Difference Between Eyeliner and Mascara (With Table)

Today, there are a lot of things that are done at the time of doing makeup, right start from applying foundation to applying creams and then finally set it up using setting face spray. Most of the women have creams, kajal, and lipstick in their daily basic makeup routine.

 Nowadays, eyeliners and applying Mascara are now becoming a part of daily makeup rituals. Though both eyeliners and Mascara are applied to the eyes, they don’t have the same purpose.

Eyeliner vs Mascara

The difference between Eyeliner and Mascara is that Eyeliner is applied on the eyelids, whereas Mascara is applied on Eyelashes. Eyeliner is supposed to make eyes look wider and beautiful, and on the other side, Mascara is applied to make the lashes fuller and lengthen them to give a comprehensive look.

Being very popular these days, Eyeliner is now in fashion and also a part of the daily makeup routine. Available in liquid, pencil, powder, and gel, Eyeliners are applied on the eyelids to make eyes look more beautiful. They are available in many colors and can be easily applied according to the colors you wear. 

Although applying Mascara was very uncommon earlier, Nowadays, Mascara has become more popular days, and just like Eyeliner, it is now a part of everyday makeup looks. Mascara is applied to the eyelashes to make them long and look fuller. It adds a more comprehensive look to the eyes and makes it look more dramatic.

Comparison Table Between Eyeliner and Mascara

Parameters of ComparisonEyelinerMascara
DefinitionThey are part of doing eye makeup and are applied to add an aesthetic look to the eyes by creating aesthetic illusions.They are also a part of eye makeup but they are used to make the eyelashes look fuller.
OriginThey originated at the time from Ancient Middle East and Mesopotamia and were produced initially by lead, antimony, or copper oreThey originated from around 4000 BC, from Ancient Egypt, and the substance used to make eyelashes was known as Kohl.
ApplicationThey are applied to the eyelids for a wider eye look.They are applied to the eyelashes to give a comprehensive look.
Brush usedThey are applied with small, thin brushes.They are applied with a small rounded brush.
FormThey are in liquid form, can be dry, gel, or pencil-shaped also.They mainly come in the semi-liquid form in a tube.

What is Eyeliner?

Dated back to Ancient Middle East and Mesopotamia, Eyeliner is a type of liquid that is applied to the eyes and helps to enhance the look of the eye. In ancient times, it was produced using copper ore, antimony, and lead. Now there have come other friendly products that are used to make it. It gives the eyes a more aesthetic look and makes them look wider.

Making eyes more prominent, Eyeliners are generally put using a long thin brush comes along it, and there are different types of strokes to use. The strokes can make them look sexy, funky, smarter, or any other way you like. It’s just all about how well you apply it. Today, there are more colors available apart from Black and also waterproof so, there is now no need to worry about sweat, humidity, or tears. Not only to upper eyelids but to lower eyelids and along the waterline.

What is Mascara?

Dated back to 4000 BC, in Ancient Egypt, Mascara is a semi-liquid which is applied on eyelashes. Derived from the Spanish word ‘máscara’ that means mask or stain and also from the Italian word ‘Mascara which means mask. They were used to produce using a substance called Kohl during ancient times. Mascara is usually applied to make the eyelashes look fuller, make it a bit longer and darker.

Mascara is used to add a dramatic and sensuous look. Comes in a tube with a rounded brush. Mascara should be applied to both eyelids to give a fuller look. Mascara should be applied in a way that separates the lashes as well.

Main Differences Between Eyeliner and Mascara

  1. Eyeliner is used to apply on the eyelids, whereas Mascara is used to apply on the eyelashes.
  2. Eyeliner is used to define the shape of eyes, give them a wider eye look and create an aesthetic illusion to make them look beautiful, whereas Mascara is used mainly for giving a fuller look by adding up the volume.
  3. Eyeliner was earlier produced from the materials such as lead, antimony, or copper ore, whereas Mascara was earlier produced from a substance known as Kohl.
  4. Eyeliners are available in the form of liquid, gel, powder, and also in pencil, whereas Mascara is available in semi-liquid form comes in a tube.
  5. Eyeliners are applied using small thin brushes that come along with the Eyeliner, whereas Mascara is applied using small rounded brushes.


Both Eyeliner and Mascara are used to enhance the look of the eyes and their appearances. There are a wide variety of eyeliner and mascara brands that are available in markets and have different types of colors with them. Both make the eyes look prominent and beautiful. Also, there are different techniques used to apply nowadays to make the eyes look more different as well as give a funky look.

It is all about how much you play around it and make it more dramatic and sensuous. You can give yourself a sexy look or professional look, or smart look depending on the right color, and the right stroked used to do it. Also, be more open to trying on different colors so that you know what suits you well and not just only black. At the end of the day, you will not be missing out on anything.


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