AI vs EPS in Adobe Illustrator: Difference and Comparison

Adobe Illustrator is a software program. It is required to create vector-based designing and drawing purposes. It is an efficient tool for designers as they can use it for designing a single element and a full project.

It was launched in 1985 by Adobe Inc. Since then, it has gained popularity among designers and has become the industry standard requirement for graphic designing.

Adobe Illustrator(AI) and Encapsulated PostScript(EPS) are two formats used in the program. User can use these file formats to save the work he/she does in the program.

Key Takeaways

  1. AI (Adobe Illustrator) is a native file format for Adobe Illustrator, offering full editing capabilities and preserving layers and objects; EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) is a universal format primarily used for exporting vector graphics to other applications.
  2. EPS files are more compatible with various software and printing processes but may lack some editing features in AI files.
  3. AI is the preferred format for sharing Illustrator files with other Adobe users; for broader compatibility or print production, EPS is a suitable choice.

AI vs. EPS in Adobe Illustrator

AI stands for Adobe Illustrator Artwork, saves, and exports vector-based artwork made by it. AI files can be edited with same quality maintained, and they support a variety of design elements. EPS stands for Encapsulated PostScript, saves vector-based graphics in a highly compatible and editable form, used for transferring artwork between software programs.

AI vs EPS in Adobe Illustrator

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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAI FormatEPS Format
Type of FormatIt is a proprietary format. Source code is not availableIt is an open-source format. The source code is available
TransparencyAI format supports transparencyEPS format does not support transparency.
SupportAI format supports more complex object types.EPS format comparatively supports less complex object types.
UseIt is mostly used for logos, symbols, icons, and print mediaIt is mostly used for printing high-resolution images in graphics format
GraphicsAI can handle only vector graphics and not bitmap graphics.EPS can handle both vector and bitmap graphics.
File NameFiles are stored with the extension of ‘.ai.’Files are stored with the extension of ‘.eps.’
SizeAI files are comparatively smaller.EPS files are larger than AI files.
FutureAI format is futuristic. It is the native Illustrator format in Adobe Illustrator.EPS format is dying and is mostly used to create old vector graphics.

What is AI Format?

Adobe Illustrator Artwork (AI) is an exclusive document design created by Adobe Systems for speaking to single-page vector-based drawings in either EPS or PDF designs.

Graphics made using AI format can be used with utmost precision because these graphics retain their details at the maximum zoom level. AI files contain rich and editable information.

Rather than utilizing bitmap picture information, this format uses vectors. Due to this reason, the designs created never lose their quality whenever amplified.

AI can contain only one page, while this one can contain multiple artworks. It is a proprietary format that supports transparency and, to its credit, has a smaller size.

ai format

What is EPS Format?

Adobe Illustrator uses Encapsulated Postscript (EPS) file format as a graphics format for vector images. It is a Document Structuring Conventions–adjusting (DSC) PostScript record design usable as an illustrations record design.

An EPS record is a PostScript program. EPS file projects can show a preview on the screen. Because of its capacity to utilize inserted contents, Microsoft eliminated uphold for EPS records in Microsoft Office programs in May 2018.

An EPS document can contain any blend of text, designs, and pictures. Since it is a PostScript document, it is one of the most adaptable records. EPS-documents

EPS is an open-source program that can support vector and bitmap graphics, although it does not support transparency.

eps format

Main Differences Between AI and EPS Formats in Adobe Illustrator

  1. AI Format files are comparatively smaller in size as compared to EPS Format files. This results in AI being efficient files compared to EPS files.
  2. Regarding the future, the AI format has a brighter future than the EPS format. EPS format is mostly used for old vector graphics, while AI format has become the native Illustrator format in Adobe Illustrator.

Last Updated : 14 October, 2023

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