Difference Between Microsoft Frontpage and Adobe Dreamweaver

Both Microsoft FrontPage, as well as Adobe Dreamweaver, are software products being used to create and modify Html files.

FrontPage was created by Vermeer Technologies, Inc., which was bought by Microsoft in 1996. Interactive web pages are also developed using Frontpage technology.

The most popular web creation tool is Dreamweaver. It was previously called Macromedia Dreamweaver because it was designed by Macromedia.

Because of their background and parent firm, there are several variations between both the software applications and this article will assist you in understanding the features and distinctions between the two.

Microsoft Frontpage vs Adobe Dreamweaver

The main difference between Microsoft Frontpage and Adobe Dreamweaver is that FrontPage is a Microsoft software, whereas Dreamweaver is an Adobe application. Adobe Dreamweaver provides a variety of programming languages, notably HTML, but Microsoft FrontPage can and must only produce and modify Html files.

Microsoft Frontpage vs Adobe Dreamweaver

FrontPage by Microsoft was a pioneer in Web-content creating software. Creating Web sites necessitates the modification of software code while adhering to Internet standards as well as those of servers as well as browsers.

FrontPage handled these adjustments in the backend and added a visual appearance to programming and HTML editing, making it easier to design a site even for users who don’t know how to code.

Adobe Dreamweaver is a professional web tool developed by Adobe Inc. Macromedia invented it in 1997 and continued to build it until Macromedia was bought by Adobe Systems in 2005.

Adobe Dreamweaver is accessible for both Mac OS X as well as Windows. Considering Adobe’s purchase of the Macromedia line of products, Dreamweaver updates after version 8.0 were more W3C interoperable.

Support for Internet technology such as CSS, JavaScript, and numerous server-side programming languages and frameworks has been increased in recent editions.

Comparison Table Between Microsoft Frontpage and Adobe Dreamweaver

Parameters of ComparisonMicrosoft Frontpage Adobe Dreamweaver
Launch dateMicrosoft’s Frontpage was launched in November 1995 as a pioneer HTML editing tool for webpage creation.Adobe Dreamweaver was launched in December 1997.
Last UpdateThe Microsoft frontpage is currently discontinued and the last update patch was in 2006.The Dreamweaver received the latest Adobe update in October 2021. 
Scripting languages SupportedMicrosoft Frontpage only supported HTML documents.It supports several scripting and coding languages like HTML, XML, CSS, ColdFusion, JavaScript and XSLT.
Good ForIt is a good software for starters and novices.It is a good software for professionals.
CompatibilityThe Microsoft Frontpage was only compatible with Windows Operating system.Adobe dreamweaver is compatible with both Windows OS and Mac OS.

What is Microsoft Frontpage?

FrontPage is a piece of software that allows users to create and modify Html files. Vermeer Systems created the software, but it was purchased by Microsoft in 1996 so that FrontPage can be included in its product portfolio.

FrontPage may be used to develop web pages as well. Users may design a web page in whatever way they wish to view it on a browser.

The program automatically inserts HTML source code to ensure that such a page is shown correctly by the web browser.

Server addons are also used by the FrontPage program. Such extensions consist of a collection of applications that operate on the host.

FrontPage users may add dynamicity to their web pages by using a sequence of scripts.

FrontPage employed a “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” unique vision with a Word-like user interface and friendly customizable layout to conceal the specifics of hypertext markup language required for Internet-based web page creation and to make it easier for individuals without programming abilities to construct pages.

Templates, as well as themes, provided a starting point for modification, which aided in maintaining design consistency across a website.

Tables plus layers allowed for basic element editing and layout, and typical tasks like dynamic button construction were incorporated.

What is Adobe Dreamweaver?

Adobe Dreamweaver is a prominent web creation software application.

Dreamweaver has advanced functions, allowing users to build simple web websites as well as more interactive ones – Side scripting, CSS, ColdFusion, JavaScript, XSLT, as well as XML.

It is more than simply an HTML editor; it also handles a variety of programming languages. That is the most powerful and feature-rich web-building tool.

It is accessible both for Windows along Mac operating systems, and it allows users to sample online pages in their individual browsers.

It includes an FTP client, an easy programming framework, and a WYSIWYG editor with powerful script style and auto-complete capabilities.

The current version now has a Live View option, which helps individuals to see processes in real-time. The live view provides instantaneous updates anytime there is a modification in the website’s content.

This function saves so much time and allows experts to experiment with alternative codes while also avoiding mistakes.

Skilled people use the application’s script style, which allows people to access the code and make use of the auto-complete function.

For novices, there is indeed a design view with a WYSIWYG interface that creates code automatically.

Main differences Between Microsoft Frontpage and Adobe Dreamweaver

  1. FrontPage is a Microsoft software, whereas Dreamweaver is an Adobe application. Furthermore, Microsoft’s Frontpage is obsolete since Dreamweaver is significantly more powerful and up to date.
  2. FrontPage can only produce and modify HTML documents, but Dreamweaver can understand any coding language, including XML and HTML.
  3. FrontPage is designed for beginners, whereas Dreamweaver is exclusively for pros.
  4. FrontPage is generally developed for the Windows line of products, although Adobe’s Dreamweaver is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS.
  5. Frontpage was last updated in December 2006, but Dreamweaver’s latest update was released in 2020 and is widely used.


You will achieve considerably better outcomes with Dreamweaver than with Frontpage. Microsoft’s Frontpage, on the other hand, is geared primarily at the home user.

Frontpage may be included as part of the Office suite, and it appears and functions similarly to the other Office apps. It should be noted, however, that Dreamweaver generates far cleaner HTML code.

Also, the compatibility issue of Frontpage along with its outdated interface really makes it unsuitable in 2021.


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