Difference Between iPad and Nook (With Table)

In the field of computers and technologies, mankind has made a lot of progress, so much so that the computer, which when first invented was so heavy and large that it covered the whole room to an era where the computers can be held in our hands and carried away easily in the form of tablet computers or tablets. Tablet is the middle of a mobile phone and a computer because it has an operating system and touchscreen features of both.

iPad vs Nook

The difference between iPad and Nook is that while the iPad is a tablet computer, the nook is an e-book reader. iPad is a device that has a multimedia interface in which you can play games, watch videos, listen to music, read books but in nook, you can only read a book as it has a single interface.

iPad is a type of tablet that was developed by Apple Inc. It runs on iOS and iPadOS operating systems. iPad was first launched on April 3, 2010. Since then, various versions of the iPad has been launched and the most recent being the 8th generation iPad launched in 2020. It has a multi-touch screen, and the interface is also user friendly. Anything can be done from on it, just like a mobile phone.

Barnes & Noble is an American bookseller that has developed Nook for e-readers and to make reading simpler. It is an e-book reader. It is based on the Android system. It was launched in America for the first time in the year 2009. Originally Nook had a small colour touchscreen with a six-inch e-paper display. It also connected with wi-fi and AT&T 3G communications.

Comparison Table Between iPad and Nook

Parameters of ComparisoniPadNook
ReleasediPad was released in April 2010 by Apple Inc.Nook was released in Oct 2009 by Barnes & Noble.
TypeIt is a tablet computer.It is an e-book reader.
Operating SystemIt has iOS and iPadOS as an operating system.It has android as an operating system.
StorageIt has a storage of 16 GB to 1 TB flash memory.It has internal flash memory.
DisplayIt has a display of 1024*768 px.It has a display of electronic paper.

What is iPad?

iPad is a form of tablet which was developed by Apple company. Its founder Steve Jobs in one of the interview, revealed that they have started developing iPad much before the coming of iPhones. The first generation of iPad was launched in the year 2010, and then it has also begun to sell iPad for its wi-fi version and then wi-fi + 3G version in the United States. Earlier iPad used to be available in only the apple stores of America. But after it became successful by selling almost 3 million sets, it was launched worldwide. 

Since its inception, the iPad ran on iOs, but from 2019 it ran on iPadOS. It is multi-talented. It can do a lot of functions like make videos, click photos, play songs, and all the other things on the Internet such as internet surfing, sending emails etc. It also includes – gaming, reference, GPS navigation, social networking, etc. It can download and install apps available in the iOS store, unlike Nook.

Chips used in iPad are all made up by Apple. With the latest iPad, it keeps on coming with the newest version. Recently in 2020, Apple launched its eighth generation iPad, which has a display of 2388×1688 px and an Apple Bionic chip. iPad has features like Bluetooth, speaker, microphone, 3.5mm headphone jack, multi-touch screen, light sensor, accelerometer, digital compass with the storage of 16 GB to 1TB flash memory.

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What is Nook?

Nook was developed by a book retailer store, i.e. Barnes & Noble Inc. in America, which became a brand for e-book readers. It runs on the android platform. It was first time launched in America in the year 2009. Originally it had a display of 6-inch e-paper and a separate small touchscreen that provides connectivity to wi-fi and 3G devices. Various versions like Nook Colour, Nook Simple Touch and Nook Tablet was released in consecutive years.

Barnes & Noble Nook then entered into a partnership with the United Kingdom to increase its readership. In 2014 the Company ended its partnership with Microsoft becoming the sole owner of Nook. In 2011 Nook sales were about USD 920 million, and it also became the holder of 13.2% market share for the e-paper readers. 

Barnes & Noble provides its free app with reading materials, or you can rent a textbook on PCs, Tablets and Mobiles, which is only available in the USA. It is one of the largest textbook retailers in the US. With its newer version Nook comes with a screen size of 7 to 10 inches and a display of an LCD or E-Paper. It comes with an internal flash memory of 8 to 16GB and a USB port of 2.0.

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Main Differences Between iPad and Nook

  1. iPad was released in April 2010 by Apple Inc. and manufactured by Foxconn and Pegatron on a contract basis. Nook was released in Oct 2009 by Barnes & Noble Inc., an American book retailer.
  2. iPad is a type of tablet computer which has multi-features. Nook is an e-book reader with a single feature.
  3. iPad has iOS and iPadOS as an operating system. Nook has android as an operating system. Apps can be downloaded on iPads which is not possible in Nook.
  4. iPad has storage that can expand from 16 GB to 1 TB flash memory. Nook has internal flash memory, which can be expanded up to 16GB.
  5. iPad has a display of 1024*768 px and had a larger screen. Nook has a display of electronic paper and comes with two types of screen.


Both iPad and Nook are similar-looking devices. iPad has all the features which Nook has. Nook is made primarily for book readers in an electronic form with few functions on hand. The software used on both devices is very different. One runs on iOs and the latter on android. Nook’s operating system was developed by Google, so it comes with all the features Google has.

Apple has all the controls and rights on iPad and can be found in Apple stores only. Whereas the Nook application is even available on the iOs stores as well. Nook maximizes the battery life and also reduces stress on your eyes if you are reading for a prolonged period. iPad has a good internal memory and comes with permanent storage. Nook also has storage but temporarily, although it provides you with additional storage.


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