Silver vs Platinum: Difference and Comparison

Women like to wear jewellery for every occasion and daily use. Among the four metals, these metals also serve an excellent purpose to people in jewellery.

One is Silver, and the other one is PlaPlatinumhey look good on the human body. With proper care and maintenance, people can use it for a lifetime and can sometimes use it for their daily purpose.

Key Takeaways

  1. Silver and platinum are two popular metals in jewelry and other decorative items.
  2. Platinum is denser and more durable than silver, making it more expensive and sought after.
  3. Silver is more malleable than platinum, making it easier to work with and less expensive.

Silver vs Platinum

The difference between Silver and Platinum is that silver rings are good for daily use. Platinum is good for engagement function as it is shinier and brighter than Silver. Silver jewellery requires frequent polishing because when exposed to water, it will turn black. Platinum does not require regular polishing as external substances won’t affect it. 

Silver vs Platinum

Silver is mainly known for its heat-conducting capacity, among other metals. Sterling silver is an alloy that has 92.5% of Silver. This is used for making jewellery, silverware, and other decorative items.

Silver is formed by a star explosion called supernovae. Silver will be found in minerals coloured using grey or black appearance. Silver metal is not magnetic. 

Platinum is more ductile when compared with other metals. It has excellent corrosion resistance. It is always stable at high temperatures.

Many people wear the platinum ring because of its enduring nature. Also, people collect platinum jewellery for family heirlooms.

Sometimes the platinum ring might turn yellow, which means it is letting the gold colour emerge. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSilverPlatinum
AppearanceDuller and greyBrighter and shinier
RateThey are less expensive.They are more expensive.
Ring useThese rings are suitable for engagement.These rings are good for engagement.
Frequent polishingIt requires frequent polishing.It does not require frequent polishing.
Density10.5g /cc18g/ cc

What is Silver?

Silver is a lustrous white metal used for making jewellery and other items. Many people buy plates and glasses of Silver for some special occasion as they consider it auspicious.

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For newborn babies, people will serve water and food items on silver spoons and plates so that babies will get proper nutrition.

The electrical conductivity of Silver is high, which makes it to be a precious substance. Silver makes solder, printed circuit boards, and other electrical contacts.

Most of the world’s Silver comes from America, accounting for 57% of silver production. Silver bracelets, earrings, and chains are the most famous among silver jewellery as they are cost-effective and can be worn for daily use.

But people should be careful and not expose it to water as it will start to lose its colour and might turn black that will look like black metal jewellery.

For industrial and investment purposes, Silver is a crucial commodity.

But still, many investors find it challenging to understand what makes Silver be more important. Silver can be artificial using some bombardment techniques.

For this, some elements undergo cold fusion and produce Silver. When we pair silver jewellery, it can heal and prevent infection.

Silver is not a renewable resource. It comes under the type of non-renewable resource. The downside is it has high resale value and is difficult to maintain. 


What is Platinum?

Platinum is very soft when compared to other jewellery. It is very durable when compared with gold. The density of platinum is higher. It has a good chemical composition which prevents it from breaking easier.

Even though it is more robust, it is soft. The reason behind its higher price is it is much denser than gold. Platinum rings and their jewellery are scarce to find, which makes them even more expensive.

Platinum has stable electrical properties.

Among the four primary metals, platinum is the rarest metal. Even though it is rare, the resale value of platinum is inferior as many shops won’t repurchase it.

Only a limited number of shops will repurchase them. Because the making charges of plaPlatinumll be high.

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Also, buyers should be very cautious when buying platinum jewellery as some other metals will sometimes be mixed with that jewellery.

It will not scratch easily on your body like other metals. The other reason it is considered a precious metal is its beauty.

Platinum jewellery gives the outfit an enhanced look and provides some glow to the body because of its shining texture. Anyone can wear plaPlatinumthout any second thoughts.

It can be used for a lifetime. But people having asthma and bronchitis should avoid wearing platinum it might worsen their condition. 


Main Differences Between Silver and Platinum

  1. The melting point of Silver is 961.8 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, the melting point of platinum is 1768 degrees Celsius.
  2. The atomic number of Silver is 47. On the other hand, the atomic number of platinum is 78.
  3. The symbol of Silver is Ag. On the other hand, the symbol for platinum Pt.
  4. The atomic mass of Silver is 107.8682 u. On the other hand, the atomic mass of platinum is 195.084u.
  5. Silver has a dull and grey look. On the other hand, plaPlatinums a shinier and brighter look.
  6. When comparing the price, Silver is low. On the other hand, the price of platinum very high.
Difference Between Silver and Platinum

Last Updated : 30 June, 2023

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