Goals vs Strategies: Difference and Comparison

Business management is not as easy as it seems. To effectively manage a business to achieve good results, one has to have the preparation and needs to have a clear idea of the outcome of their action.

Goals and Strategies are different methods of managing a business. They are interrelated terms and are as follows.

Key Takeaways

  1. Goals are the desired outcomes of a specific plan or action.
  2. Strategies are the approaches or methods used to achieve those goals.
  3. Goals define the destination, while strategies define the path to reach it.

Goals vs Strategies

The difference between goals and strategies is that while the former answers the question of what to do, the latter answers the question of how to do it. They are like the two sides of the same coin but have two very different approaches to action and outcomes of action because they differ in their basic ideology.

Goals vs Strategies

Goals, in the simplest terms, are defined as the result that is expected to be achieved by a person or an organization for a limited time and purpose.


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For example, A company aims to profit 25% from its sales for the financial year 2021- 2022. It is a predefined course of action.

Strategies, on the other hand, can be defined as the method by which the goal defined by the person or the organization is planned to be achieved or completed in due course of limited time.

For example, the company plans to make a 25% profit in the year 2021-2022 by increasing the sales of its products by 50%.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonGoalsStrategies
MeaningGoals refer to the outcome expected from a set of actions.Strategies refer to the plans made to achieve the goal.
Also CalledGoals are also called personal undertakingsStrategies are also called plans.
DurationGoals can be both short and long-term.Strategies are made keeping in mind the duration of achieving a goal.
SpecificityGoals are a larger abstract aim.Strategies are, however, very detailed and specific.
SettingGoals are made before the strategies.Strategies are made after and keeping in mind the goals.

What are Goals?

The definition of a goal is a desired result used to motivate people or give them purpose. A goal is set forth to achieve.

Take the example of a band playing in a concert. They have a concert in mind, have prepared their instruments, and are ready. All they need to do is get on stage and perform.

This is their goal. The moment they get on stage, the preparation is done, and the goal has been reached. Not every instance of a goal is achievement-based. Principles are goals.

They have desired results but are not necessarily based on achievement. Principles are generalized ideals that are meant to influence the behavior of people.

Goals are extremely important because they are what keep us moving in the right direction. Without goals, you will never achieve your desired outcome.

It can be difficult to achieve goals because you may change your perception of what you want to achieve. This often happens when you are faced with adversity, but it is important to stay focused on your goals.

Without goals, a business runs the risk of failure.

You might ask yourself why you need goals if you don’t know what you want. You won’t be able to stay motivated if you don’t have clear goals in mind.

Goals keep you focused and keep you working in the right direction.


What are Strategies?

Business strategies are a set of actions that a company will adopt to help them become a success.

Here are a few examples of strategies some popular companies have used in their business.

In the restaurant industry, many companies have used a technique known as the “daily deal.”

 A few examples of companies using this technique include Groupon, a website that offers deals for daily activities. A second example would be Hayneedle, who employs a technique known as “flash sales.”

This involves a company offering a major discount on a single product for a limited time. This is a great way to eliminate excess inventory and get a lot of people interested in a product.

Businesses can continuously utilize different types of strategies. Some applicable ones are utilized to the full extent, while others are applied in less efficient ways.

The worthiest ones are the ones that are backed up by modern conceptions, ideas, and thoughts. Some are backed up by history, previous successes, and failures; at the same time, their validity is questionable.

Working with different types of strategies is an obligation, but it is also a chance to exercise better business strategies or to perform the ones utilized in the past.


Main Differences Between Goals and Strategies

  1. Usually, goals are limited in number, while strategies are small, and numerous tasks are made to achieve the goal.
  2. Goals are not very specific, while strategies are very detailed and specific.
  3. Goals provide the business with a direction to go in, while strategies provide the business with the right path to walk in the predefined direction.
  4. A goal is always set before the strategies to achieve the goal are defined.
  5. Goals are not changed once made, while strategies to achieve the goals are temporary and adjustable in accordance with the situation to achieve the goal.
Difference Between Goals and Strategies
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