Kindle vs Nook: Difference and Comparison

Reading is one of the old and interesting hobbies.

People who read a lot gain more knowledge in different fields. Reading enhances imagination and creativity. It helps the nerves and gives a soothing effect to some people. People have used public and private libraries for reading.

But, now the scenario is different many platforms provide e-books online.

Key Takeaways

  1. Kindle, an Amazon product, boasts a more extensive library and better integration with Amazon services than Nook, a Barnes & Noble product.
  2. Nook devices support the EPUB format, providing compatibility with various e-book sources, while Kindle relies on its proprietary AZW format.
  3. Both e-readers offer user-friendly interfaces, customizable reading experiences, and similar battery life, but the choice depends on personal preferences and ecosystem loyalty.

Kindle vs Nook

Kindle is a e-reader designed and produced by Amazon that offers a large selection of books, magazines and uses a proprietary format for its e-books. Nook is also a book reader, but produced by Barnes & Noble, that has a smaller selection of books and uses the more widely used EPUB format.

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Kindle was designed by Amazon. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon wanted to create an e-reading platform. So in 2004 Kindle was made. Initially, it was called Fiona but later it was renamed Kindle.

This name was considered appropriate since it means to light a fire just like reading lights the inquisitive minds. Kindle is famous now and used by millions of users around the globe.

Nook is the e-reader developed by the brand Barnes and Nobel. It lets the readers read e-books, magazines, newspapers.

When the name nook was selected it was not accepted by Barnes and Nobel and then it was because the nook is the best place to read. Nook is used by many female readers compared to male readers.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonKindleNook
Launched onNovember 19, 2007November 30, 2009
Water resistance Water-resistant devices are available No water resistant tabs
Audiobooks Kindle provides audiobooksNook doesn’t have any audiobooks
Parent brandAmazonBarnes and Nobel

What is Kindle?

This series of e-readers designed by Amazon allows you to read, browse, download, and buy e-books. It was manufactured as a single model in 2007.

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Now there is a various range of products like devices with touch-sensitive screens that are low priced, Kindle keyboard with keyboards, Kindle paperwhite that comes with screens of high resolution.

But, these devices are strictly unfunctional and suitable for reading. No other actions are supported in them to avoid distractions for the readers. Kindle Mobile App is also available now.

It can be used on Android, iOS, Windows, etc. A cloud reader to use in the browser is also available. The first generation device was very basic but still, it sold out within 6 hours.

The second-generation device was launched in 2009. It had a text-to-speech option. This was used to read the books aloud. The storage was also high compared to the previous generation.

But, this generation did not come with an SD card slot. Both these were sold only in the US. Then in October 2009 Amazon decided to sell kindle internationally.

The latest edition is the eleventh generation kindle. It is very advanced than the first and second-generation Kindle devices. It has an amazing battery capacity of 10 weeks on a single charge.

It has a storage of 32 GB. Some editions also come with wireless charging ability. Amazon also manufactured protective covers for their kindle devices.


What is Nook?

The first model of nook e-reader was launched in November 2009. It had a 2 GB storage capacity. The latest Nook 10″ HD was designed by Barnes and Nobel along with Lenovo. It has 2 GB RAM and a 1280 x 800 resolution.

It also has rear and front cameras. It has a slot for an SD card.

The Nook glowlight 4 was launched in December 2021, it has lighting technology that controls the screen lighting. It provides a cool white light during the day and warm orange-toned light during nights or in dark places.

Nook released the Samsung Galaxy Tab Nooks in 2014. These tabs included some additional software.

Nook was launched in the UK in 2012 by bookshops and departmental stores. But Noble and Barnes decided to stop selling in the UK in 2016. They did not give a proper reason for doing this.

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They also closed their App Store the Nook App Store and Nook video. This was due to the rise of the Google Play Store.

Nook also has a free app for readers. They have different applications for computers and mobile phones. They also launched a study app for students in the US.

This helps students to buy or rent e-books of their choice. But the users of the Nook app have faced some compatibility issues.


Main Differences Between Kindle and Nook

  1. The top-notch Kindle devices are comparably costlier while, Nook devices are quite affordable. But there are devive in all price ranges in both the brands
  2. Kindle paperweight has a storage of 32 GB. But, Nook Glowlight has storage of only 8 GB. So, Kindle beats Nook in storage. However, the storage ability varies for each model.
  3. The recent devices of Kindle are waterproof. But, Nook doesn’t have any waterproof devices. This is one of the perks of Kindle.
  4. Kindle is faster than Nook. Nook takes a few seconds more than Kindle while doing operations like turning a page
  5. Kindle offers amazing audiobooks. While Nook doesn’t have this option yet.

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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