Difference Between Jamestown and Plymouth

Every civilization that exists today was established by a community of people and was grown and nurtured to become the civilization they are today.


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There are many civilizations, and each of them has its own history, culture, ethics, tradition, and customs. These values distinguish different communities from each other and help them co-exist and value each other.

In America, many such establishments were seen. Some of the communities were unable to get recognition, while some of them were established and were grown to be one of the best establishments.

Jamestown and Plymouth are two such establishments that helped the North American colony to establish, develop and settle down.

Jamestown vs Plymouth

The difference between Jamestown and Plymouth is their reasons for establishment. They also differ in location, population, culture, and beliefs. Jamestown was established out of economic reasons and financial issues. Plymouth was the first-ever establishment based on the religious beliefs of the people. Both of them are considered the early settlements of North America.

Jamestown vs Plymouth

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Jamestown is the first English settlement in Virginia, near Williamsburg, in today’s modern era. It was established in 1607.

Jamestown, in starting, faced many problems, such as starvation, diseases, and poor leadership. The population of Jamestown also consisted of African Americans. It was founded by the Virginia Company of London.

Plymouth is an establishment located near a water body in South West England. This makes the establishment a port city and is beneficial for trade.

It was established in 1620 and became the second establishment of North America, known as the modern-day united states of America. It became a commercial hub during the Industrial revolution.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonJamestownPlymouth
MeaningJamestown was the first establishment of North Americans, founded in 1607.An establishment that was established due to religious reasons and beliefs of the people.
Location (Modern)Virginia, near the modern-day location called WilliamsburgNear Massachusetts coast
ClimateWarn climate; fertile soilCold climate; rocky soil
Established in16071620
Reasons for establishmentEconomic reasonsReligious reasons
PopulationIt consisted of African Americans, and Americans; consisted mostly of men.It had only Americans, consisting mostly of families.
GovernmentJamestown ran a representative government.Plymouth citizens formed a sovereign government.

What is Jamestown?

Jamestown was the first establishment of North Americans, founded in 1607. This settlement grew out to be the very first settlement of the Americans.

The settlement was located in Virginia, near the modern-day location called Williamsburg. It is a place having a warm climate. The soil of Jamestown is fertile and offers good plantations.

The people of Jamestown ran a representative government. In 1617, they established the House of Burgesses, which was the first representative assembly in America.

The people of Jamestown mostly consisted of men. Professionally, they were lawyers or doctors and were not used to physical work such as farming or hunting. 

The Americans in Jamestown made many attempts to Christianize the Indians there, which led to further problems for them in Jamestown.

Other problems the early people of Jamestown faced were starvation, lack of government, and poor leadership.

Due to these reasons, Jamestown was shortly abandoned in 1610, but people came back to the place soon after meeting the James River. Jamestown was a royal colony and was dependent financially on the crown.

One of the main reasons for the establishment of Jamestown was its finances. Jamestown was one of the towns that offered anchorage and good defense.

What is Plymouth? 

Plymouth was established in 1620 near the Near Massachusetts coast. This establishment was established due to religious reasons and the beliefs of the people.

Most of the people at the time of establishment consisted of families. The population consisted of Americans, and they were very supportive of the Americans.

Plymouth was one of the towns that offered anchorage and a good harbor. It has a cold climate and rocky soil. Plymouth citizens formed a sovereign government.

The citizens of Plymouth created a document called Mayflower Compact. It consisted of the power and duties of the government of Plymouth. Plymouth was financially independent and slowly became self-sufficient. 

Plymouth was one of the first establishments based on religious practices and was born out of the people’s religious beliefs.

The town was one of the earliest establishments in North America and later became a big community that was born in the area.

Main Differences Between Jamestown and Plymouth

  1. The formation of Jamestown took place due to economic reasons, while Plymouth was formed for religious reasons.
  2. Plymouth, when established, has families in it, while no such case was seen in the case of Jamestown.
  3. Jamestown’s population consisted of African Americans, while Plymouth did not. Plymouth people supported the Americans only.
  4. Jamestown had large plantations, while Plymouth consisted of small farms.
  5. The population of Plymouth consisted of Americans, and they supported them a lot.
  6. Jamestown was established in 1607, while Plymouth was established in 1620.
  7. Jamestown had mostly men, while Plymouth consisted mostly of families. This was because Plymouth was based on religious beliefs, and people settling there were adults with their families.
Difference Between Jamestown and Plymouth
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