while Mercury operates primarily in California and a few other states.
  2. Allstate offers a broader range of insurance products and services than Mercury.
  3. Mercury tends to have lower premium rates than Allstate but may have less extensive coverage options.

Allstate vs Mercury

The difference between Allstate and Mercury is that both provide their discount rates based on different defining factors. Both roadside assistance also varies depending on the location and the package chosen by a specific client. Their packages vary with the driving credits of a driver and their age.

Allstate vs Mercury

Allstate is an auto insurance company that provides insurance to vehicle owners for their cars or other specific vehicles.

Clients looking for auto insurance do not always choose it due to their strict policies and lower rate discount on certain factors. They hold high credit value for the drivers to gain an insurance package that would be useful.

Mercury is an auto insurance company that is famous and commonly purchased by younger and new drivers. They offer many advantages to drivers who have just started driving and have low driver’s credit.

Their policies are friendly for new drivers prone to creating accidents or even for drivers who drive recklessly.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAllstateMercury
Do Cars With Airbags Get Additional Discounts?NoYes
Age Category Who Usually Prefer The InsuranceAdultsTeens
Do Cars With Airbags Get Additional Discount?NoYes
Discount for HomeownersNoYes
New Vehicles Are Given More PreferenceYesNo

What is Allstate?

Allstate auto insurance is standard high-credit insurance provided to vehicle owners.

A high credit means that the credit value it needs from drivers is high and can be 800 or even above.

The credit is given to indicate the driver’s expertise and care while on the road.

Allstate does not provide insurance to the driver with lower credits due to all the auto issues they might cause.

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At times of accidents that might be at the fault of the insurance holders or even in the case of reckless driving, Allstate insurance has many strict laws.

They have many terms and conditions on such roadside recklessness therefore, it is not common for people to choose Allstate auto insurance.

It is typical for the drivers’ age to shed light on their driving methods and thereby indicate all possibilities of road issues.

Therefore Allstate has the driver’s age as a significant insurance discount criterion, along with the credit level of the driver.

The age gives the package level, and sometimes Allstate provides the younger drivers with more premium insurance packages.

It is common for vehicle insurance to be high for youngsters who are still finding it difficult to pay the bills.

Allstate comes with the added privilege of affordable insurance packages for people of all ages.

Allstate auto insurance is preferred by adults who have a steady income and can afford all its provisions.

Allstate does provide many discounts on the insurance rate depending on a few elements.

For those individuals who have multiple vehicles registered with Allstate, they have an additional added discount on their overall insurance payment.

Students with a good scorecard and a good character check from their institutions also get a small discount on their package.

Vehicles installed with an anti-theft system have a more significant discount value on the insurance rate.

Drivers with more excellent credit on the road also get a considerable insurance discount.

What is Mercury?

Mercury is an auto insurance company that provides insurance on vehicles.

Mercury requires drivers to have at least a minimum road credit to give them an insurance package.

It doesn’t matter even if the individual coming to take a package has a credit that is as low as 500 or maybe even less.

Mercury offers better rates the insurance policy than most other vehicle insurance companies.

This feature makes them the most sought-after insurance company in the area.

Mercury can be considered one of the best in cases of accidents or even tickets received for reckless driving.

Their packages cover all sorts of accidents or issues caused due to it.

Age is always a determining factor when someone comes in for an insurance package for their vehicle.

As new drivers and youngsters are more prone to creating issues on the road, they are the ones to who Mercury gives the premium packages.

Such premium packages are sometimes expensive and not affordable for most young drivers. But Mercury makes them available at a low cost.

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Their premium or even a standard package could be easily purchased by any driver over 25.

Even younger people could get it with the help of the bank or some other means or even with the help of parents.

Teens are the ones who commonly prefer Mercury as they have ample insurance coverage in cases of accidents.

Mercury offers an additional discount on the insurance rate if the individual with the policy has multiple vehicles registered under them.

Even cars with airbags inbuilt have an added discount on their package.

Other discounts that Mercury offers are typical of most auto insurance companies.

These include a good student track record, anti-theft devices on cars, more significant road credit, etc.

These give the driver added discounts on their insurance packages, reducing their annual payment.

Main Differences Between Allstate and Mercury

  1. While the road driver’s credit required by Allstate is pretty high and can even be higher than 800, the credit needed by Mercury is pretty low.
  2. In cases of accidents and on-road issues, Mercury offers more coverage when compared to Allstate, which has limited coverage.
  3. Mercury has an added discount on the insurance rate for those cars that come with an airbag, which isn’t available for Allstate.
  4. Allstate doesn’t offer an insurance discount for individuals who are homeowners but Mercury gives such discounts to homeowners.
  5. New vehicles get a privilege over old or second-hand vehicles at Allstate, while such privileges aren’t there for Mercury.

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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