Difference Between Webinar and Webcast (With Table)

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Today, there exist several technological advancements through which we can perform a certain task. Technology is used in almost each and every field. Almost all the work is done digitally by using computers and other online applications. For instance, if a person wants to record very long data and save it for future references or other purposes, then he or she can simply save it by using various computer applications instead of writing it on pen and paper.

Likewise, if certain information is to be sent or a meeting of the employees in the workplace is supposed to be held, then it can be done in online forms as well. To do so, one can opt for either of these two options, which are 1. Webinar or 2. Webcast. 

Webinar vs Webcast

The difference between webinar and webcast is that webinars are a wider platform for various people to attend a certain meeting, and they are highly communal, on the other hand, the webcast is a smaller platform where people do not interact with each other, and hence it is less or not at all collaborative.

A meeting or seminar that takes place in an online manner is known as a webinar. It is a meeting that takes place between a group of people to discuss a certain topic for a certain amount of time. People often find such webinars useful as they can be simply attended from any desired location through their mobile phones or any other electronic devices.

The streaming of various media content online by making the use of several technologies is known as a webcast. A certain type of media content is broadcasted over the internet. The entire concept of webcasting is wrapped around the uploading or broadcasting of vivid media content that may reach various parts of the world.

Comparison Table Between Webinar and Webcast

Parameters of ComparisonWebinarWebcast
Meaning/ DefinitionA meeting or seminar that takes place in an online manner is known as a webinar.The streaming of various media content online by making the use of several technologies is known as a webcast.
CommunicationTwo wayOne way
Emphasis on Focus is put on the interaction between the attendees and presenters and how they collaborate. Sharing and broadcasting of information on the internet.
Main Objective To do marketing and increase sales.To spread the information to maximum number of audience.
ExamplesWebinar regarding career guidance, webinar regarding the information about a certain study course, webinar regarding updates and new features etc. Videos regarding study material of a certain subject, recordings of meetings and video conferencing, videos regarding several announcements from a company etc.

What is Webinar?

A seminar or a meeting that is held in an online manner by using various media advances is known as a webinar. Various sessions are held in an online mode on various topics in a specific audience that is willing to attend the meeting. This entire concept put emphasis on marketing and an increase in sales.

The word “webinar” is a combination of two words, namely “web” and “seminar”. It directly means that a seminar or a meeting that is held in an online manner. People need not be present physically at a certain location, and they can attend the webinar from any desired location. All they have to do is join the webinar using any electronic device like a mobile phone, laptop or computer.

However, an attendant must have a good internet connection that can enable the attendant to experience and understand the webinar in a hassle-free manner. A poor internet connection may create issues like interruptions in the audio, blurred video image, delay in the screen presentation, an attendant might also not be able to hear what another person is speaking, or they won’t be able to see what another person is presenting on their screen.

There are various features that are extremely useful in a webinar. For instance, the slide screen presentation is a feature where one can present their screen and display their work to other attendants, one can also chat and send their replies to others, for solving or sharing notes on the spot during the webinar one can also make use of the whiteboard.

What is Webcast?

The concept of streaming and broadcasting media content of various types on an online platform by using various technologies is known as a webcast. People can watch and get to know information about various topics online by means of webcasts. It is extremely useful for people in various fields.

The entire concept of the webcast mainly aims in spreading the information to the maximum audience through an online platform. Various creators broadcast content online on various topics, which prove to be helpful to various people. People can acquire this content whenever and wherever they want to. 

The information broadcasted on a webcast can be accessed quite easily. Even though it is not designed for interaction between many people, it is still accessible to people in a one-way interaction method. However, the content that is broadcasted can either be live or in any other mode. It is quite similar to the traditional concept of a television broadcast.

A webcast holds many advantages. The duration of a particular event can be extended or even reduced during a webcast. Even if a viewer is not able to attend a live webcast, then he or she can watch it later as a webcast can be saved and made available later. It acts as an online archive where one can access information about various topics.

Main Differences Between Webinar and Webcast

  1. A webinar is a seminar that is held or conducted in an online manner. On the other hand, a webcast is a concept where data is broadcast on an online platform.
  2. A webinar is a two-way interaction concept. On the other hand, a webcast is a one-way interaction concept.
  3. A webinar must be attended at a fixed date and time. On the other hand, a webcast can be watched by a viewer even after it is ended, as it is saved after it is streamed.
  4. A webinar is more collaborative. On the other hand, a webcast is less collaborative.
  5. The audience reach is less in a webinar. On the other hand, the audience reach is more in a webcast.


Both webinars and webcasts have been proven to be useful to many people. Especially during the times when people are not able to attend offline meetings and seminars, such online methods are extremely helpful.

Even for educational purposes, webinars and webcasts have become one of the most useful options for students. Truly technology has proven to be of great help to humans. We as humans must also try to make the most use of it in the safest manner possible.


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