Difference Between Which and Witch

Which vs Witch

The main difference between Which and Witch is that while 'which' is used to tell two things apart, 'witch' is used for a woman who does magic and holds supernatural powers, a 'witch' either helps or harms people. While 'which' can be used as an adjective as well as a pronoun, 'witch' is a noun.

Which vs Witch

'Which' is a pronoun just like 'who,' like who is used to refer to people, which is used to refer to objects and non-living things.

'Witch' is a word used in stories and fairytales to describe a woman who has supernatural powers. Mostly, these witches are shown as the villain of the stories and in a bad light.

Comparison Table Between Which and Witch 

Parameters of comparison Which Witch 
Part of speech Adjective as well as a pronoun. Noun 
Usage Used to distinguish between two things. Used for a woman who holds supernatural powers 
Used for Inanimate objects Fictional women 
Where is it used? Day-to-day conversations. In stories or movies. 
Example ‘Which subject is hard for you, math or science?’ ‘The story had an evil witch’ 

What is Which?

'Which is an English word that is used to tell two things apart. It can be used as an adjective. The word 'Which' is supposed to come after the thing being described. For example: 

  1. There was an opportunity, which did not last long because of your procrastination. 
  2. Black is the color which you are supposed to wear at the theme party tomorrow. 
  3. You told me you had a fever and you couldn't come to work because of it, which was not at all true. 

'Which is also used as a pronoun. It is usually in an interrogative form, a question. For example: 

  1. Which dress would you prefer to wear on your birthday, the red one or the pink one? 
  2. Which is the most favorite photo out of all these? 
  3. Which school did you attend when you were in Hyderabad? 

What is Witch?

'Witch' is a term in the English language that sounds exactly like 'which,' so it can be confused with it and used wrongly. The letter 't' is silent in Witch.

Normally shown in a negative role, witches are also shown in a positive role at times, like in Harry Potter. The school mentioned in the movies/stories, Hogwarts, is a school for Wizards and Witches. There, the witches were good and helpful.

Some examples of the word 'witch' used in a sentence are: 

  1. The evil witch in Sleeping Beauty was after the blood of the main character. 
  2. She looks like a witch to me. 
  3. Her intentions were as evil as a witch. 
  4. The story's witch was very scary. 

Main Differences Between Which and Witch 

  1.  Which is used in our day-to-day conversations, whereas 'witch' is used in movies or stories. 
  2. Which is a very common English word whereas witch is only used in stories for particular characters and is not used as often as which.
Difference Between Which and Witch


Learning English is a hard task. A lot of words in the language can be confusing, but knowing and understanding the difference between confusing words can enhance one's command over the language.

It is important to note that the main difference between these two words is that while 'which' is a word that is used to distinguish two things apart, 'witch' is a word used in stories to describe an evil woman with superpowers.

These two worlds can be very confusing because they are pronounced the same way but using them correctly is very important to be accurate and to communicate articulately.


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