Double Declining Balance Depreciation Calculator

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    The Double Declining Balance Depreciation Calculator is a tool that calculates the depreciation of an asset using the Double Declining Balance (DDB) method. It is a widely used method of depreciation in accounting and finance.


    Depreciation is the process of allocating the cost of an asset over its useful life. The DDB method is an accelerated depreciation method that allows for a higher depreciation expense in the early years of an asset’s life. This method is based on the assumption that an asset is more productive in its early years and less productive in its later years.


    The formula for calculating depreciation using the DDB method is as follows:

    Depreciation Expense = 2 x Straight Line Rate x Beginning Book Value

    The Straight Line Rate is calculated as follows:

    Straight Line Rate = 1 / Useful Life

    The Beginning Book Value is the asset’s initial cost minus any accumulated depreciation.


    The DDB method has several benefits. It allows for a higher depreciation expense in the early years of an asset’s life, which can help to reduce taxable income. This method is also useful for assets that are more productive in their early years, such as technology or machinery. Additionally, the DDB method can calculate depreciation for tax purposes, financial reporting, and budgeting.

    Interesting Facts

    • The DDB method is also known as the reducing balance method.
    • The DDB method is a type of accelerated depreciation method, which allows for a higher depreciation expense in the early years of an asset’s life.
    • The DDB method is commonly used in the United States for tax purposes.

    Last Updated : 11 December, 2023

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