Difference Between Plymouth Rock and Allstate

Human life is full of unexpected events. These events can be both painful and pleasurable. An individual should always be prepared for a painful event because it costs a person money and mental health.

Plymouth Rock and Allstate are two such insurance companies that pay for such unexpected losses of their clients.

Plymouth Rock vs Allstate

The main difference between Plymouth Rock and Allstate is that Plymouth Rock is a company that has subsidiaries companies while Allstate itself is a subsidiary company of Sears. Both Plymouth Rock and Allstate sell insurance in the US and sometimes in Canada as well. Both companies are leading corporations in their respective field of business.

Plymouth Rock vs Allstate

Plymouth Rock is a well-known insurance company. It provides various insurance policies to its clients. This company was founded by a former insurance commissioner, Jim Stone in 1982.

Jim Stone was commissioner in the state of Massachusetts. Plymouth Rock Assurance work as a member of this company which is liable for selling and managing policies.

Allstate insurance company, as the name suggests its meaning, is one of the largest companies based in the United States that provides insurance policies to its clients. Allstate also has insurance lines in Canada.

Allstate got 79th place in the 500 lists presented by 2020 Fortune. Around 18 companies are owned by Allstate across us.

Comparison Table Between Plymouth Rock and Allstate

Parameters Of ComparisonPlymouth RockAllstate
FoundedPlymouth Rock insurance company was founded in the year of 1982 headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Allstate Insurance Company was founded on 17 April 1931 and the headquarter is situated in Northfield Township, Illinois.
FounderThe founder of Plymouth Rock is Jim Stone, a former insurance commissioner appointed in the state of Massachusetts. The founder of Allstate insurance company is Sears Co. Which was established by Richard Warren Sears.
Area servedMassachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut are the states served by Plymouth Rock insurance company. The wide range of clients of Allstate insurance companies is from California, New York, Texas, Florida, and Pennsylvania.
Insurance programThe type of insurance policy Plymouth Rock sells is condo renters, homeowners, second home, motorcycle, off-road vehicle, etc. The major type of policy sold by Allstate insurance companies is generally homeowners insurance and private passenger.
Other countriesPlymouth Rock which sells insurance policies doesn’t’ serve outside of the US, the consumers are from the US. The Allstate insurance company has connections in Canada as well as a subsidiary company located in India.

What is Plymouth Rock?

Plymouth Rock is a company that provides insurance and sells related policies. It is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.

It serves 6 states which are Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, New York, and New Hampshire.

Plymouth Rock has 4 subsidiary companies which are 21st Century National Insurance Company, Plymouth Rock Assurance Preferred Corporation, MAPFRE Insurance Company Of New York, and Plymouth Rock Assurance Corporation Of New York.

Plymouth provides homeowners insurance and also sells car insurance policies. Due to its best customer service and righteous policies, Plymouth Rock is known to be a good insurance company.

A customer can consult with an insurance expert on call during business hours to understand any term related to the policy.

These insurance experts are responsible to explain everything to the clients.

The insurance coverage that is offered by Plymouth Rock is Rental Reimbursement, Bodily Injury Liability, Towing and Labour Coverage, Property Damage Liability, Medical Payments, Collision Coverage, Comprehensive Coverage, etc.

There is a different department in Plymouth Rock where it also provides a customer loyalty program to explain and offer all types of benefits a member can obtain.

By purchasing policy of Plymouth Rock, a customer becomes eligible for several other discounts given by the company.

What is Allstate?

Allstate or Allstate corporation is a prestigious American company that serves in the insurance industry. The headquarters of Allstate is located in Northfield Township, Illinois. It is near Northbrook.

The Allstate insurance company was founded on 17 April 1931, almost a decade ago. It was founded as a member of Sears Roebuck Co, which is an American chain of department stores.

Allstate also has some lines of insurance in Canada. It sells insurance related to Auto, business, Home, condo, life, landlord, motorcycle, boat, renters, etc.

It also provides services and products related to Investment and Retirement. Around 46 thousand people work for Allstate insurance company as its employees.

The parent company of Allstate is Sears which was established by Richard Warren Sears.

Allstate has multiple subsidiaries as well and some of these are National General Insurance, Encompass Insurance, Allstate India, Square Trade, Allstate Identity Protection, etc.

The slogan used in the advertising campaign of Allstate is ‘Are you in good hands.

The Allstate insurance program sells insurance through Sears Catalogue and direct mail, the same way Sears sold its other merchandise to consumers.

Lessing J. Rosenwald was appointed as the first chairperson of Allstate insurance company while Odell became first vice president.

Main Differences Between Plymouth Rock and Allstate

  1. Plymouth Rock provides its services and policies in the US only while Allstate serves in many other countries such as Canada and India.
  2. Plymouth Rock sells insurance policies that include conditions related to Home and vehicle while Allstate sells insurance such as private passenger and life insurance.
  3. The number of states in the US served by Plymouth Rock is six. On the other hand, Allstate insurance company serves 5 states of the US.
  4. Plymouth Rock insurance company was founded by a person known as Jim Stone while Allstate insurance company was established by a corporation known as Sears.
  5. Plymouth Rock insurance company is not that older compared to Allstate, Allstate was founded almost 50 years ago before Plymouth Rock.


The insurance plans are sold by insurance companies and purchased by the consumers.

The insurance company covers the damage of their clients under given conditions while clients have to pay small amounts of money to the company for their services.

These installments of money are known as premiums. Both the consumer and the insurance company have to follow the terms given in the contract. The insurance policies are presented before clients as legal documents.

Allstate insurance company and Plymouth Rock are giving their contribution to the insurance industry constantly. Both are well known for their best customer service and affordable prices of policies.


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