Difference Between Google Tag Manager and Adobe Tag Manager

A tag management system is mainly designed to manage with ease the troubles of digital marketing. The main advantage of a Tag Management system is that it allows non-developer types of users to bring into action multiple tasks on a particular website.

Among these Tag Management Systems, Google Tag Manager and Adobe Tag Manager are quite notable ones.

Google Tag Manager vs Adobe Tag Manager

The main difference between the two is that Google Tag Manager is available for free but Adobe Tag Manager is not. It needs to be purchased in order to be used. In market share segments, Adobe Tag Manager is behind Google Tag Manager in almost all cases.

Google Tag Manager vs Adobe Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager or GTM is a platform for tag management that is free. It helps for the tracking and deployment of marketing data very easily by just adding code snippets to their website.

Conversions can be tracked very easily by using GTM. There is no intervention of webmasters in these processes.

Adobe Tag Manager mainly refers to the original version of the Tag Management by Adobe which was later on changed to Adobe Dynamic Tag Management.

Adobe Tag Manager in recent days may be casually spoken for the term Adobe Launch, which is the recent version of Adobe Tag Manager.

Comparison Table Between Google Tag Manager and Adobe Tag Manager

Parameters of ComparisonGoogle Tag ManagerAdobe Tag Manager
Service of TagsHere all the tags are served synchronously.Here the tags can be served in both synchronous and asynchronous ways.
AvailabilityIt is available for all.It is available only for Adobe Customers.
Learning and UsageLearning and usage of Google Tag Manager are comparatively easy.Learning and usage of Adobe Tag Manager are comparatively difficult.
Free usageGoogle Tag Manager is available for free.Adobe Tag Manager is not available for free.
TestingTesting is much easier in the case of Google Tag Manager.Testing of Adobe Tag Manager is more difficult than testing of Google Tag Manager. 
Lead TakerGoogle Tag Manager has been taking leads in many important countries including the United States, the U.K, Japan, and Russia.Adobe has not yet been able to take lead in any country.

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager is often referred to as GTM. It is one of the best platforms for tag management for marketers which is available for free.

Marketing data can be tracked by adding code snippets to the required app or website. The Google tab Manager and Google Analytics work together in perfect harmony making it easy for the marketers to manage.

It helps to track various kinds of analytics. It is a kind of game-changing platform that gave freedom to the professionals of the market to edit, remove and add tags without any sort of hard coding.

GTM has made these processes much faster and simpler for users. GTM has eliminated the trouble for hard coding whenever there is a need for adding or removing tags.

It can also boost the speed of the website. GTM also aids by removing the chances of repetitions and also the chance of errors.

Google Tag Management has significantly improved tag management efficiency. GTM has made the processes faster by performing certain tasks in just a few minutes which used to take days or even weeks to get completed.

What is Adobe Tag Manager?

Adobe Tag Manager actually refers to the version of Tag Manager which was offered by the Adobe Cloud. This was launched when there was not much development regarding the tag management systems.

This version was later on updated to Version II. The interface in version II was very much similar to the interface that is used in AEM.

But soon the Company found that this was not enough to work well with the fast pacing market and thus it was replaced by a newer model which came to be known as Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager.

This was launched by Adobe in the year 2013 and was initially known as Adobe Acquired Satellite TMS from Search discover. Many reviews say that Version II of Adobe Tag Manager was a real cumbersome one and thus it struggled to get a place in the Market.

But again after 5-6 years, even this model failed as it could not keep up with the complexity of the marketing tools and thus another one was launched to replace this one in the market.

The newest technology came to be known as Adobe Launch.

We might often hear people especially practitioners using the term “Adobe Tag Manager”. It is loosely used for the term “Adobe Launch”.

Main Differences Between Google Tag Manager and Adobe Tag Manager

  1. In Google Tag management, all the tags are served asynchronously, whereas in Adobe Tag Management Tags are served in both, synchronous and asynchronous ways.
  2. Google Tag management is available for free but Adobe Tag Management is not completely available free for use.
  3. Usage and learning of Google Tag Management are easier than Adobe Tag Management.
  4. Testing of Google Tag management is much easier than testing of Adobe Tab Management.
  5. Google Tag Manager is available for all whereas Adobe Tag Manager is only available for its customers.
  6. Google Tag Manager is taking leads in several important countries around the world like the UK, USA, Russia, Japan, etc. Adobe Tag Manager has not yet been able to take over the lead in any of the countries.


Among the very notable and Popular Tag Management Systems, Google Tag Manager and Adobe Tag Manager seem to be quite in the front row.  

It is very difficult to assess which among the two is best since each of them has its pros and cons.

But going by the review, most people or users have felt that Google Tag Manager is the winner when it comes to meeting the needs of a particular business.

Adobe Tag Manager still lags.

But when it comes to comparison of the support of the ongoing products Adobe Tag Manager takes the lead. But again, Google Tag Manager gets an extra point for it is available for free to its users which adobe is not.


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