Difference Between WiFi and 3G Kindle

Reading is the best stress buster. Along with enhancing our horizons, it is our best friend. The smell of paper and ink as we go through our books is nostalgic. With the advancement of technology, reading forms have also got enhanced. Kindle, with its various generations, has given a cutting-edge technology. Let’s sit back and enjoy reading.

WiFi vs 3G Kindle

The main difference between WiFi and 3g kindle is that WiFi requires a wireless connection to download from Amazon or other websites. The 3G Kindle gets connected to Amazon’s Whispernet (A wireless plan to browse Amazon store to browse, download in a single click) without WiFi. The only requirement is it needs to be in a cellular range.

Wifi vs 3G kindle

WiFi kindle has a high-resolution display and gives the feel of paper reading. The screen has no glare even during the bright sunlight. The adjustable light makes reading possible 24 by 7. The battery lasts for weeks giving way to peaceful reading time. The collection of reading materials is mind-blowing to choose from, and they are all stored in a compact, lightweight device.

The 3G Kindle connects to Whispernet without a connection but needs to be in the service area. If your phone can access the internet, the 3G Kindle connects to Whispernet, and the storage options are a click away. It is slightly heavier than the WiFi Kindle that is not noticeable.

Comparison Table Between WiFi and 3G Kindle

Parameters Of ComparisonWiFi Kindle3G Kindle
ModemDoes not have a modem.It has a modem.
Battery lifeIt is long-lasting.Not as good as WiFi Kindle.
WeightIt is light in weight.It is heavy as compared to other models.
RateIt is pocket-friendly.It is expensive as compared to other models.
AccessIt cannot access 3G automatically.It can access 3G as long as it is within range.

What is a WiFi Kindle?

Manufactured by Amazon to make reading handy, the storage space equals about 3000 books. It is a light, compact Kindle and weighs about 3,5 ounces. The 6-inch screen has a high-contrast e-ink touch screen. This screening effect ensures the pleasure of reading from the paper book and has no glare. 

The touch screen feature has easy-to-use options. Turning pages, searching, and taking notes while reading gets uncomplicated. The long-lasting battery life for about two months ensures pleasant reading options. 

The easy tap option to turn pages gives the ease to hold in one hand and read. Once you find a book, you can start reading within 60 seconds with the help of Kindle fast wireless delivery. There is no requirement for any computer connection. The built-in WiFi connects to the hotspot nearby for the instant reading opportunity. The Kindle is ready to use right outside the box. There is no need to install any software or any additional setup before usage. 

There are options to highlight a passage, look for meaning, and adjust the font without moving out of the current page. There are new book releases in the library to choose either a novel or a comic series. There are reading materials available other than English to suit the local requirements.

There is an option of adjustable text sizes to suit the comfort level, and there are eight different sizes and three font styles available. Kindle Touch has a powerful processor which helps in fast page turns. 

What is a 3G Kindle?

The bold black option has WiFi and 3G connectivity, making it suitable for avid readers. The high-resolution display with 300 ppi (pixel per inch) makes the image sharp and crisp. The best typography ensures to organize the print to be legible and appealing. The spacing between the letters and the line spacing makes reading appealing. 

The in-built adjustment of light won’t tire the eyes even when there is a situation of reading in the dark. The battery life gives an uninterrupted option of reading for weeks. There is an option for enhanced searching. These get to be shared if required. There is a feature to glance at the timeframe to finish a specific chapter or book.

You can access definitions, characters, and much more through SmartLookup, and it helps in researching while reading or working on the document. It integrates The Oxford Dictionary with information from X-Ray and Wikipedia.

You can keep updating the reading status at a quicker pace. There is the option to purchase books without leaving Goodreads. Goodreads help find books and even track the books you wish to read in the future

There are over three million book options to choose from, and it even has a collection of the latest books. There is an exclusive collection from the local language adding to the variety of the book choice. You can even read free book samples. 

There is no limitation on how many books you can read at a given time. You can read any time or anywhere. The option ranges from comics, novels, fiction, or nonfiction. 

Main Differences Between WiFi and 3G Kindle

  1. The WiFi Kindle does not have a transduction modem. The 3G Kindle has a cellular modem.
  2. The WiFi Kindle is lightweight. The 3G Kindle is slightly heavier than WiFi Kindle.
  3. The battery life of the WiFi kindle is long-lasting. The battery life of the 3G Kindle as compared to WiFi is not enduring.
  4. The WiFi kindle costs less. The 3G Kindle is expensive as compared to the other options.
  5. The WiFi kindle cannot access the 3G connection. The 3G Kindle connects to Whispernet without a link.


The option to read books anywhere or anytime is the best gift for an avid reader. The Amazon Kindle is the best gadget for readers. It has appropriate lighting, a nonglare screen, a dictionary, and even different fonts to make reading a pleasant experience. 

The WiFi kindle has a high-resolution display and gives the feel of paper reading. They have a varied choice of books for enriched reading options. The 3G Kindle connects to Whispernet, a 3G wireless plan without a connection but needs to be in the service area.

Both the WiFi and the 3G option of Kindle make reading a great experience. You can sit back and enjoy.


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