Microsoft Clarity vs Google Analytics: Difference and Comparison

Every marketer wants to get the highest level of performance from their digital marketing campaigns, but not all of them have the experience or knowledge to understand what results they should expect and where they should focus efforts.

Not all web analytics apps are created equal.

Key Takeaways

  1. Microsoft Clarity provides more in-depth insights into user behavior on a website than Google Analytics.
  2. Compared to Microsoft Clarity, Google Analytics has a wider range of features, including custom dashboards and segmentation.
  3. Microsoft Clarity is easier to set up and use than Google Analytics.

Microsoft Clarity vs Google Analytics

Microsoft Clarity is an app or website recently released by Microsoft for a better user experience. It is used to trace traffic KPIs. It has new features of the heat map and session playback to track user actions. Google Analytics is an app released by google to trace both economic and traffic KPIs.

Microsoft Clarity vs Google Analytics

Microsoft clarity is an app launched by Microsoft that functions as a website or app analytic and helps trace and resolve issues. It is completely free to install and is very useful.

It measures traffic KPIs and is essentially a User experience measurement tool. It is newly launched and hence has some unique features as well.

Google Analytics is an app launched by Google as a website and app analytics and helps trace and resolve issues. It is also completely free and has multiple features.

It is one of the leading Analytic applications and helps measure both traffic and economic KPIs. This is the main standout feature of Google Analytics.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMicrosoft ClarityGoogle Analytics
Launched InMicrosoft Clarity was launched in 2020.Google Analytics was launched in 2005.
KPIs MeasurementMicrosoft Clarity can only measure traffic KPIs.Google Analytics can measure economic KPIs as well as traffic KPIs.
User ExperienceMicrosoft Clarity has better user experience charts.Google Analytics is more into traffic measurement rather than experience charting.
Heat MapsMicrosoft Clarity has the feature of a heat map.Google Analytics does not have any heat map feature.
Session PlaybackMicrosoft Clarity also comes with a session playback option.No such session playback is there in Google Analytics.

What is Microsoft Clarity?

Microsoft Office 2013 is full of new features and tools that make using computers even easier. One of the coolest new additions is their new project management tool called Microsoft Clarity which was launched in 2020.

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It’s a lightweight program that helps you organize your project, helps you set targets, and see the traffic on your website or app.

 Also, a cool thing about Clarity is that it is easy to share your project with others, which means you can work with a team of employees on the same project at one time.

Microsoft Clarity is software that is used for the analysis of large structured data.

It is a business intelligence tool that enables users to uncover data insights, new business opportunities, or hidden risks.

It features a comprehensive data visualization suite, which provides the ability to easily construct, share, and interpret visual representations of data.

Microsoft Clarity, being newly launched, comes with a variety of features that is not present in Google Analytics, like the heat maps feature that visualizes the user clicks or movement on your website, as well as the session playback option in which one can track the exact behaviour of the user on the website.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is an amazing tool that big brands use to analyze their sales and conversions. Google Analytics is simple to use and understand. Google Analytics is an important tool in the digital marketing draw.

The user experience is crucial when it comes to digital marketing. If your customers find your website difficult to use, then they will not stick around for long.

The aim here is to make your website simple to use so that your customers will have no problems using your company.

Google Analytics is one of the most commonly used web tracking software available. Google Analytics provides valuable insights into how your website’s visitors are interacting with your site.

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Additionally, to understand the traffic on your website and areas of focus, Google Analytics also focuses on all the economic KPIs.

It lacks some features that were once present in it and now are present in Microsoft Clarity, like the heat maps feature and the session playback feature.

However, it does have a better user experience and shows important things like bounce rate, which is the percentage of people leaving the website after just viewing a single page, or the conversation rate, which means the number of users that proceed to go to multiple pages. Thus it has better insights.

google analytics

Main Differences Between Microsoft Clarity and Google Analytics

  1. Microsoft Clarity is a more recently launched app, while Google Analytics is an older app.
  2. Microsoft Clarity is essentially a user experience measurement tool, while Google Analytics is a traffic measurement tool.
  3. Microsoft Clarity has fewer users compared to the more famous Google Analytics.
  4. Microsoft Clarity has the feature of session playback, while Google Analytics has no such feature.
  5. Microsoft Clarity has a heat map option for viewing traffic, while Google Analytics has no such option.
  6. Microsoft Clarity lacks any rate measurement like bounce rate or conversion rate like Google Analytics.

Last Updated : 14 October, 2023

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