Difference Between Iridium and Platinum Spark Plugs

If one is to step out of his house and look at the roads in his surrounding, a very distinguished feature that has changed over the course of many years is the number of vehicles that can be noted in any area. The popularity of vehicles and their significance cannot be undermined in any circumstance. In order to start any vehicle, a very significant tool is the spark plug of the vehicle.  

Usually, two types of spark plugs happen to be the most popular among the customers. Iridium and Platinum Spark Plugs are the two aforementioned popular types. While they seem to be confusing, a number of differences can be marked between these two. 

Iridium vs Platinum Spark Plugs 

The main difference between Iridium and Platinum Spark Plugs is that in the former one, the material that is used to make the central electrode is Iridium, while in the latter, the material happens to be Platinum. After looking at both of these plugs, it can be easily concluded that the difference between these two occurs due to the difference between the two metals. 

Iridium and Platinum Spark Plugs

Popular for their amazing attributes, Iridium spark plugs happen to be one of the most famous spark plugs between the owners of the vehicles. The reason behind this popularity is the kind of quality iridium as a metal offers to the users. Not only does it happen to be durable, but it also provides certain other advantages that cannot be seen in other spark plugs. And as a result, the cost of this particular spark plug also increases in accordance with its quality. 

On the other hand, platinum spark plugs, as the name itself suggest, are made up of the metal platinum. These spark plugs offer all the similar qualities that any other product of Platinum can offer. However, certain shortcomings happen to be attached with these particular spark plugs due to the way core attributes of Platinum. But nonetheless, these spark plugs are also widely popular due to many qualities and the cost-related benefits they offer. 

Comparison Table Between Iridium and Platinum Spark Plugs 

Parameters of Comparison Iridium Spark Plugs 
Platinum Spark Plugs 
Meaning  The variety of spark plugs made up of the metal called Iridium is known as Iridium spark plugs. The variety of spark plugs made up of the metal called Platinum is known as platinum spark plugs.  
Central electrode  the central electrode of this particular spark plug happens to be made up of Iridium The central electrode is made up of Platinum 
Durability  Due to being made up of Iridium, this sparkplug happens to be very durable in the long run This spark plug happens to be less durable 
Melting point the melting point of this particular spark plug happens to be very high because of the metal contained in it lower melting point 
Strength  it happens to be a very strong spark plug Comparatively less strong than other plugs 
Cost  because of the advantages attached to it, it comes costly as compared to other spark plugs It happens to be a very cost-effective spark plug. 

What are Iridium Spark Plugs? 

Iridium metal is known for its great qualities and amazing performance in any possible field we can think of. Because of this particular reason, the spark plugs made up of Iridium happen to display the same quality and features as Iridium does. These spark plugs are inevitably called the best of their own kind and happen to provide the most amazing experience to the user possible.  

These spark plugs are so durable that they can last longer than the actual vehicle in which they are going to be used, and because of this particular feature, many people invest in these spark plugs without giving it a second thought. Therefore, these spark plugs happen to be one of the best investments for one’s vehicle.  

 But due to this very electrode, the spark plug happens to be very strong and deals with almost all kinds of issues that may come in the future. However, one particular shortcoming attached to this spark plug is that it is very costly, but looking at all of the features provided by the spark plug, the cost seems like something that can be adjusted. 

What are Platinum Spark Plugs? 

Platinum is known for certain distinguished qualities that this metal can actually provide. The platinum spark plugs showcase similar qualities that Platinum does because of the presence of Platinum in the central electrode of these spark plugs.  

As compared to other plugs such as copper ones, this particular spark plug excels so much in terms of durability and strength and can be a very good option for people who are looking for a mid-range spark plug that lasts really long. The central electrode of this particular spark plug is made up of Platinum and therefore contains a melting point very much higher. 

However, this particular spark plug, if compared to Iridium spark plugs, showcases certain shortcomings such as less durability and strength as compared. But in reality, if this plug is used in vehicles that are not used very extensively, it can be proven to be a great asset. A very particular reason behind the popularity of the spark plug is the cost attached to it. 

Main Differences Between Iridium and Platinum Spark Plugs 

  1. Iridium spark plugs happen to be the ones that are made up of metal Iridium while on the other hand, Platinum is the core metal in Platinum spark plugs, as the name itself suggests. 
  2. Iridium spark plugs are comparatively stronger in strength than Platinum ones. 
  3. The durability of Iridium spark plugs happens to be higher compared to platinum spark plugs. 
  4. In terms of melting point, Iridium spark plugs have a higher one as compared to platinum spark plugs. 
  5. When it comes to the cost, Iridium spark plugs cost much more than platinum spark plugs due to the quality offered. 
Difference Between Iridium and Platinum Spark Plugs


Spark plugs play a very vital role in any kind of vehicle, and because of this very fact, it becomes very crucial to know the exact qualities as well as advantages along with disadvantages of the kind of spark plugs that are used in our vehicles. With the changes in technology, different varieties of spark plugs have appeared in the market globally, and the customers now have a variety to choose from. 

Iridium and diamond platinum spark plugs are two of the most famous kinds of spark plugs all across the world. Loaded with different qualities and attributes, these two create separate spaces for themselves and are preferred by different kinds of customers. In some cases, it might be a confusing thing to distinguish between these two, but in a true sense, both of these happened to be completely different from one another. 


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