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En Uzak ve En Uzak Arasındaki Fark (Masa İle)

Farthest vs Furthest

The arasındaki fark farthest and furthest is of their usage, “farthest” is used in terms of measurable quantity or physical distance whereas “furthest” is used in sentence to describe the non physical distance.

English is a globally accepted language, it is the most spoken language across the whole world. 67 countries have english as their official language.

History of english language comes from west german, gradually people of west german migrated to britain and it made its space across the whole world.

One of the reasons that english is a globally accepted language is that many countries of europe have colonised other countries which led to impact of english. Or it can be believed that western culture  has always been a great influencer for the rest of the world.

Majorly english is spoken in two regions one is europe and other is America. Both , the british english and the American english are different from each other in their grammar. British english is widely accepted.

English can be sometimes confusing for people whose first language or mother tongue is not english. Few words are similar to each other but theoretically they have different meanings.

Vocabulary can play tricks in english, Although grammar plays a vital role in spoken and written english. Few words may have different meanings but they are the same, some words have confusing pronunciation.

Words have different forms which are used in different ways. Tw words can be similar to each other but sometimes, their usage is different from each other.

For example “far” is a word used to describe a certain distance. It can have several synonyms, antonyms, phrases, related words, etc..

Words are moulded with correct use of grammar to give a sentence a meaning, with degree of speech, adjective, adverb, verb and so on grammatical tools words are moulded as per the requirement.


Comparison Table Between Farthest and Furthest (in Tabular Form)

Karşılaştırma ParametreleriFarthestFurthest
Grammar usageUsed as verbCannot be used as verb
Degree of speechComparative degree of far.Superlative degree of further.
Phrasal usageCannot be used in phrases.Used in phrases
KullanımDescribes non-physical distance.Has abstract usage.
Distance describedDistance is measurableDistance is not measurable sometimes.


What is Farthest?

“Farthest” is often used as an adjective or adverb in sentences. It is a comparitive form of “far”. “Farthest” is generally used in sentences describing the physical distance.

“Farthest” is often used in sentences or abstracts related to time or space. When “farthest” is used in a sentence, it means that the distance is measurable.

When “farthest” is used as an adverb in a sentence it is often used to compare something. Like measuring the greater extent. It is also used as a verb in some sentences.

Few examples of farthest

  1. Let’s see who walks farthest.
  2. Her house is the farthest from the shop.
  3. Anil Went furthest from all children in the race.
  4. Furthest from the fruit market.
  5. Kanyakumari is the furthest south of India.
ÖNERİLEN  Konsey ve Avukat Arasındaki Fark (Masalı)

Some synonyms of “farthest” are : afar, to some extent, uttermost, utmost, lattermost, extreme, last, etc..

Some antonyms of “farthest” are : closest, nearest, innermost, inmost, currently, now, presently, currently, etc..

Some words related to “farthest” : hindermost, last, at the end, rearmost, hindmost, etc.. These are used in different contexts, as per the relevance.

“Farthest” cannot be used as a phrase in sentences, but it can be used as a verb in several sentences. It all depends on the context of the sentence.


What is Furthest?

“Furthest” can be used in a sentence when a comparison is made between distance or to an extent. It is used as a comparative degree of further.

“Furthest” can be used as adjective or adverb in a sentence like:-

  1. Adjective – comparison of distance from a specific point.
  2. Adverb – comparison between the greater distance.

“Furthest” can be used as a phrase but cannot be used as a verb. It is superlative of “further”. Few examples are:-

  1.  Furthest from my home.
  2. Furthest of the people were killed.
  3. Delhi, farthest from the epicentre of the earthquake, was the least affected area.
  4. The decision made farthest areas of territory easily administered.
  5. Easter island is farthest away from Mumbai.

Some synonyms for “furthest” are : outermost, utmost, uttermost, ultimate, remotest, most distant,  etc..These are used in different contexts as per the relevance.

Some antonyms for “furthest” are: closest, closest, inmost, medial, nigh, neighbouring, near, slightly, etc..

Some words related to “furthest” are : furthermore, furtherance, further from, fury, far- out, far,  etc.

Arasındaki Temel Farklar “farthest” and “furthest”

  1. “Farthest” is not used as a verb, but “furthest” is used as a verb.
  2. “Furthest” is used in phrases, whereas “farthest” is not used in phrases.
  3. “Farthest” is used to describe the physical distance, and “furthest” is not to compare the greater extent.
  4. “Farthest” is a comparative degree of “far”, whereas “furthest” is a superlative degree of “further”.
  5. “Farthest” is used to give a comparative outlook but “furthest” is used to to describe the abstract distance more appropriately.



“Farthest” and “furthest” are both grammatically accepted words. Both of them are used in different ways.

“Farthest” and “furthest” are both references to distance. One is used more to describe the physical distance and another one is used more in describing the non- physical distance.

Both the words have somewhat similarities in synonyms and antonyms.

“Farthest” and “furthest” both of them are used as adjective and adverb forms.

Both “farthest” and “furthest” are used to describe distance. Somewhere, both are forms of “far”.


Word Cloud for Difference Between Farthest and Furthest

Aşağıdaki, bu makalede en çok kullanılan terimlerin bir derlemesidir. farthest and furthest. Bu, sizin için daha sonraki bir aşamada bu makalede kullanılan ilgili terimleri hatırlamanıza yardımcı olacaktır.

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