Difference Between Adobe Spark and Canva

The world is evolving so fast. Perfection in everything has become a salient part of it. Even, it is for birthday cards and wishes. Creating online business, teaching, presentations, business cards, logos, banners, certificates, flyers take lots of effort to make.  


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Being handy with Graphic Designing Tools always helps to perceive work as similar to imagination comprising other factors. Adobe Spark and Canva are well-known apps, remarkably impressed the audience in the past few years.

They provide thousands of templates, fonts, designs while sharing and sync the same with different apps. Both the apps offer distinct design types like postcards, business cards, invites, flyers, brochures, graphs, charts, pages, posts, videos, and the list goes on.  

Key Takeaways

  1. Adobe Spark is a web-based suite of design tools for creating social media graphics, web stories, and animated videos. At the same time, Canva is a graphic design platform for creating a wide range of visual content, including social media graphics, presentations, and posters.
  2. Adobe Spark has more limited features, focusing on creating content quickly and easily, while Canva offers more advanced design features for professional designers.
  3. Adobe Spark is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, while Canva offers a steeper learning curve for more advanced design techniques.

Adobe Spark vs Canva

The difference between Adobe Spark and Canva is that their user favoritism. Professionals and experts mostly prefer Adobe Spark. On the other hand, Canva by anyone willing to create and not designing knowledge is compulsory. 

Adobe Spark vs Canva

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Comparison Table

Parameter of Comparison Adobe Spark Canva 
Used By Most users are graphic designing professionals who already know about what to create and how to create.Canva App users can be anyone from the professional, a learner, even unskilled person.
Templates Access more than 27,000 templates. Access more than 50,000 templates. 
User Interface The interface is simply professional and topics distinguished. The interface is creative, colorful, and detailed. 
Time Saving Non-professionals or new Adobe users take more time to understand its use, so it is time-consuming. Anyone can understand the use, and it suggests templates, fonts according to content that results in time-saving.
Plans available Starter (Free), Individual, Team Plans are available. Free, Pro, Enterprise, Education (Free), Nonprofits (Free) are the available plans. 
Free Trial Individual Plan gives 14 days of a free trial. Pro and Enterprise Plans give 30 days free trial. 
Watermark Adobe Spark gives Watermark on the right-side bottom of the screen that you can remove.Canva does not give Watermark. 
Resolution Good Resolution is provided. High Resolution is provided. 
Help and Support FAQs, Search, Email services available. FAQs, Search, Email, and 24/7 Calling services available. 

What is Adobe Spark? 

Adobe Spark is an Adobe subsidiary software; that helps you create graphics in pages, posts, and videos. To mold your imagination into pictorials and learn through it, it is perfect, and you can learn from it.

Features like Spark Post, Spark Page, Spark Video includes different Typographies, Imagery, Themes, Analytics, Icons, Fonts, Sync Devices, and many more. Currently, the website is available in 15 languages. 

It syncs with all Adobe accounts and connects with Creative Cloud, Google, Google Classroom, Google Drive, Flipgrid, Canvas, Blackboard, Microsoft Team, and Microsoft Notes.   

The Application supports Windows 8.1 and above, macOS 10.13, and the latest Chromebook versions. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge are supportive web browsers. Android version 7.0 and above and iOS version 12 and above must require.  

adobe spark

What is Canva? 

The app offers more flexible work options than any other visual designing Apps available online. Canva is a graphic designing tool that creates appealing innovations for cards, logos, businesses, schools, events, posters.

Its services are free for education and nonprofits plans. While exporting, you get to choose from exportation preferences like file format and quality resolution.   

If you are not professional and want to get the job done fast and quickly; then, Canva is perfect for your requirements. Its features involve Teams, Textures, Image Cropper, Speech Bubble, Add Text to Photo, Photo Effects, Photo Straightener, Transparent images, Design and Photo Grid, Stickers, Frames, Vignette, Icons, Photo Blur, and more such options. 

The application is available in 100+ languages. It also has lots of connections that give us a choice to work with favorite ones. It connects with Google Classroom, Google Drive, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Dropbox, Google Maps, Emoji, Embeds, QR Code Giphy, Pexels, Pixabay, Bitmoji, Pixon, Hubspot, Flickr, Google Photos, Clever SSO, Google, Google Chromebooks, COPPA Compliant, FERPA Compliant, Microsoft Team, the Remind, and more in the checklist.  

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge browsers required. Android 5.0 and above version, iOS version 12.3 and above devices are compatible. 

canva 1

Main Differences Between Adobe Spark and Canva

  1. Professionals and Adobe Users operate Adobe Spark. Whereas, Canva by anyone, be it professional, learner, or unskilled.  
  2. Adobe gives you free access to 27,000 templates, and you can even select from your drive or creative cloud. And you can input your ideas. But, Canva gives you 50,000 templates, an access drive, and to modify its colors, fonts, vignette, and more.  
  3. To understand the interface of Adobe Spark takes more time, and on the other hand, Canva is easy to acknowledge, work with it. Canva saves more time and gives suggestions.  
  4. Adobe spark Page and Spark Video are not for Android users. It only provides Adobe Spark Posts for Android phones. Whereas, Canva gives access to all features for its users on Android.  
  5. Adobe gives good quality resolution, but Canva gives High-quality resolution. It asks about quality settings before exporting the file.  
  6. Adobe gives the benefit that it provides Starter, Individual as well as Team plan. Free, Pro, Enterprise, Education, Nonprofits are the plans provided by Canva.  
  7. There are 15 languages available on Adobe Spark; on the Canva, you will have 100 and more languages to communicate. 
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